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  1. kenjiharima
    2012-06-24 00:09
    Still not sure if Iam gonna get a Vita sadly...
    Iam getting alot of anime stuff as well so Iam on a tight budget. XD

    For me probably my next games are Persona Arena, RE6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a day 1 buy for me to get all the dlc.
  2. kenjiharima
    2012-06-23 22:41
    Well it was way back in the PSone days, the graphics and gameplay weren't my taste and got bored leveling, but hey who knows you might like it, haven't played the PSP remakes P1 and P2.

    Though 3-4 nailed it on my case. Iam also awaiting for the new fighting game. Also Iam torn to get a VITA if Persona4 Golden comes out locally, with more gameplay and added storyline.
  3. kenjiharima
    2012-06-23 22:31
    Yes I played Persona 3-4. My personal favorite is 4. the first 2 I really didn't like them and got bored and sold them. lol.
  4. kenjiharima
    2012-06-23 22:13
    Hey Kirito know any other good RPG or any other gaming forums? .
  5. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 13:21
    Mhm, it's best to remain skeptical in such situations.

    Yeah, so I've heard. Aye, I'll borrow it off a friend some time in the future. Dude, calm down; it was an honest mistake. Hurting yourself won't do anything. Other than hurt you. So stop.


    But I'm not. Don't worry about it. Just be more careful the next time. xD Really? o_o
  6. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 13:00
    But I'm sure it'll be exactly that. Oh well.. :/

    Haha, it's cool. But I did see something about the heroine dying. Oh well. Thank god I don't care about this game as much as I should.. It's alright, just be more careful the next time. xD

    Well, isn't a different part of the company working on Versus? Plus, I'm sure Nomura didn't have a hand in XIII and XIII-2, so that's a little comforting because he almost always makes great games!

    Haha, well it happens. XD
  7. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 12:45
    I stopped reading your previous VM. Were there XIII-2 spoilers there? I haven't played the game, but I might borrow it from a friend..
  8. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 12:28
    It's a very recent rumour (today):

    Meh. I know what you mean. I'll get Versus regardless, though. XD

    Nah. It's about mediumish size. And it's not just my kitchen. :<
  9. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 12:21
    Yeah, the ending DLC crap was bullshit. I'm not even going to bother with XIII-2 because of that. There's a rumour that XIII-3 may be in development, too. Fuck that, and give us Versus instead!

    Okay, cool. Nope! Only in the Kitchen.
  10. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 12:05
    Meh, Square's been a bit of a bitch as of late. x:

    Balance issues? o_o My problem is that I end up knocking stuff off the shelves. xD

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