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  1. Xefi
    2013-01-29 21:20
    i made a Baldr Sky slideshow a long time ago. you can check out some of the pictures from
    that game. i guess it's a game similar to Muv Luv with robot and hot girls. :P

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  2. Xefi
    2013-01-29 21:03
    yeah, you're right. it does looks somewhat like Mayo Chiki. i like the artist doing
    the picture. i think he also does Baldr Sky game. i love his art style! ^______^

    EDIT: anyways, i'm picking some models to work with more wallpaper at the moment. chao!
  3. Xefi
    2013-01-29 20:52
    here is the link to her picture:

    you probably know her from a series call "I have few friends" or something like that.
  4. kenjiharima
    2013-01-29 17:09
    Wow seems Bethesda is backing up the guy that made RE. Project "Zwei" very interesting.
    It has that old school RE feel from the RE remake while it's kinda similar to Allen Wake. Guessing this will be a great game.

    Hell if survival horror wasn't in why was 2012's The Walking Dead a very simple game, yet has the elements of survival horror became game of the year. Tell me that C2$hcom. lol
  5. Xefi
    2013-01-29 13:28
    just the thought is good enough for me. i dont really need any favors or anything currently. :P
    i use the same text from the old sig of yours, so maybe they were crooked from before.

    good luck on your job hunt.
  6. Xefi
    2013-01-28 22:48
    here you go. i made 3 versions for you to choose, enjoy!
    also, the coloring might be a little different from what i usually do because i have a new monitor.
    i'm not sure how it looks like on your monitor.

    this one is for if you want to do that social link thingy.

    this one is for using without any text and stuffs.

    and this one is the original if you want to resize it yourself.
  7. Soverence
    2013-01-28 15:49
    Here Here! *raises glass*. I loved the first season of that show, I thought it was hilarious. I would have been surprised if they weren't doing the OP again, most of the staff for the anime is the same from season 1 to season 2. I will agree with you about ClariS though, I really like their work, Connect from Madoka Magica was a good song by them as well. I won't pretend to be a expert on them, but from what I have heard I think they are really good.

    I will keep your warning in mind . Thats weird, usually I hear people telling me Kanon was better then Air, I think you are the first to tell me the opposite.

    Honestly I disliked Otonashi x Kanade. Otonashi had a nice back-story and was a cool guy, but that was it. The whole pairing felt forced to me and Kanade as a character was very shallow and weak, hell we know more about Yui then we do Kanade. Kanade just felt really ... unneeded? If she wasn't there to be cute or just to allow the plot to move along, really she isn't needed at all.

    I won't say anything about the ending for now, I will leave that for you to discover yourself
  8. Kogetsu Shirogane
    2013-01-28 12:45
    Kogetsu Shirogane
    Nice to know you enjoyed it. Looking forward to your full take.

    Oh, and judging from the message I saw on Triple_R's profile, it seems you enjoyed your birthday. Glad to hear it, and also, congrats on the 500+ Visitor Messages.

    ... Do I get to be a Social Link? Wonder which Tarot card you'd associate me with.
  9. Crimrui
    2013-01-28 11:02
    Thanks a lot! Yeah, there was plenty to eat. If some cake is left I'll send it your way XD
  10. Xefi
    2013-01-28 01:15
    AS Social Link? is that like a group memberships thingy here? i normally reply back pretty
    quickly. if i dont, i'm probably just out of it and not feeling

    just send me the images, i'll work on it when i feel good. you dont have to worry
    about me at my work. i'm a professional at not getting contact from chemical/acid
    stuffs out there. i work in a office mostly, but when i go outside the office, it's nothing
    but hazardous stuffs.

    about your jobs interview. if you can, try visiting the work area of the place you
    wanted to work at. often time, you can get the job almost instantly by just going
    there yourself and talk to the manager instead of waiting for the interview respond.
    that's what i did to get my job. i just went to the place and talk to the manager since
    i know he needed worker. he walks me around and then just hire me from no waiting at all. :P

    but yeah, good luck finding your new job. do your best and not give up until you get
    the job you wanted. i'm about to head to bed soon. hopefully, my throat doesnt feel
    anymore pain in the morning.

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