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  1. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 16:22
    Shin Sekai yori is a must watch since the previous season, even if it's toned downed from the source and even more then the manga adaption... also check Senran Kagura and Vividred Operation
  2. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 16:06
    which of all?
  3. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 14:07
    Come on... the boobishness is story-related, plus it's less exaggerated than Senran Kagura

    Anyway, to each their own, I don't like the character designs (blowjob lips and pig-noses ), but the artist is nonetheless skilled (clothing, background art, action panels are on par with tenjou tenge), and he sticks to his guns, which I always appreciate Plus the story is presented in a really cute fashion, despite how grim (objectionably speaking) it is
  4. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 13:39
    Heh? really? Well, I like the lack of inking and how he draws cloths like manga, not like comics... but there is too much sex ?!?!? compared to what I is usually implied on what I read it is quite tame... at least the dude has his story straight, not beating around the bush
  5. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 12:48
    Try Empowered, I think you'll like it

    In between, I love that channel, it's so funny to watch a drunk geek going all out about random crap... plus she had some good suggestions, all things considered
  6. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 12:25
    Still the same character, though grinning

    By the way, I never asked... are you reading any western comics? I was a huge X-Men fan in middle school, and Sandman fan in high school, before succumbing to Japanese manga, but now I picked up Empowered, after reading Flex Mentallo
  7. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 12:18
    It's the red-head/eyes smirking at 00:35

    Which reminded me, that I missed the first episode least week
  8. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 10:35
    Dunno, at work or at home I am sitting all the time, so for vacation I need the exact opposite
  9. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 10:07
    Well my dream vacation is hiking through nature to reach historical and religious monuments from dawn to dusk... I had a chance to do for a month across Scandinavia seven years ago, and now it's the second time I can do this for longer in the Far East
  10. Malkuth
    2013-01-15 09:52
    I still have serious problems vocalizing coherent sentences in Japanese, but reading/writing and listening works fine (I can understand enough, more at least compared to when I first moved in Germany). Generally, I really love it here, so started looking for a day-job, since there is no way in hell to get a visa otherwise

    Now, I am arranging the March trip to Korea and rearranging my budget for the Kyuushu/Shikoku tour early in April. The only problem is where to leave some stuff for 40-45 days.

    >> omg do want i need a guy to buy these for me wink wink

    Give me $200 and I will buy them for you ;p


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