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  1. Triple_R
    2013-02-11 22:25
    I'm glad you really enjoyed the update!

    Well, you can just break it down into two sectional reviews if you want - "Crippled Sayaka" and "Happy Sayaka".

    Or you can break it down further than that, it's up to you.

    In any event, I look forward to reading your review tomorrow. Maybe we'll also get a chance to chat then.
  2. Triple_R
    2013-02-11 19:23
    New PPPL update. Some Madoka/Mami romance this time.
  3. Soverence
    2013-02-11 10:30
    Alice in wonderland ha? First thing I thought of when you said that she was a big Disney fan. Well I can agree with you there, but I think that statement is true for just about every form of media right now. I feel like its hard to come up with a new and creative idea since so many pieces of media have been made. I am always interested in a good and lengthy conversation if I can find someone to have it with .

    I know, usually when I bring up those 2 titles no one has ever heard of them before and I am like how! I don't know if it is because it is a manwha or because of what the story is about. Well I think this story is well done, the internet community as a whole I feel is a little tired of vampire romances after the whole twilight business.

    I honestly think what I liked most about OreShura was the main character and that from the very start he actually had a goal to achieve (Becoming a doctor to heal Chiwa). I feel like too often in harem animes they make the MC a kind of black slate so you can project yourself in his place, but they don't really do that in OreShura. I don't really mind if the first girl ends up winning as long as the progression to getting there is good, which I noticed usually isn't.

    Been running around busy ha? I have had it fairly easy the last few days. My college classes on Friday and Today got canceled because of Blizzard Nemo so I basically get 2 really easy weeks since I only have MWF classes. Okay! And I will still get around to tell you what I thought of Air and Kanon

    I feel like the winter season was really just a buffer season in order for the industry to move into the main event in the spring season. The best show that I found this season was a show called "Problem Children are coming from another world, aren't they?". Besides that most of this season was bland while next season is gearing up to be spectacular. I don't really mind if its original or a adaptation as long as the anime is done well. I don't know if its that studios are lazy, but my feeling is that smaller studios usually do adaptations of series because they can't afford to make original material. Because smaller studios do more adaptations, that is why there are more bad adaptations because those studios lack the time and money to make a great piece of work. Now I am not saying all small/new studios are bad, but it seems that great releases from smaller studios are much rarer then those from main stream studios.

    Also, I just started reading a manga called The Flowers of Evil and saw you posted on its page and I got to ask ... what was I just reading? I don't really understand those people at all, and while I get that is the point its just ... what was I reading? Honestly the first thing I thought of about the main character was Stockholm Syndrome because anything else and there is no way I can even slightly understand him.
  4. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:46
    Celestia Ludenberg
    heh, I've been getting into fighting games again, been playing Blazblue, Tekken 6 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I'm not very good at them and I end up just mashing buttons disregarding combos because I get frustrated. I still have fun with them regardless. Maybe one day I'll get better at them.

    and I guess I'll get back Neptunia today then, since I've got nothing else to do, I guess. I enjoy the story it's just that from looking at the gameplay of the sequels they look like much better games. It's one of the few JRPG's where I didn't change the VA from English to Japanese.
  5. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:27
    Celestia Ludenberg
    Trinity Universe is an RPG, I made the comparison to that and Neptunia because they both play alike. Same treasure searching mechanic, same animation for it, same enemies from Neptunia appear in TU the 'map' menu is exactly the same.

    It's still a really good game, and you can get it pretty cheap these days for PS3. I still need to beat Neptunia and that game. Just need to find the motivation.
  6. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:06
    Celestia Ludenberg
    You're alright, lol. It was kinda offtopic anyway I just didn't think about writing it on your wall.

    I have the first Neptunia game, but it's a little hard to play, I got Trinity Universe on the same day and the former has like 60% of its content borrowed from TU. Was Neptunia on a low budget or something?
  7. Soverence
    2013-02-09 17:52
    Wow, I was positive that I had replied to this message already I am sorry for the late reply!

    ClariS will probably keep getting more popular as long as they continue to work closely with the anime industry I feel, while the industry may be in decline that still doesn't mean that their isn't a strong following out there.

    If you are looking for a good serious manga, you should read a manga called Liar Game or Akame ga Kiru. They are basically the two manga that I always suggest to everyone because they both deserve to have more people reading them cause they are truly great.

    As for Heaven's Door, yeah, I don't usually like starting to read a manga when it only has a couple of chapters out. A chapter only takes like 5-10 minutes to read at most so a couple of chapters can just be read too quickly and doesn't give you enough of the story usually.

    I am watching OreShura as well, I was reading the manga before the anime was announced so that was a nice surprise. OreShura is probably one of the few Harem Rom-Coms that I have a positive favor towards, I really like all of the characters which might be why

    You should look out for a show called "Attack on Titan", I have been reading the manga of that for awhile now and the anime for it is coming out in the Spring season. Assuming that they adapt it correctly, it has the chance to be a really great show. It is a action/mystery series which sounds like a weird combo but they actually do it very well even if the mystery aspect isn't stronger till later on.

