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  1. Yuno
    2012-06-20 17:53
    Hi hi~

    Definitely right, a change of pace can give a really nice fresh start to something neat! Like when I started reading course of miracles. I didn't think I would enjoy it because it takes a Christian perspective. However, despite that I still find a lot of truth and good things in it.

    That is really wonderful that your boss lets you use the computer! I haven't worked in a long time. I'm actually not allowed. So now for endless questions. How is work? What do you do? Do you enjoy it? I am always so curious because I am unable. I'm glad you feel it is an honor ^.^ I like having friends who talk to me, so I am also honored~

    Oh, today or tomorrow? Got it, I look forward to it. Don't push yourself if you don't feel like you wish to do it. I'm always going to be around so you needn't worry. Oh by all means, I would like to know. This way if there is any trouble finding me on Skype I can help out~ If you've found a Yuno image and name, then you found me~ Oh you meant the picture? Sure if you feel you can. It won't bother or effect me though, that is assured. Hmm, that is very terrible of someone to say those things to you. Such complex and well thought insults. I am perplexed why people bother to take the time to say such things. I think there is something wrong with them. Time can be better spent. Hmm, maybe you will some day~ Smiling is important it tells us we're happy and everything is okay.

    CNN is an American news station designed for the American people. I am shocked that Canadians are being effected by it. Canada shouldn't show such things. We're different from America. So we should show our news stations instead. It is vile that they can be effected by such poisons. Fear mongering, and hate is so common in those stations. I'm all ears if you decide to share~ Or eyes rather since it will be text.

    Moh~ I don't think I will see it that way. Please don't drown in hopelessness either. That is not good for anyone~ I think maybe people have placed a spell on you with your words to make you feel so badly about your appearance. It's not good at all.

    I see, I am really sorry to hear that you've faced such things. People I guess share what they know, and since they know pain and suffering they beget pain and suffering. I find it strange though, do they not see the mercy and compassion written by Jesus? What he said about hurting others? The environment sounds very invalidating so I can see why one's emotions would be hardly expressed such as sadness. I wish they could see too~

    Hehe yes I used it in a real situation~ Best way to learn is to use! I did, but my Case Manager thought it was weird. He asked me where I got the ideas from so I told him a bit about you.

    It definitely is, at EMP we were taught that we should create a safe place in our minds to go to when we are unhappy or sad. I made my own safe place with their guidance. Perhaps that temple can be your new safe place~ Reality is a nightmare because the people around it don't understand that everything they think and see doesn't exist. They make it exist. The real reality is a peaceful one, filled with compassion.

    Hehe, thank you for the praise! I just speak my mind in everything it says without restrictions. I'm happy to share anything so it's been so great speaking with you~ That is correct, a power to break the 'spell' that had been placed on us. It comes from our will and our understanding of people's true nature~
  2. Rayrah
    2012-06-20 16:34
    Haha, I'd be fine with some of my guy friends cooking for me. I really don't mind as long as it tastes good.

    Push-ups are my way of unwinding, haha. Just don't give up hope! I know you will!

    Ah, is that so? That's good to hear; it's nice to know not everybody is like Crapcom. Indeed.

    You need to try Shadow of the Colossus; it's a seriously amazing game!

    I'll see how I feel on the day. I'll probably end up going, though. Wow, Thai soup? That sounds deliciously fancy. And expensive! Haha, my body is ready for SAO. :3

    Nah. My dad doesn't get hung over, and I seem to be the same. Oh. I didn't know that. And I feel a little better than before now.

    Ahhh. Yes, good friends we are. Just a headache.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia is basically about cute console girls fighting privacy. The first game is bad at a technical standard; the battles are repetitive, the dungeons are bland, the graphics are poor, and the music is pretty horrible. However, the characters are great, and the humor and references are hilarious. The second game (mk2) is an improvement; it's a much better game with a much better battle system. The 3rd game (V, for Victory) looks to be a step up from that. It's also the series my #1 waifu is from. :3 Also, my account on the forum of the company that localizes the games. :3
  3. Yuno
    2012-06-20 15:33
    Story of the Flea:

    A Japanese Scientist was studying flea behaviour and why they can infest so easily. One of the flees he decided to capture under a cup. Now flea's can jump very high! Almost three feet~ So he studied the flee under the cup. The flea jumped, but hit the top of the cup. He jumped again! However, he only hit the top of the cup. After a few days the flea stopped jumping and merely sat in the center of his cage. Once the scientist was finished studying and let the flea go. He noticed that the flea jumped only the height of the cup, despite the fact the cup was not there any longer! The flea would do so for the remainder of his life span.

