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  1. Konakaga
    2012-09-24 02:32
    Wow 10 play thrus? That's impressive, and I mean Vesperia is no short game either, it's rare for me to play a non-multi ending type game that many times. And I do agree Symphonia's sequel, probably the lamest thing to me about it was how you couldn't control, level up, change equip, or set abilities really for the original cast for when they were with you.Don't get me wrong I did liked both Emil and Marta's play styles, it just felt to have the others with you, but you couldn't really use them.

    Oh I am surprised and pleased to know you've seen Kobato and Bungaku Shoujo , since those are slightly less know, and Ro-Kyu-Bu I seriously tried originally because it was cute and it had a really good VA cast(in fact 4 of the 5 you listed appear in it ) and it was enjoyable. Though I haven't seen Charlotte cause I put IS on hold long ago, and debated finishing it when I didn't have something else I wanted to watch .

    And I really love Mariya Ise's skill/voice as a seiyuu, and songs but only 2 really majors roles (Usami and Riko from HnA) stops me from counting her as a top favorite til she gets more roles/songs and she only has a few songs from each; you have heard Usami's character song right? While Shizuka is definitely top 10 worthy she is amazing in general as singer and seiyuu!!

    And I do like the other 3, but not favorite tier; Though Marina Inoue is rising, I really like her as Nate in Horizon lately, and her character songs from it. And I actually prefer Yuka's singing to her seiyuu roles platinum disco aside, I love "Hidamari Memoria", and "Mirai☆Shoot"

    And you're welcome for it.
  2. Fran
    2012-09-24 01:00
    you might wanna shorten the text or make them smaller, Kirito. it looks kind
    of long. or change the color of the text. just a little suggestion. ;p

    EDIT: like how i like the way you did the fond with "Claris". it was colorful and pretty.
    maybe you can use that and replace the word with "Sophie" or something. lol.
  3. Fran
    2012-09-23 11:50
    normal size.

    smaller version.

    no name. since i'm havent trouble with putting where the text should be.
    you can use this one if you think the one i put is out of place. ;p

    sorry, dood. i dont think i have any flashy borders. you might have to stick with
    this one; it plains and simple siggy. as for the 2nd sig i was gonna do, that'll take a long time. i might not
    do that one for awhile.
  4. Konakaga
    2012-09-23 06:02
    Oh for Vesperia, I did like Yuri's character, however I never played as him since I played 95% of game 2 player with one of my friends in RL and they played Yuri generally, while I played Repede or Judith(Aerial Combos are fun!) most of the time. And I agree on Dawn of the New World, the story was great, but it was a bit dumbed down in someways, though I had fun with the monster system for it.

    Oh I am glad I caused you to watch it then , since it's one of my favorite series and Kyouko is cute and generally amazing. And ep 6 of S1 or S2?

    She's definite top 5-10 material for me I really like both her cute adorable voice and her serious/snarky voice, but choosing a single favorite seiyuu is too hard for me , and my favorite Roles by her would be Kobato(Kobato, not Boku wa Tomodachi), Touko(Bungaku Shoujo), Kuroneko(Ore no Imouto), Tomoka(Ro-Kyu-Bu), Nadeko(Bakemonogatari) and Chiaki (Mouretsu Pirates). I know you've seen some of those have seen them all though?

    On songs have you heard KanaHana's character songs from The World Only Gods Knows or Ro-Kyu-Bu? As these two songs would probably be my favorites from her, "Kuchibue Jet", and "SHOOT! -No.4 MIX-" besides maybe "Inochi Mijikashi Koi se yo Otome". Though for singing seiyuu purposes I'd for favorite would between Yukarin, Ayanyan, Touyama Nao(who sung a LOT of songs for TWGOK), Mizuki Nana, and Koshimizu Ami, though she isn't far behind!! .
  5. Sakanaka Shouko
    2012-09-23 02:43
    Sakanaka Shouko
    Ah, thank you very much to tell me.
    And talking to you is always a pleasure, so you can talk to me anytime that I won't be bothered. ^_^
  6. Konakaga
    2012-09-23 00:48
    Late replying again, sorry been busy, but I was wonder who were you favorite characters from each, and your favorite to play as in combat?, And did you play Symphonia's sequel, Dawn of the New World?

    And my favorite for Symphonia were Sheena, Raine, and Genis (all 3 for both purposes), while for Vesperia were Repede and Judith for both, and Raven(for playing as only), and I liked Rita(didn't playing her for combat).

    P.S. I saw you post saying you started yryr how are you liking it?

    P.S.S. Kana Hanazawa is generally adorable.
  7. Fran
    2012-09-23 00:43
    i'll make two for you. i found one picture of her that looks pretty decently nice (i can probably even make a wallpaper as well).
    once they are done, you can pick whichever ones you like most and use that.
  8. Fran
    2012-09-23 00:25
    i'll see what i can do. if you have a specific picture or how you want the sig to be like, let me know.

    if you let me do my things, i'm not sure it might be to you liking. my specialty was never good
    at making sig for others. but i'm still learning. the only reason why making sig for
    others is hard for me is because i dont know their preferences.

    but sure, i'll make you one of Sophie since i also like Sophie in the game as well.
  9. Fran
    2012-09-23 00:11
    you should try getting a Sophie sig as well to match with your
  10. Fran
    2012-09-22 23:13
    also, good thing you skip Tekken Tag 2 on the full prize. the game was ok, not really
    all that great. i was kind of regretting buying it at 60 buck; i should have waited for it
    to be like 25 or less. the game wasn't much fun. i dont like some of the changes they
    did to the game.

    and you get beat up pretty quickly. even the computer juggles a lot as well. i think the main
    complains was the jugglings in this game. that and well, the game kind of loads too much even
    if i already installed the 8 gigs that that game has...and it still loads a anyways, what
    i'm trying to say is that save your money or just skip playing this game altogether.

    i'm waiting for Dead or Alive 5 now. hopefully, this game wont disappoint me like Tekken Tag 2...yuck.

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