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  1. Shimapan
    2012-07-26 22:23
    Besides drinking, there are so much more interesting things you can do
  2. Shimapan
    2012-07-26 21:52
    I generally don't drink beer. No health issues or anything, I just don't really like the taste.
  3. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-26 21:07
    Guinness, then Murphy's... both are dry stout
  4. mangatron
    2012-07-26 18:16
    I don't drink beer It's mostly about my health, the last time I drank a beer was in 2007, at a birthday celebration and I don't remember what brand it was
  5. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-26 02:15
    I do like it... plus the clip is funny
  6. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-25 18:28
    Hateful? hehehe, not really, I just snap when I hear about nazis or hillbillies that do anything except hurting themselves... otherwise I just got back from... oh well... stuff that started with a lot of drinking

    Anyway, about Papachristou, it was not her tweet, just shared a facebook mildly racist joke on her tweeter account... racist nonetheless... at least she apologized for being a stupid bimbo, her couch is even bulgarian
  7. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-25 18:05
    Voula -> should first change her first name, because only hillbillies still call their kids like that, then grow up, instead of vending her frustration after loosing to black chicks on the track, despite pumping her body with legal drugs all her life.

    ALTIMA -> LULZ/gym video, etc.

    KOTOKO -> cute despite makeup and old age (for Japanese standards)... also the video clip and song aren't that bad

    Anyway, Japan has also bands with music and chicks that I actually like, hopefully get to know soon

  8. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-25 17:41
    ... and despite her age and shitload of make-up, she looks pretty cute
  9. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-25 17:39
    Too tall, very broad shoulders, painted hair... and another stupid neo-nazi, thanks to the German conservative party dictating EU policies, all Mediterranean countries have those idiots in parliaments now Nonetheless here it looks like an extra from a live porn film

    Anyway, what's up the gym clip? PSA for physical health for wota

    KOTOKO released a decent one in between

  10. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-25 17:15
    Hey, I was kind of busy these days with a potentially new client... despite being on vacation

    Well, I mixed Quelle with Iria, when typing... nonetheless your favorite young lady was present in one of the stitches

    Holy Knight ep.2 I watched when the raw got leaked online... I figured that subs wouldn't be necessary... and I was right the anime is just fanservice for the readers, but having become one, I can not complaint... the opposite

    As for lollipops, dunno... I am more into watching ice-creams, bananas and cucumbers being devoured, rather than lollipops... afterall you said that size does matter


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