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  1. Fran
    2013-02-03 17:28
    yeah, i'm thinking of posting the story in the fan creation along with my wallpapers in one thread. the story takes a lot of time to write
    and i have to introduce all of the characters from their special to weapons to role in the story. SO much to adds and SO little time to do
    we'll just have to wait and see. if i'm feeling all uber hyper one day, i'll post the whole
    thing. i'm taking down a lot of notes and storyline down one by one. it'll be a very long process.

    it's yuri if i want to that way. of course, it can also by straight if i make Zy a male character instead. it can go either way.
    but once they become "celestials", they ALL take the form of a female even though all of the celestials supposely have NO gender. so they're freely to fall in love
    with anyone in the celestial world. the people in the celestial world dont have kids...they create them with their power.

    when i mention "One Being" it just like fusion from dragon ball z. where two become one. also, only celestials from Lotus Garden can
    become One Being. and to do that, they must have a mutual trust, friendship or love. love would be an instant given to become One Being.
    once they become One Being, they can stay in that form forever or separate when they accomplish their goal.

    the further you go down the stronger the characters. characters in Majestic System are consider
    the "Creator" because they can create anything and do a lot of the impossible.

    P.S.: thanks for liking my story. i did talk about it a long time ago, but no one really
    care or show any interest.

    EDIT: oh yeah, if i were to fit all 1323 wallpapers into a music video. it'll be similar to this collection video except all the images
    will be getting like .25 sec. screentime. :P
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  2. Fran
    2013-02-02 14:19
    lol...i can only have 5000 words in a single post. anyways, i shorten it down to as much as possible
    for you to maybe understand a little. it's not like i really have much down anyways since i
    have a LOT of characters in Xe's Sanc. and most of them are not even mention yet. just show
    you that i still have a VERY long way left. :P

    enjoy your long read...if you like to read it at all. it's like a dream if i can get Xe's Sanc story into a video games or anime...i can dream, right?
  3. Fran
    2013-02-02 14:17
    part 3
  4. Fran
    2013-02-02 14:16
    part 2
  5. Fran
    2013-02-02 14:15
    there is a story line for the whole thing. they dont just fight each other for no reason.

    lol...Xefizyen's Sanctuary is sooo long that i have to make 3-4 posts just to shorten it down.
    part 1
  6. Soverence
    2013-02-02 09:53
    I feel like that is where most people heard of ClariS from was the OP to Oreimo. I really enjoyed volume 8 but it makes sense that you love volume 9 with the cameo appearance from ClariS in the novel. They might get a appearance, its hard to say if the anime will do volume 9 since volume 9 was pretty much a filler novel. I had heard that their first album had come out last year, I will take your word on it and give it a listen then!

    I am one of those people that still feels like Angel Beats could have used a couple extra episodes. I don't think it needed another whole 13 episode season but I feel like there was a lot of rushed elements with only a 13 episode run-time. Well I have been complaining a lot it seems, I didn't think Angel Beats was bad, I thought it was slightly above average but not the great anime that a lot of people seem to believe it is. I can appreciate that, I just didn't feel it myself but each person sees things in a different way right?
  7. Fran
    2013-02-02 02:18
    i wish i can hide the subscribing and views from my profile. is that even possible? i know
    the old youtube let you do that. i really dont like to see the number of subcribers and views
    on my profile. they kind of distract me for some reason.

    not sure if you should subscribed though. often time, i uploaded some bad songs
    and have to deleted them myself. :P

    i guess i'll try both version then. one for 1080p and 1600p. let's see how that works;
    both resolution are COMPLETELY different so you know. 1080p is 16:9 and 1600p
    is 16:10. >_____>

    but anyways, i'm going to head to bed. later.

    EDIT: oh, before i head to bed, here is the complete first volume of Xe's Sanc. D.M. vs. The Final Creation was
    actually the last battle in Xe's Sanc 1. i've already move on to the sequal and Xe's Sanc II is currently progressing.
    the story also progress as i make more wallpapers....i'm weird, huh? but that's how i manage the story line. :P

    i usually get REALLY excited when i talk about Xe's Sanc story. so bear with me if i get too excited. oh characters
    are somewhat similar to Arcana Hearts except 99% of them use weapons though...not fist battle. and the story is more aim
    at 18 or older for it's bloody battle. i'm not making the story weak. it's pretty much full of action and battle after battles.
    after all, they're trying to kill their opponents, not fight a friendly battle. my favorite characters in the story are
    The Xefi Unit, Queen Xefi, The Silver, Light Hope, Dark Hope, D.M. Xefizyxen, Royal Amythyst Blade, The Final Creation and Xefizyxen Zyxenfryz.
    and i got all of their themes created. most of them will die in the story...similar to Madoka series. lol...ok i'm done. i have to stop now before i keep going on and on and on...

    anyways, night...even though you're probably already asleep yourself.

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  8. Fran
    2013-02-02 02:05
    yeah, i can give Mami's a try on the wallpaper. do you preferred 1920x1080p or 2560x1600?
    my monitor go up to 2560x1600, that's why i'm only doing 1600p wallpapers now.

    if i have some time, i'll find a good looking Mami's model and then render her and then complete
    the wallpaper then. it'll probably takes a bit of time and effort, but we'll see.

    no problems really. i actually like to post some cool videos too! i usually just ignore
    the negative people saying.

    EDIT: LOL...maybe i should try fitting all 1323 wallpapers that i made and put them ALL into one music video!
  9. Fran
    2013-02-02 01:48
    also, this is my favorite fight theme: "D.M. Xefizyxen vs. The Final Creation"

    Xe is the main character in the story...i guess that's pretty obvious, huh? lol. :P
    and this is pretty my most fave song use for fight theme. i might have to chose another
    song for the Jewel Phoenix vs. Royal Amythyst Blade theme; the previous song just suck.

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  10. Fran
    2013-02-02 01:32
    and here is the "Vs" theme i'm talking about (i just uploaded): "Jewel Phoenix vs. Royal Amythyst Blade"

    if imageshack doesnt fails to load up again. :P

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