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  1. SilverSyko
    2014-11-13 19:18
    A Soft & Wet cake eh? I wouldn't have it any other way. A hard and dry cake would be unpleasant to eat.
  2. mangatron
    2014-11-13 11:01
    Recovery is slow. I'm making significant progress since September, but this natural healing process is much slower than outright surgery

    But I so want to maintain Bismarck and that... Latte girl, whose pantsu looks like it could use some re-positioning....with my tongue

    Can you unite these two factions?
    I think I can. These two lughead's need to stop worrying about a girls chest and experience the joys of her thighs

    slightly nsfw oppai day
    Aaah, Ryuujo-chan, so cute I want to be sandwiched like that too
  3. DorkingtonPugsly
    2014-11-12 23:37
    Ahh I see. Well I guess so-so's always better than terrible. You said you were taking calc right? Is that getting tougher or are you used to it? Do you like school?
    Maybe some tunes to get through long days. Sorry some of these are late spring/early summery vibes... (you can listen by clicking the play arrow(wasn't on yt))
  4. Terrestrial Dream
    2014-11-11 20:05
    Terrestrial Dream
    Oh miss Marida, I will help you finish that Pocky.
  5. DorkingtonPugsly
    2014-11-11 11:58
    It's probably because I end up switching sleep patterns every other week. Not good for you...
    How's life on your end?
  6. SaintessHeart
    2014-11-11 08:58
    Bring her out on a date. Then eat her.
  7. Flower
    2014-11-10 21:18
    Lovely! Tyvm! ^^
  8. DorkingtonPugsly
    2014-11-10 20:30
    Weird, I thought I'd responded but turns out I hadn't. Was all in my mind.
    Do you ever get dreams and real life mixed up? Been having that more and more recently.
  9. Kanon
    2014-11-07 11:36
    Of course she is! Do you think I'd choose a waifu that isn't funny?

    It's her best song.
  10. SaintessHeart
    2014-11-06 05:45
    There isn't anything wrong with that.


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