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  1. Malkuth
    2012-04-08 20:16

    KoreZon started strong, now let's see if the stories are good enough, the first season had a pretty bad middle arc (ep.7-9 or something, the one that introduced Tomonori).

    Other than that, I have only watched Fate/Zero, and try to catch up now
  2. mangatron
    2012-04-08 09:07
    lol episode 10. I like episode 11 more though, the girls were really cute in their dresses

    Sorry about the late reply, but I'm getting back full time now
  3. TheEroKing
    2012-04-07 06:30
    Zombie ep 1 was pretty good, especially at the end when he transforms
  4. TheEroKing
    2012-04-07 06:09
    ah yes. I haven't been talking much on the forum either, kinda lazy so how are you? and watching anything from this new season?
  5. Malkuth
    2012-04-04 16:56
    No news yet on her VA... but you know of Nene, while warning against spoilers
  6. Malkuth
    2012-04-04 16:22
    I just watched the raw... EXCELLENT
  7. Malkuth
    2012-04-04 14:43
    10 was so absurd

    Makes me wonder if the japanese have a fetish for vibrating toothbrushes

    Anyway, I watched also 12, which felt like watching a different show altogether. In the end it was quite enjoyable little show, thanks for suggesting it
  8. Malkuth
    2012-03-31 13:49
    Well, the original spelling is Kurisu(クリス) so it can be either Chris-tiana/tina or Kris,as well as both or neither

    Other than KoreZon:OTD, I'll be watching Queen's Rebellion, Fate/Zero

    I'll definitely check at least Medaka Box (though being a Jump manga reduces the probability of sticking with it), Acchi Kocchi, Sengoku Collection, Sankarea, Accel World, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Saki (because somehow I survived the first season), and Shining Hearts (since the original designs are from TONY)
  9. HasuMasu
    2012-03-28 03:17
    Yes, Accelerator's moe gender-bent version.
  10. HasuMasu
    2012-03-28 00:29
    She's Yuriko from A Certain Magical Index.


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