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  1. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 12:21
    Yeah, the ending DLC crap was bullshit. I'm not even going to bother with XIII-2 because of that. There's a rumour that XIII-3 may be in development, too. Fuck that, and give us Versus instead!

    Okay, cool. Nope! Only in the Kitchen.
  2. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 12:05
    Meh, Square's been a bit of a bitch as of late. x:

    Balance issues? o_o My problem is that I end up knocking stuff off the shelves. xD
  3. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 11:57
    Haha, it's plausible guess. But that isn’t enough for some companies. Square Enix and Final Fantasy 7 HD come to mind. They’d make so much money if they were to do it, but they haven’t bothered to yet. *sigh*

    Cleaning up isn't a problem; I usually wake them up when I drop stuff. xD
  4. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 11:41
    The public's views are different on those things, yes, but for producers, it has to be a mix of both; it could be one of the best games ever, but if it fails to make a profit (or makes barely any), there's no point in keeping that IP alive.

    Eh, only in the kitchen.
  5. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 11:29
    Unfortunately, that's not all that matters. Sales and receptions are also very important. And I'm not sure what happened; it came as a surprise to many people.

    Haha, same. It's just I tend to be loud and drop things. XD
  6. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 11:10
    Mhm. It's just too bad Vanquish didn't do too well, sales wise. :/

    Yeah, it was a light snack. It was 1AM, and if I did anything else, I imagine I would've woken my parents up. xD
  7. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 11:01
    Ah, yes. Platinum Games. Vanquish is the game I'll forever associate with Platinum games. It was just so much damn fun.

    I didn't make anything; I just had a Creme Egg. XD

    Yeah, you'll more than likely enjoy those 3 series then.
  8. Rayrah
    2012-06-21 07:43
    Pasta and meat, huh? Those are nice, but I don't think I could choose my favourite type of meal; there're just too many!

    Oooooh, wow. He is? I didn't know.. Rising (or was it Revengeance?) is going to be so much more awesome, then.

    Yes, the costs can extremely high at times. I went downstairs, into the kitchen.

    Story is okay at best in all of those games; the characters and their interactions are what really bring the games to life.
  9. kenjiharima
    2012-06-21 00:55
    Oh yeah btw just saw the AngryJoe interview on DmC

    Man Poison boss seems to be the one giving the drinks. That's taken from one of the episodes from Futurama where there is a slug that her feces is the drink Fry likes alot, but it's still feces...eww...
  10. kenjiharima
    2012-06-20 22:46
    imho popular trends today are "not that popular" with the other gamers. Just look at twilight it might be a success for some teens, but gamers it's not and it's hated by most people I know.

    Now I know why the great minds in Capcom left, they know it's a sinking ship in terms of management and dlc ideas, it's not a good practice. Locking contents of something you already have. No wonder there are so many hackers today because we're not getting anymore quality product.

    Imho as well Iam glad Seth left Capcom, I really don't want a true and real guy be blemished by Crapcoms corporate greed and I think he knows it too well because of working with them for a long time. Capcom's last good game would probably be RE6 and Dragons Dogma as for Street Fighter there is little to no news.

    Also btw now Iam currently just lurking in Capcom, seeing that I was banned and others in the DmC thread there, now Iam seeing little to no activity at all. Means all those other supporters are just paid trolls. Proves me right all along.

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