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  1. Ist
    2012-07-25 00:33
    yeah, i saw it. the guy speaking in the background was a little annoying
    to the ear though. you know, he was speaking on the left side of my headphone
    and it kind of hurts my left but other than that, was that the Shadow Labrys
    the player was using?

    i'm going to main Labrys first. i'm also thinking of maining Aigis as well. you can try more
    characters too! Labrys probably wont be the only one i'm going to play. i like her art
    design that's why i want to play her first. i like the modes so far, pretty much like Blazblue.
    i'm even more intrigue in the story and wants to know more about the characters.

    i will try not to get spoil by some of the youtube video. i want to play it and see it for myself.
    the storyline that is.

    also, you are into Dead or Alive 5, right? not Tekken or Soul Calibur? i just want to confirm that.
    i'll get all of them, so it doesnt matter for me.
  2. Ist
    2012-07-25 00:19
    a kind of thought it was you. no problem much though since that forum is
    pretty lame most of time. and they're mostly realistic, people there dont like anime stuffs
    like us much. so yeah, most of them are boring. it's not a forum i suggest for you anyways. :P

    that and there are lots of little kids there and immature too. most of them are around 12 and up. so you probably know what it's like there.
  3. Ist
    2012-07-25 00:00
    lol, i saw a person name Kirito85 on pso-world. but i doubt that is you though.
  4. Sakanaka Shouko
    2012-07-22 16:39
    Sakanaka Shouko
    Hello, I just watched Oda Nobuna Yabou episode 3 and loved it.
    Did you watch it too?
  5. Sakanaka Shouko
    2012-07-21 14:24
    Sakanaka Shouko
    Hey there, did you watch Kokoro Connect episode 3?
  6. Sakanaka Shouko
    2012-07-19 15:26
    Sakanaka Shouko
    I watched Joshiraku today, it's pretty good.
    Maybe I'll follow it too.
  7. Ist
    2012-07-18 11:08
    well anyways, i'm at work right now. hope you're not having a bad day
    today too.

    cheer up, dood! think positive...i guess. just smile and forget all the bad things! you can see, i'm not really good at cheering people up much either...but i try!
  8. Ist
    2012-07-18 01:25
    eep...that doesnt sound good. i hope everything is ok for you and get
    things done with whatever that is causing you to not feel good.

    i thought you were a little strange today, my thought was 70%
    anyways, do whatever you got to do and dont feel all gloomy or feeling depress
    or sad.

    everyone have bad days. although i dont know what is causing yours. just surely
    hope that you dont feel too sad about it and move on in life.
  9. Ist
    2012-07-17 21:05
    thanks for the video, Kirito. yeah, i'm kind of thinking of waiting for Resident Evil 6 when
    it comes out. i'm not going to buy it right away. too much negativities in the game.
    also, the guy that was doing those comments, his metal music cut in while he was
    commenting was kind of annoying, but beside that, he was giving a lot of qualities
    advise and what suck about the game.

    Resident Evil has been going the wrong direction ever since 5. i guess 4 was like the
    last best one i've played. Resident Evil 6 not as scary? lol. >____>;

    oh well, i'll wait for Resident Evil 6 for the PC. if it doesnt come out on the PC, then i'll wait
    for it to be around 20 buck. ha ha. eat that ca$hcom! they will have to do better than that
    if i were to even bother buying their games anymore. :P
  10. kenjiharima
    2012-07-17 00:39
    Hey no need to apologize I also follow Event that's why I get his feed on my youtube page and see whatever is new.

    Yeah it's true sad to see Capcom turn into CA$HCOM. They're just banking on old popular games they made like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure they're making an HD version of it, just to gain attention again.

    100% sure other HD games coming out are TechRomancer, StarGladiator2 Plasma Sword and other old arcade greats. But seeing their current games flop and has alot of flaws and damn disc lock content, they're not really making a real true effort on a game.

    On another company the only thing I can say about E.A. is that probably they're gonna make the extended ending dlc, but the backlash of the fans and gamers made them pull back a little and made it free for download. If they didn't do that I guess they're gonna sink. Much like Capcom is now, they're just only advertising and selling HD games this and HD games that without new IP or older sequels, meaning probably the rumor on Seth Killian's departure is probably correct Capcom is going down.

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