    In case you haven't noticed, I read a lot more manga than I watch anime. Personally I like how manga are not really restricted in what they can do / show so stories usually reach their full potential more so then in anime.
  8. Xefi
    2013-02-04 00:33
    yeah, should get some rest early. i might have to crash early as well to get some strength back
    for work tomorrow and stuff. my company is having a free lunch on Tuesday, i wonder
    what the boss going to feed us this last time was some bbq rips and some chickens;
    they're pretty good. my boss is also going to celebrate with his worker the Vietnamese New Year.

    he's going to give out red envelop with money and gave us maybe a one free day off
    from work. i'm so looking forward to it! oh yeah, we're celebrating "tet". it's a vietnamese
    new year tradition. 90% of the workers at my place are vietnamese.

    i'm going to use that one free day off to play some Fire Emblem! and some Ken's Rage 2.
    Ken's Rage 2 is pretty least for me. there are two HOT chicks in the game.
    both of them are more than worth the the game is like a sasauge fest,
    but with Mamiya and Lin/Rin in that game, it just become an instant bought for me.

    about Xe's Sanc OB. yeah, their personalities might change, but they wont be truly EVIL.
    like for example, ExXefi is aggressive because of that D.Dragon forming with her. she'll
    attack anything including allies. but she'll NEVER attack Zy or Cel Q. they each have their
    top priority and that is to kill their enemies that are in front of them. i think the only form that
    really have any problems were ExXefi and D.Dragon. all other forms are quite the natural
    and some can be hilariously funny.

    Wings are good! i dont watch i'm not really interested much. my forte
    isnt really about writing story and i just add and adds more stuffs along the
    line as i makes more and more wallpapers.

    yeah, i guess i'm moving on with the story a little too fast. the reason i added them being
    able to be revive so that the story wont be WAY to depressing. the story arc leading
    to ASE can be depressing as Xe is fighting everything by herself when both Zy and Cel Q
    were not with her. the Silver during this arc betray them...i cant get into detail right now
    regarding that since it's also another long story on that arc. but yes, there will be a lot of emotional
    moments when they do die. it does leave a significant emotion for the surviving members that are still alive.
    for Xe's sake, she fought everything by herself and hoping to one day reach to Silver for the
    reason why she betray them. and to be able to bring her back to Lotus garden since
    only Xe and Silver were the only one alive left on Lotus garden during ASE arc.

    hee heee....dont worry much about the terminologies. i'll have them all down easily. most of them
    are easily remember anyways. i bet you're going to know what i'm
    talking about whenever i mention blah blah...beings this and blah blah beings that
    while everyone else just happens all the time.

    anyways, i'm off to bed soon too. hopefully, i'm not missing too many texts. chao.
  9. Xefi
    2013-02-03 23:15
    oh and by the way, this coming week, 2 of my favorite games are coming out: Fire Emblem Awaking for 3DS
    and Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2 for Ps3 download. i'll spending some quality time with those 2 games
    for awhile. i'm sooooooo hype for those two games! cant wait to play them.

    i forgot about the 2-d fighting part. i actually likes games that are 2-d fighting more
    than 3-d mostly. Blazblue and Persona 4 Arena were both awesome games. i really
    hope that other game that you made a thread of...whatever name it was again..Under Night..something something. :P
    2-d fighting. if that game comes out for PC on steam or even on disk over to NA,
    i'll 100% support it and buy it! i love fighting games too, even though i dont really
    get too deep in them...weird.

    EDIT: that would be more right. i feel like Xefizyxen's Sanctuary is more like a visual novel + 2-d fighting game + open world rpg style leveling up.
    yeah...that the game i want to aim *dreaming and dreaming*
  10. Xefi
    2013-02-03 22:05
    ahh i see. since they become One Being, you get to see less of the other. i think i know what you
    mean. but that's only for the battle, afterward, they split again and become their own individual.

    the pairing of Xe + Zy will always be there. they're like the husband and waifu of the
    whole thing. so of course, you will see more of them individually. in fact, the story is focus on
    them the most during the RESA arc. you see a bunch of fights when things just gotten
    wild when Xe spars with her friends, Zakonsai & Feischutz. they accidentally become One Being and become
    D.Dragon. D.Dragon is pretty evil and attack anything in its path. they cant handle that form
    and wounded Xe quite a handful. Zy senses that Xe is in danger and came over to
    rescue Xe right away. Zy is the Empress of the Abyss, for her to abandon her duty to just come and rescue Xe...says a lot of her.
    Zy took the attack from D.Dragon heads on and was bleeding and lost her right arm in the process, but
    she took out D.Dragon in an instant without killing them (they're her childs afterall). that's just one of the fight during the RESA arc. there are many
    times when Xe and Feischutz mess up their mission to save some human village only
    to run into the D.Demon (the 2nd strongest demon beside their queen). on that part, they were on their
    own and Zy wasn't there to help them because the D.Demon have a special power that can nullify senses and Zy
    wasn't able to sense what's going on at all. Xe and Feis have to fight for their lives from
    the D.Demon. they fight gurreilla style where they hit and that was the only way since the D.Demon was crazy powerful for them to handle.
    after magically surviving that battle against D.Demon and coming back with a near death
    situation and wounds, Zy never sent Xe off to another mission without her ever again.
    Zy fears that she'll lose Xe again and scare to death if that ever happens again. oh and that D.Demon did not die from that battle.
    both Xe and Feis were lucky to escape with their lives.
    also, i forgot to mention. most of the beings can regenerate their lost limbs if cut off. so Zy can use some of her celestial power to
    recover her lost right arm. the only way a celestial can die if he/she use up all of their power or if they are decapitated. they
    can regenrate all of their body parts except their head. they'll die if decapitated. so most of the celestials put their defense around
    their neck, so that they dont get instant death from demon or other enemies. just a note....this is like from

    i'm thinking celestials are like angels already. i didnt want to use angels, that's why i use
    celestials instead. i'll think of something, if not, i might just stick with otherworldly or hybrid or higher tier demon. i dont know yet.
    sure, just give me more suggestions when you can. they might add more to the already crazy and yeah, i'll
    try to keep it not too crazy with the characters. i already have 100+ characters to deal with. any bunch more and i'll crash and burn. :P

    EDIT: lol...just go and eat your dinner. have fun, dont feel all bore. enjoy life even though sometime it SUCKS! ^______^

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