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  1. Silverwyrm
    2013-06-04 23:50
    Thank you Though I slept in and missed most of it, haha!
  2. Ist
    2013-06-04 23:32
    I guess I have to take a little break from Tera. that game is kind of driving me nuts because
    of it's RNG (random number generator). I have tries to masterwork an armor in that game and
    it kept on failing. my patient is at its limts. :P

    I don't think there really any games I can recommend you at the moment. you can try out Tera
    and fail with Dragon's Crown looks pretty promising, but i'm not sure if you like it or not.

    so you're going to live away from your brother? i'm fine with my little brother. probably cause
    i'm the older one and he listen to me.
  3. Ist
    2013-06-03 11:23
    too busy lately playing Tera. i think i'm getting too addicting to that game that i totally
    forgot about time and friends. that's what an MMO can do to you once you get

    i've been doing nothing much but playing Tera. i'm also waiting on Tales of Xilia and Blazblue game.
    cant wait to see how the story continue in Blazblue. i'm also waiting for Muramasa Demon Blade
    for the Vita and Dynasty Warriors 8 and Dragon's Crown. Lots of games between June to September.

    i doubt i can continue the story and stuff. i just dont have much time each day and
    that MMO just steal almost all of the time i have FREE. btw, congrats on getting your
    new job. work hard and be happy. hope you're doing well with life and stuffs. ^_____^
  4. Soverence
    2013-05-27 14:09
    I don't mind, long posts are fun to respond to.

    Spoiler for Long Reply:

    I don't mind people being overly excited about their fandoms, its fun to see people talk about something they passionately like. Don't worry about it, if I was looking for a professional response to anything, I wouldn't be posting on a internet forum .

    Spoiler for ClariS:
  5. Syokool
    2013-05-27 07:26

    I had a nice party in the very nature :P Just thinking that I'm gonna be busy 'cause the work I left in my investigation makes me a little old than a week ago lol
  6. bakAnki
    2013-05-27 02:48
    Here goes the continuation of my previous message.
    Spoiler for Drama on Nonoka part:

    Oh yeah, outside Haruka route, the Photography Club hardly play any major role on other part of heroine, well maybe the exception is on Mai route where they lend Kazuya their erotic magazine, but after that they didn't do anything important. I think it's the anime who takes the liberty to make the other Photography Club members to get more appearance for the comedy scene, but originally they mostly only appear on the school festival, and that's only just to have conversation with Kazuya telling him to take break so he can go see the rest of festival.

    And I'm sorry to inform that my PSP is broken the half-way I'm replaying Nonoka story, it can't read the disc or even the ISO file T_T So I can't currently replay Photo Kano anymore to give more comparison or insight of what the anime cut. But if you have more questions I'm more than happy to try to answer based on my memory. Aah, now I'm more jealous of my friends who own PSVita and have been playing the Photo Kano Kiss >.<
  7. bakAnki
    2013-05-27 02:46
    Got it

    Yeah, I don't know why decide to do what they're doing, making Kazuya looks bad on the 4 first episodes, mostly because the blackmail thing. Even the seiyuus are joking about it I'm not sure of the marketing, I think it's because the new Photo Kano has DLC (download content) now so they can gain more from it, and to boost the sale of Blu-Ray and DVD they include special bonus DLC so now both the anime and game sales can increase even though the anime is half-hearted. While back then on Amagami since it didn't have any DLC, so they went all out to make the anime interesting showing all the charm of the girls and their interaction with the MC to make even non-player interested on the anime.

    After replaying the game a little bit more, I noticed that every story L (for the main 6 heroines, since the 3 hidden heroines only have 1 story regardless the club player chose) has drama point, where most of the time the girl feels depressed for some time until player get to next part of the story, while on the story H the drama is there but due to it resolved instantly on the same event you can hardly get the depressed feeling.
    Spoiler for The drama moment for Haruka, Aki, Sanehara:

    I won't talk about the rest of heroine route because I'm afraid it will ruin your fun when watching the anime, but since you brought up Nonoka, I'll post it on my next VM since the board limits the character to 5000 long
  8. Soverence
    2013-05-26 08:57
    I did, thanks for the thoughts . Come south and join me next year than I usually go to the same convention once a year, they are costly so going to more than one a year is hard on a college student's salary.

    Now to respond to the rest of the stuff from the other message:

    Good to here that you are getting use to your new job, good luck with patching things up with your friend! I am sure that you are and that you have the release date locked down in your mind. I will do that now actually (well, after writing this), I have some free time. All good choices, although I just can't get into Aku no Hana, not even the art just the story, it was creepy to read and it is just too much for me to watch.

