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  1. Xefi
    2013-02-03 23:15
    oh and by the way, this coming week, 2 of my favorite games are coming out: Fire Emblem Awaking for 3DS
    and Fist of the North Star Ken's Rage 2 for Ps3 download. i'll spending some quality time with those 2 games
    for awhile. i'm sooooooo hype for those two games! cant wait to play them.

    i forgot about the 2-d fighting part. i actually likes games that are 2-d fighting more
    than 3-d mostly. Blazblue and Persona 4 Arena were both awesome games. i really
    hope that other game that you made a thread of...whatever name it was again..Under Night..something something. :P
    2-d fighting. if that game comes out for PC on steam or even on disk over to NA,
    i'll 100% support it and buy it! i love fighting games too, even though i dont really
    get too deep in them...weird.

    EDIT: that would be more right. i feel like Xefizyxen's Sanctuary is more like a visual novel + 2-d fighting game + open world rpg style leveling up.
    yeah...that the game i want to aim *dreaming and dreaming*
  2. Xefi
    2013-02-03 22:05
    ahh i see. since they become One Being, you get to see less of the other. i think i know what you
    mean. but that's only for the battle, afterward, they split again and become their own individual.

    the pairing of Xe + Zy will always be there. they're like the husband and waifu of the
    whole thing. so of course, you will see more of them individually. in fact, the story is focus on
    them the most during the RESA arc. you see a bunch of fights when things just gotten
    wild when Xe spars with her friends, Zakonsai & Feischutz. they accidentally become One Being and become
    D.Dragon. D.Dragon is pretty evil and attack anything in its path. they cant handle that form
    and wounded Xe quite a handful. Zy senses that Xe is in danger and came over to
    rescue Xe right away. Zy is the Empress of the Abyss, for her to abandon her duty to just come and rescue Xe...says a lot of her.
    Zy took the attack from D.Dragon heads on and was bleeding and lost her right arm in the process, but
    she took out D.Dragon in an instant without killing them (they're her childs afterall). that's just one of the fight during the RESA arc. there are many
    times when Xe and Feischutz mess up their mission to save some human village only
    to run into the D.Demon (the 2nd strongest demon beside their queen). on that part, they were on their
    own and Zy wasn't there to help them because the D.Demon have a special power that can nullify senses and Zy
    wasn't able to sense what's going on at all. Xe and Feis have to fight for their lives from
    the D.Demon. they fight gurreilla style where they hit and that was the only way since the D.Demon was crazy powerful for them to handle.
    after magically surviving that battle against D.Demon and coming back with a near death
    situation and wounds, Zy never sent Xe off to another mission without her ever again.
    Zy fears that she'll lose Xe again and scare to death if that ever happens again. oh and that D.Demon did not die from that battle.
    both Xe and Feis were lucky to escape with their lives.
    also, i forgot to mention. most of the beings can regenerate their lost limbs if cut off. so Zy can use some of her celestial power to
    recover her lost right arm. the only way a celestial can die if he/she use up all of their power or if they are decapitated. they
    can regenrate all of their body parts except their head. they'll die if decapitated. so most of the celestials put their defense around
    their neck, so that they dont get instant death from demon or other enemies. just a note....this is like from

    i'm thinking celestials are like angels already. i didnt want to use angels, that's why i use
    celestials instead. i'll think of something, if not, i might just stick with otherworldly or hybrid or higher tier demon. i dont know yet.
    sure, just give me more suggestions when you can. they might add more to the already crazy and yeah, i'll
    try to keep it not too crazy with the characters. i already have 100+ characters to deal with. any bunch more and i'll crash and burn. :P

    EDIT: lol...just go and eat your dinner. have fun, dont feel all bore. enjoy life even though sometime it SUCKS! ^______^
  3. Xefi
    2013-02-03 20:36
    now that i was thinking a bit. because of D.M. Xe's System ReStart that she did before she
    dies, she revives everything at the cause of her life + extension for her own revival (probably around 4-5 million years).