    This is why I don't like it when people abuse each other, or hurt each other. Sometimes it becomes a poison that weakens us for a long time. It makes it very difficult for us to jump beyond the height of the cup, when before we were doing it no problem. It is for this reason I often feel very compassionate towards people. They already suffer enough, I want to be a sanctuary.
  4. Yuno
    2012-06-20 15:24
    You're quite right, there is always something new to discover about ourselves and about the universe as a whole. It is why I live through everything that I can. I want to know what happens next~

    Hehe, Oh dear, there are others around the forums here and there. I'm happy to be your first female friend in the forum~ I am usually in and out. I recently came back to the forums to interact with people again. Now that I am meeting such wonderful people I am glad I returned!

    Pester me? I don't think that is possible. I often have my skype on looking at many contacts with either the "busy" status or are offline. I just leave it on though, you never know when someone will chat~ Mmm, so what she said didn't have a good feeling. See when I picture that description I picture someone who smiles from the heart. So there smile is quite big and beaming. A clown is designed to mimic that, but of course it seems fake because it's painted on~ Yours I doubt is fake. Yes! I eat like a squirrel apparently hehe. OOh! Eating like a wolf. They eat very ravenously yet they don't make a mess. Pretty interesting~

    Now it makes a little more sense. I'm worried about this "him" it sounds uncomfortable. You're right about CNN they're bought and paid for by the government. I did some digging on them before, and see them as not a legitamate form of infromation. I find it weird that they'd watch CNN when they live in Canada. We've so many better news stations in Canada!

    Muuu~ That isn't good. I wish to emulate Kuan Yin and I believe in mercy and compassion. So I don't think I will barf. I find beauty in places when people find it hard to. Dogs, Cats, and other pure creatures of the earth can love us despite whatever flaw we have. Why can't humans? I won't barf because my case manager swears I am not human. Hehe~

    Yes! You are right. Proper guidance is important. Many parent's forget that children although small are people too. People seperate from us, who live, think, and have feelings of their own. I don't condone actions such as violence, or verbal abuse. Words can cast spells, spells that bind us for an eternity. Reminds me of a flea study, but I will put that in a seperate VM I don't want to hit the word limit. I'm terribly sorry to hear about the way your parents treated you. It's something I hear from the US members often. I am ashamed that they are Canadian. They act more like American families I hear about. I can understand why one would not cry in an enviornment like that~

    Thats great! I'll remember the rules as carefully as possible. A lot of them click. I really like: Rule 7: Justice and love will always win! I said that to my case manager today and he rolled his eyes at me.

    That is a really nice sounding dream! It sounds like a really peaceful and safe place. I like the imagery of the snow, I find peace in winter too. Though I get cold very easily. Seeing that scene in my minds eye makes me feel peaceful. My dreams are usually "wishfulfillment" ones. My mind betraying my resolve~

    Always a pleasure speaking with you ^.^
  5. Rayrah
    2012-06-20 12:24
    Yeah. It's one skill I never bothered learning. :/

    Eh, I'll worry about accommodation and whatnot after I see my results. It was such a damn headache to set everything up, only to see it all fall apart meh. I'm sure your roommate will be just fine. Most "messers" don't bother going to college.

    Ah, that sounds like a very pleasant activity. And aww, why not? I'm sure you will! Just don't give up!

    Well.. if it bombs.. we may not see another DmC (or am I mixing my facts up?).. that's the other side of the coin. :/

    But that video. What the fuck. That was insane.. Hmm.. the MGS and DmC HD collections are so very tempting, but then again, so is the Shadow of the Colossus one..

    Well, the "Anime Night" is on the 28th. These are really good friends of mine, but I dunno. Maybe.

    Mint tea?? And nah, I'm not hung over, because I don't get hung over. I'm just extremely exhausted after the exams.

    What makes you ask that? I'm just curious. I'll answer this question after I feel better, alright? I can't seem to gather my thoughts without my head seeming like it's about to explode.
  6. Rayrah
    2012-06-20 11:47
    Ahaha, fair enough.

    Ah.. that's a good mindset to have.. I can't cook to save my life (no, I'm serious. >_>), and if everything goes well, I'll also be living on my own soon. Meh. Need to find myself a friend who can. xD

    Ah yeah, walks are good, too. Push-ups can be a great way of relieving stress, venting out any frustrations, and building strength all at the same time.