    They did drop/rearrange a lot of stuff from the novels but I think they did that because of the amount of time they have to actually tell the rest of the story, also I like to think of the two as different things, the anime has its story/flow and the light novels has its own story/flow (even if the stories are the same).

    If I had to take a guess, ep. 9 will finish volume 8, volume 9 will be overall skipped or get one episode to do the wedding chapter because it plays a small role in later story. volume 10 will get 2 episodes, one for the party and one for Ayase basically. volume 11 will get 2 episodes to cover the past of the siblings, and volume 12 will get 2 or 3 episodes based upon if they actually do the volume 9 episode or not.

    Hanazawa is a good voice actress, that is for sure. Personally I am loving the second season, it does feel a little rushed but I am kind of use to that in anime adaptations, I also love how true they stick to the source material though. Some other series like HenNeko and OreShura really changed the characters/story in to more sterotypical roles in order to sell more, Oreimo really doesn't do that, in the first or second season.

    Sorry for talking so much about Oreimo, it is the one series I could probably just keep talking about, so I will stop that now that I will be sending you a wall of it .

    I got a question for you, once ClariS gets out of highschool, do you think they should actually reveal who they are and do live performances and such or keep the characters/front they have that portrays them? Personally I feel like either choice could be a good thing but I wanted to see what you would think Claris Master.
  9. bakAnki
    2013-05-26 07:14
    No need to apologize, if any I'm the one who should apologize to take time replying your message ^^

    Lately I'm sucker for romance manga/anime too, that's actually the reason I tried to play Photo Kano game in the first place. I've never been played love sim game other than Love Plus (Oreimo, Haganai, and PapaKiki are visual novel, from my POV it's different than love sim genre). And for anime adapted from love simulation game like this, for me personally omnibus format is the best so every heroine can have their time to shine and show the viewer their own charm. At this point for PK anime we should be prepared that the rest of episode will as rushed. I wonder if it would be better if it still 1 cour (12 eps) but they went omnibus from the get-go so the 6 default six main heroines each have 2 episodes, while Tomoe episode could be an OVA. Sure Haruka will get less screen time but IMO it would help the other 5 girls to get more exposure. And no hate to Haruka too, but the search scenes from Haruka arc on episode 5 is quite unnecessary and could be shorten, replaced by lovey-dovey scenes. There are quite many of those events on the game's after-school date event >.<

    But just like you said, if it's adapted from manga or light novel, anime version of harem or romance series tends to omit unnecessary scenes and just focused on important flag/event. And Photo Kano gets the worse result since this is originally a love simulation game where all the dialogues/interaction on the gameplay and sub-event helps to build the romance between the MC and the girl so it feels natural, not rushed like we got on the anime so far

    For the difference of story L(ove) and H(appy), from what I got from playing the game, both have romantic development on it, and the basic premise is still the same. Like on Aki arc, both have the same premise of Aki's other side outside the usual perfect top student and strict stuco prez she made, or on Haruka arc is for she and Kazuya get back to how they used to be when they were child. What set the stories apart from each other is the approach, L has normal event leads to romantic development, while H is played with series of comedic events but it also leads to romantic development as the girl and Kazuya grows to like each other after spending time together get through those things.

    For example the Nonoka stories. I'll put it behind spoiler tag because it contains spoiler.
    Spoiler for Nonoka arc:

    The same on most heroine story too. Take example of Haruka route where on L they become close again step by step because photography and Haruka wants to help Kazuya become his model while on H Kazuya is 'forced' to get close to Haruka in order to protect her from his fellow clubmate's attacks (and treated in comedic way too). Or Hikari L story where Kazuya is sincere to want to see Hikari laugh and take picture of people again because he feels that it's too lonely for her to always alone; while on story H he never felt that way in the beginning for her, it's just (again, in comedic way) he gets many opportunities to take picture of Hikari's embarrassing side and make Hikari begins to interest to take picture of people, starting on herself and then Kazuya in order for 'revenge' so they get in the battle of taking each other's embarrassing picture that leads them closer and closer, and Hikari begins to like Kazuya's smile and starting to trust him, as well as falls in love with him.

    I'm sorry if my explanation is not clear
  10. Ist
    2013-05-25 17:44
    there nothing to amend really. i'm not mad or ignoring you. I've been playing a lot
    of Tera Online MMO with my little brother a lot. whenever we play the game, you wont
    be seeing me much on the forum. I don't even spend much time on forum anymore unless
    there's something interesting going on.

    right now, we are taking a little break. i'll be playing some more Tera later again.
    and then, during the weekday, i'm too busy with work, I hardly feel like responding
    to anyone. busy busy busy busy....too busy. you get the idea.

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