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  1. kenjiharima
    2014-10-22 04:48

    Well at least we can thank emulators you still get the to play the classics. RE3 ahhh Nememis you undying SOB. Old memories.

    Son of a...Damn that's harsh. Hope you get your vita back soon. Senran is awesome there is fanservice, but it's more on the "sexy" look at our bodies type than the ecchi groping and nipples and other stuff which is borderline hentai.

    Cool nice list. I don't have a 3DS but my cousin has one, but he's playing the shit out of Pokemon X and Y even bought a guide book studying it!

    Aghh...also just got online, just finished the evil within. It's really gonna mind fuck you that will leave you WHAT?! Damn DLC probably it has some of the answers I need because of the ending.
  2. kenjiharima
    2014-10-21 18:16

    Oh man PS3 broke?! Sucks balls The Evil Within is a great game I hope that can get fix pronto. I take time to play it when I get a chance on week days, even if I'm late for work lol

    No PS3 anda borrowed Vita...Ouch. Oh well. All I can say is that if you watch the Senran Kagura anime it's a combination of 3DS games SK and SK-Burst, Katsuragi and Ikaruga's freshmen years in the side story manga and a continuation to Shinovi Versus. This is what I love about this game it's not all about fan service it's story is awesome as well.

    Yeah guess so having these consoles, though probably after I finish the evil within I'd go back to Bayo2.

    In my humble opinion, religious groups should watch "Saint Young Men" before they start tearing this game if ever and blame us gamers
  3. kenjiharima
    2014-10-20 19:02
    Hey long time no reply lol

    well the evil within is a good example on how being alone and only having partners for a certain time and non combatant partners make a good horror game, funny though Moira says she's not into the fighting stuff and leaves it to Claire.

    awesome *taps fist* Katsuragi ftw! When fully upgraded she's one of the toughest characters in the game, every move can stun 90% of the time! Her damage is second to Daidoji. Asuka and Homura fall 2nd place tie on my end, Yumi is my third, Hikage is my forth and probably I'd go with the masochist Ryona or Yomi as my 5th fav. As you can see there are alot of tied characters. mostly the brunettes and the 2 blondes. But nothing beats Katsuragi's unique perky attitude and her back story is dark with her parents. She plays a big role in the story on Shinovi versus if you think about it besides Asuka.

    As for Akiba Strip, Zelda and Bayo I think I need to concentrate The Evil Within for now. :3

    Also this game...Jesus Christ!
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  4. Triple_R
    2014-10-20 15:19
    Thanks a lot for the comments on my avatar on the avatar thread! It's impressive how many people you covered in your post. Good job!
  5. Sakanaka Shouko
    2014-10-12 11:40
    Sakanaka Shouko
    Hello there, Kirito, it has been a while. How do you do?
  6. Konakaga
    2014-10-08 04:11
    Again you don't need to worry like that I still consider you a friend, thank you Kirito.
  7. kenjiharima
    2014-10-07 22:32
    Yeah RE5 gave more realism, too bad as a solo player you cannot enjoy it that much because you need to baby sit a poor AI partner, that's why partners now in RE are not killable. True as well with a partner, RE revelations1 could have worked without Parker and Jessica, though Parker helping you up in certain situations is a plus, but in the RE revelations series they're more of your "Shield" rather than partners.

    Yeah I need to play Akiba Strip again been playing Zelda Mosou and waiting for my bionetta2 and Smash bro WII-U. Speaking of Katsuragi she's my fav too.

    Let's just hope we do not lag in SAO in future Just read the article, pretty cool hope there more enhancements in occulus, also kind find it funny that in 3DS version of Senran Kagura can be connected to occulus for real life breast simulation.
  8. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-10-07 04:25
    Thank you
  9. kenjiharima
    2014-10-05 23:13
    RE5 yes when your partner dies she dies game over. That's why the best co-op is with RE5. RE6 and future RE titles in Revelations the partner doesn't die at all, their efficient but still has the same Sheva AI patern.

    Just give us a nude patch for $10 bucks I'd buy that. Also seems Yumi is the one they're promoting now.

    Till we get to the age of TRON in the 80's to 2000's tech, guessing SAO won't happen yet. As for gamer gate I lost faith in them after I saw the news. EA has been always EA markets good PR yet does nothing good about the game.
  10. kenjiharima
    2014-10-03 00:26
    True. If Chris had steroids, Claire has gone to drug theraphy Also Moira getting mangled by the zombies and suddenly when Claire was about to leave the room she pops up there. Making me think this should have been co-op like RE5, I really like where your partner can die adds realism.

    Speaking of Senran Kagura, might get the Japanese version on the PS3. Full nudity change though censored. TGS 2014

    Here's Event's new vid.

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