    Haha, yeah. ._. The new Dante is just so.. ugh. Oh, the HD collection is out? Damn it.. I should totally get it. xD How is it? Any new content? And nice! :3

    Well, they're into anime as much as me, but they don't watch it as much as me. Their tastes are also.. fairly different. So yeah, I'm more or less in the same boat as you. :/

    Yeah, pretty much. Nah. They invited me to their "Anime Night" (LOL) after they found out about my interest in anime. Might tag along and see what's up. *shrug*

    Ah, gotta go to a party soon, but I feel fucking horrible. I need to go talk to a person that could possibly give me a job there, too. Meh.
  7. Rayrah
    2012-06-20 10:52
    Oh, dem crazy yanderes.

    Ah, interesting. So you can cook? Ah, sports are good; a healthy mind is a healthy body, after all.

    OH MAN, I forgot how fucking badass Dante is. I barely remember DmC 3, too..

    Ah, rightio. My bad then. xD

    I guess that's the disadvantage in living in such a big city. Plus, I've found that it's very difficult to find people who are as enthusiastic about anime as me. Well, there're 2 people that pretty much are, but they're very close friends of mine.

    It wasn't a party or anything. We just had 1-2 cans of beer/cider and spent most of the night chatting. I showed them a bit of Steins;Gate and Baccano!, and they liked both.
  8. Yuno
    2012-06-20 01:54
    Goodnight! Have wondeful dreams it's been fun talking to you~ Hehe I like that rule.
  9. Yuno
    2012-06-20 01:53
    You're exactly right! I agree completely to what you say here. Finding out ourselves and going on a spiritual path is amazing and each step when there is progress touches the heart and mind in a way that is unexplainable. When I first studied Tao I had such an experiance. Since then I believe there are many paths, but one truth~ hehe

    Oh hehe~ I always carry proof so people can't call me a liar. I hate lies, I hate lies so much... So I keep proof in a white box in my linen closet. If I don't have proof about something, I don't talk about it~ Awwh, it's okay no need to worry at all. There are a lot of guys in the forum so the mistake is commonly made by others too. Just not with me :3 hehe~ I don't mind though, I think it was fun surprising you.

    Hehe, it's a long hard road. My brain likes to mix words around on me making it hard for me to read. However, I have figured out ways around it. I'm glad you enjoyed the Hobbit it's the first book I ever read and is very special to me~ Tyler? he is definitely in a better place. I brought him to the Tao temple and taught him. Then in a few months he was teaching me hehe~ He is fortunate that his fiancee went with him. So he has company ^.^ Ten years hmm~ I think that is about right. Many authors take a lot of time to write there books or get the first book done. I have faith in you~ I'm willing to help too! Oh really! That is great! My Skype account is in my profile, but I'll put it here for ease sake. pea.squirrel My mother calls me "pea" because I am really little. I am called squirrel by my dad because he claims I eat like one.

    Awwh, I don't actually like living alone. Living alone with mental illness can be very tricky! Though I think it could be good for someone who is healthy. They can have a lot of space and do what they wish~ Hmm, that seems like a shallow reason to dislike someone. This is what I find most perplexing about people. I avoid people who hurt others physically, or are mean. Thats about it really~ They're missing out I say~

    That is very sad for me to hear you say that. I don't think I'd barf to be honest. I have an iron tummy~ I haven't barfed since the movie Rec. That is because the camera is really shakey. Though it is smart not to give your real name and things on websites. I have had stalkers in the past because I put my real name down :S Never say never, I firmly believe that as long as you're not an alien there is someone for you ^.^

    Thanks! It's the best way I think. This way a person learns the opposite methods and have a chance to grow. It's definitely equivilant exchange and a Tao principle too.

    I'm glad you don't mind the length. SOME members don't like my endless typing haha~

    Oh great! I haven't added anything to it in a while. I should put some of my new stuff on it. Hehe~ You'll be able to keep my lonely thread company. I've neglected it. Feel free to post about things you like or disliked I'd love to start talking in my thread again.
  10. kenjiharima
    2012-06-20 01:41
    Same here and now I'll just quit Crappycom/Ca$hcom games. It's like even if they did make a game that is worthwhile and probably the best game ever made, it will be left out because of their bad reputation.

    as for RE6 well it's like street fighter it's one of their golden goose, so it's gonna be taken care off, but I think that will be the final hurrah on RE6 and we might not get another.

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