    now i'm figuring to which point for her to be revive in. all the characters will go through
    the same thing again even though it's supposely the future. we're in the future
    timeline, but Xe will still go on in escaping from her father yet again.
    if i choose BotP arc, D.M. Xe can intervene and save herself from death.
    or i can choose for her to revive at the point of the beginning of ASE arc where
    she can save Cel Q and Zy from death. it's going to be very likely that Xe will meet
    up with Xe. and everything will be going to be CRAZY from there after hearing what
    D.M. Xe have to say and their future.

    anyways, i think i've been thinking too much for a day. i'm going to take a break from it. the story that is...
  4. Soverence
    2013-02-03 20:09
    It doesn't really shock me that they got their popularity from doing the OP's to two of the most successful animes in Japan. It will probably get platinum eventually with the long term sales, unless it doesn't work like that. I have never really know how that whole chart actually worked except that platinum meant more sales then gold.

    I have seen the manga called Heaven't Door, I just haven't really gotten around to reading it yet. It def. could be a good idea to read it though, fill in some of the back story to the character and what they were doing in the afterlife before Otonashi got there and basically changed everything for the better

    So, what have you been watching this anime season? I have been a little disappointed with this season, its not bad but nothing really stands out. Next season is shaping up to be a big one though if everything is as good as I think it will be
  5. Xefi
    2013-02-03 19:47
    well i guess that's also the reason why i dont plan to post in the fan creation yet.
    the story is still all over the place and makes no sense yet. i'm still havent think much of
    Xe's Sanc II yet. well i guess i'll just take it slowly like your dwarven vow of moving slowly...i think?

    but anyways, glad you like. the story does have some comedies to it. and supposely a lot
    of action and fighting scenes. some fight can be brutal bloody. i wrote a bunch of
    the fighting scene in my other collection thread in another forum already. i can
    get some of that down later and put all the story together.

    i still need to get all of Xe's Sanc 1 to come together before i can start on Xe's Sanc 2.

    i just need LOTS AND LOTS of time! lol. if i win the lottery, i'll totally complete the story
    since i'll have plenty of time then and maybe even make my own game for this story.
    only if i win the lottery (keep on dreaming).

    EDIT: since Xe's Sanc II is like the gathering all the beings coming together to battle The Final Creation, i can make
    TONS of more models to add in the story. i can probably even adds in Clarami and Konakaga and other animesuki's members
    as well. we are on a mission to save our little sister, the Silver afterall. and we'll need EVERYTHING at our hands to defeat
    her. she is the strongest in Xefizyxen's Sanctuary afterall. lol...Xe's Sanc II is going to require some more people in the story.
    i'll probably have to continue to make more and more wallpapers and characters to add in. and i'll make ONE huge wallpaper
    that will fit EVEERYONE in it as well. ginormous WALLPAPER! yep, that's going to represent Xe's Sanc II title cover...
  6. Xefi
    2013-02-03 19:34
    the One Being thingy was just to make themselve a lot stronger. they will face enemies that will
    be too much to handle if they were separated as individual. also, it just more of an excuss for me to
    make even more models.

    when they become One Being, their behaviors and attitute become different. like a brand new
    character you wont expect. for example, Xefi + D.Dragon = ExXefi. ExXefi has a total
    opposite behavior compare to Xefi's original. ExXefi is WAY more aggressive and will attack whoever gets
    in the way...even her ally. each form has it's strength and weakneses. you will laugh real hard
    when you see Xefi + Zyxenfryz = Xefizyxen form. that form is SUPER layback and lazy.
    while everyone is fighting so hard, Xefizyxen sits down and read her manga and drink soft drinks.
    but make no mistake, Xefizyxen form can crush her foes if they come near her. her weakness is that she
    overlook her enemies strength and might get owned by them because of that.

