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  1. kenjiharima
    2012-06-19 23:37
    Yep let's get along
    I also grew up with Capcom in the 90's as a teenager going to arcades just to play Street Fighter and Final Fight. Really times like this they became CA$HCOM with Crapcom as their manager. lol Man there were ALOT and I do mean ALOT of great games from Ca$hcom back in the day. Which now are just thrown away or just banked like SF, DMC and RE and yes after they banned me I feel now I can let go of my Crapcom fanboyism. They just showed how much of an idiot they've become all these years and don't get me started with E.A. as well. One reason why I don't have Mass Effect and DragonAge games.

    speaking of EventStatus I subscribe to him ever since day1 that 2010 trailer showed up on DmC and been watching his videogame reports really great show and true to the costumer.

    I really like what he said. "Why support a company that is giving you less of a product?"
  2. Yuno
    2012-06-19 23:06
    Hmm, yes memories do get in the way. I am constantly told to stay in the "now" since the past doesn't exist. However, sometimes I get rememberances that are so strong it's like it's happening. I believe this is called a "flashback" I do what I can though. Indeed, people always have much to see and learn~

    If you feel you are able I am here to listen~ I just hope you take care of your heart and spirit. If it will make you feel any better to speak it I hope to be here for you. Hehe, I am glad I am making positive feelings for you~ Thats the best I can hope for ^.^

    Hmm, I am a writer too, I'm working on getting a book I wrote published. Though I have so many issues getting past this stage. Though another thing has taken my attention, so I have to put it off for now. Writing is a great way to express isn't it~?

    Enjoyed my time at Eric Martin, hmm... It was okay I guess. I lost a lot of freedoms, I couldn't leave the facility without a two man escort (depending on how bad I was). The beds felt like... the ground I. I didn't talk to the other patients often. Just Joyce, but she thought I was an angel sent to heaven to infiltrate the asylum to save her. It was... awkward, but I did my best not to upset her. It's kind of a prison, but one where you're not harmed unless you do something bad. The food is okay, though they like beans too much. That is what they feed me. Saying "Vegetarian" is like a bean death sentence there. The staff were okay, my favourite nurse was Jermaine he always brought me candy. The rest were afraid of me.

    That sounds good! Lack of dinner would be horrifying even if it was beans. Those would be fun lessons to teach children. I hope that you can have children one day that you may teach them those lessons. I'll share it with others when I come across them and I see an opprotunity.

    P.s. I agree, for me the punishment must match the crime~ Children are often punished too improperly.
  3. kenjiharima
    2012-06-19 22:49
    Well I think we share something in common when there is bad management on a certain company and product.

    Heck even now I've uploaded an update on my youtube videos before they didn't had a claim or right now it claims that it's B'Z's song. Where in which in my first uploads there was no claim and the same damn music is playing which is in the game I bought legally.

    Capcom as a company has gone crazy I tell you. They're nuts. Hope one day they go down could care less now about them.
  4. Yuno
    2012-06-19 22:44
    I just read I would have to go without supper if I got the vows wrong :O! Nooo T.T
  5. Yuno
    2012-06-19 22:38
    That is very terrible and heart breaking to hear. When we love others we place our faith in them too. So it's so painful when they betray us. I wish a lot of the times that I could heal people's pain, if it could be just one person. Though I am a mortal, so I am limited in what I can do. I totally understand your fear. It is a question I always ask myself. "Why did they hit me?" "Why did they lie?" "Why did they strangle me?" Things like this. It perplexes me. What is love to them? It seems like they are living a nightmare.

    I'm here for when you are ready. I will do my best when I hear your story. My weakness is that I can be easily confused by things. I assure you though you'll only get warmth and kindness from me. We're fellow sufferers and I care about everyone. Oh whoops, I have to memorize the numbers better! I'm not good with numbers, so I will have to study the numbers better thank you for the advice ^.^

    Hehe, with me there is nothing that can be said that I will find weird. I used to live at an asylum ^.^
  6. kenjiharima
    2012-06-19 22:15
    hey you know what? I was suspended from Capcom aka banned. Probably they can't too much and they want damage control over their product. Sucks to be them.
    Heck now even the good people on Capcom are leaving first Snow now Seth Killian. Just damn now their management really...
  7. Yuno
    2012-06-19 21:51
    I as well, when I love someone I want to give them everything and forget about the consequences. Then in the end they do not share my view, take what they wanted from me and go. Or I am scorned for being to weird, and then pushed away or isolated. So I am not particularly close with anyone. People I try to be close with tends to keep me at arms distance too. I'm not sure why.. Maybe I am dangerous? I don't know fully why~

    I shall say, I am open to listen to anything and everything you are willing to share with me. You'll recieve no judgement from me at all. No negative feed back, probably curious questions or perplexed questions because I don't quite understand, but that would be the worst you would gain from me. The rest would be a heart of compassion~ Remember the Dwarven Rule 104~ It's something I hold in high value.

    No you said something wonderful~ :3
  8. Yuno
    2012-06-19 21:39
    As you speak? That is terrible to hear that you're being used. I see a person who has so much potential. I feel when I am used I can't go anywhere, and I feel like I am spinning my wheels endlessly. If it wasn't for my mother seeing what was happening I would have been in a bad way. I think both you and I deserve the love and care we seek. Yet with my desire to help others I feel I am often a target for predators. I'm honored that you're speaking so openly with me~ I am always overly open :3

    Hehe Friend :3
  9. Yuno
    2012-06-19 21:26
    That is where I find people perplexing. To me you seem like a very wonderful person with a lot to share. The dwarven vows for one reason, was such a nice thing shared. You also feel that hatred is vile, and unfair judgements and limitations are also bad. So to me you're just the right kind of person I like to have as a friend. My "innocence" causes my alienation because people have been known to use me. Two of which went to this forum. So for me I like people who seek their path and accept themselves. Everyone to me is special, but some people just don't know it yet~

    I think we'll get along masterfully!
  10. Yuno
    2012-06-19 21:19
    I see, I think I understand. I just don't see reasons to dislike someone or alienate. I am alienated too often to put out the judgements on others that would alienate them from me. Though I do understand~

    It does no worries~

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