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  1. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-07 13:34
    Sad but true
  2. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-07 01:31
    >> hentai is just really weird for me its a no no!

    Weird... How? Why?

    >> how how how could u go hate the art???

    The mouth is placed very high up the face away from the chin, the nose is just a dot, shoulders are too broad, eyelashes too thick, the chicks too wide, the head extremely circular, the chin too large... need more? Boobs are so round and bouncy, like cheap silicon implants
  3. Shimapan
    2012-07-06 20:51
    Yes, those were good ones.
  4. Shimapan
    2012-07-06 20:41
    Ok, but as it's pretty much impossible to be even worse than the Hadena trolls, that's not really a point.
  5. Shimapan
    2012-07-06 20:23
    Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imoto ga Iru!
    Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

    Firmly planned:
    Dakara Boku
    Hagure Yuusha
    Rinne no Lagrange 2

    Will take a look:
    Kokoro Connect
    Sword Art Online
    Horizon II

    Hmmm... Might take a look at Binbougami, if it's picked up by someone else than those gg trolls. Then again, there's already quite a lot, even without it.
  6. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-06 14:44
    Dunno, I enjoy as much fiction that is close to my real life as fiction that is totally incompatible.
  7. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-06 14:28
    Play less games, and watch more anime!

    By the way, you watch/read almost exclsively harem/ecchi, but I can not remember you commenting about hentai or yuri like Himeji did.
  8. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-06 14:14
    Oh! what is there not to like, it has psycho-smiling fairies, dancing headless chickens and suicidal toaster loafs. As for the art, it's like that to enforce the surreal atmosphere, not to make wallpapers. In other words, I also don't like it, but I love that it makes the anime more enjoyable
  9. AmeNoJaku
    2012-07-06 14:01
    MM! ending, shame that the novel's author died The anime had some good moments, but also some very corny ones... Nonetheless decent MC

    Binbougami wasn't as bad as I expected, but from all the shows I have thus far watched had the most incompatible art with my tastes.

    By the way aren't you watching Jinrui wa sutai shimashita (Mankind has declined)? I thought you liked it
  10. TheEroKing
    2012-07-06 13:10
    i'm watching those 4 for sure so just poke me with your request when you need a new ava


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