    lol...there is a forum member goes by that name Godlike...
    i got my inspiration from watching those chinese movies that my mom watch when i was
    small...about celestials and stuffs. and of course, a little dragon ball z to it. there are a lot of races in the story.
    i still havent a name for the beings in Dark Purple Moonlight and Vermillion Kingdom other
    than they're just "otherworldly being". Let's see we have human, demons, and celestials.
    i dont know about the other two yets. :P

    and alright, i guess i'll keep their original genders as female. and oh yeah, i like to make the story
    a little twisted. you know like Madoka series. everything was like going "cool" and
    stuff and then all of a sudden "bam" a complete 180 degree turns to the story.
    i want to make the story a little realistic even though they're demons or celestials or human or otherworldly beings.
    in a war, people will die. Xe and everyone in the story is no exception. this story is not going
    to go "i'm main character, i cant die" and YOU will die. you will see that in Real Ending Story Arc. where EVERYONE dies.
    including all of the people in Dark Purple Moonlight (Light Hope, Dark Hope) and all of Lotus Garden (Cel Q, Zy, Xe, Silver, and etc...).....soo many casualty.

    if Xe's Sanc becomes a video game, it's going to be like an open world game where you can
    choose to do battle as fighting one-on-one or a beat-em-up style. you get your characters stronger by
    fighting and fighting and leveling them up. the story wont change or anything. you'll still
    have to go through Beings of the Past (BotP) and witness that scene again.
    and then after finishing Real Ending Story Arc (RESA) (witnessing that horrendous end), you open up another path in
    Alternative Story Arc (ASA) and start from there. i wouldn't say that ASA arc is going to be happy ending either.
    this war against the Vermillion Kingdom beings is pretty much a suicide battle since
    most of them are stronger beings you are fighting against. but i guess, you can see where the story
    is heading after this. Xe's Sanc II is going to be the conclusion. Xe and Zy and Cel Q will reunite together
    again in Xe's Sanc II because of the System ReStart that D.M. Xe did before she dies.
    she basically revive everyone with her last power. but the people that got revive dont
    retain their memories as you already know. they will have them back as time goes by.

    actually, they're already reunited, but only as One Being. Queen Xefi (The Xefi Unit+Cel Q & Zy's soul). so they're within Queen Xefi's heart.
    that's how she can become as an Unknown Being - Queen Xefi. but the fact that they're dead still remain even though they're inside of Xe's body.
    so yeah, their real reunion is in Xe's Sanc II, which is going to be interesting because Cel Q & Zy's soul still reside inside Queen Xefi and here
    Xe is meeting up with Cel Q & Zy (with no prior memories) again. this is going to be interesting indeed...
  7. Xefi
    2013-02-03 17:28
    yeah, i'm thinking of posting the story in the fan creation along with my wallpapers in one thread. the story takes a lot of time to write
    and i have to introduce all of the characters from their special to weapons to role in the story. SO much to adds and SO little time to do
    we'll just have to wait and see. if i'm feeling all uber hyper one day, i'll post the whole
    thing. i'm taking down a lot of notes and storyline down one by one. it'll be a very long process.

    it's yuri if i want to that way. of course, it can also by straight if i make Zy a male character instead. it can go either way.
    but once they become "celestials", they ALL take the form of a female even though all of the celestials supposely have NO gender. so they're freely to fall in love
    with anyone in the celestial world. the people in the celestial world dont have kids...they create them with their power.

    when i mention "One Being" it just like fusion from dragon ball z. where two become one. also, only celestials from Lotus Garden can
    become One Being. and to do that, they must have a mutual trust, friendship or love. love would be an instant given to become One Being.
    once they become One Being, they can stay in that form forever or separate when they accomplish their goal.

    the further you go down the stronger the characters. characters in Majestic System are consider
    the "Creator" because they can create anything and do a lot of the impossible.

    P.S.: thanks for liking my story. i did talk about it a long time ago, but no one really
    care or show any interest.

    EDIT: oh yeah, if i were to fit all 1323 wallpapers into a music video. it'll be similar to this collection video except all the images
    will be getting like .25 sec. screentime. :P
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  8. Xefi
    2013-02-02 14:19
    lol...i can only have 5000 words in a single post. anyways, i shorten it down to as much as possible
    for you to maybe understand a little. it's not like i really have much down anyways since i
    have a LOT of characters in Xe's Sanc. and most of them are not even mention yet. just show
    you that i still have a VERY long way left. :P

    enjoy your long read...if you like to read it at all. it's like a dream if i can get Xe's Sanc story into a video games or anime...i can dream, right?
  9. Xefi
    2013-02-02 14:17
    part 3
  10. Xefi
    2013-02-02 14:16
    part 2

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