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  1. Xefi
    2013-07-14 22:43
    I already gotten my Tales of Xillia pre-ordered. I might give that Miku game a try on
    the ps3 when it comes out over here. I haven't gotten myself into the vocaloid stuffs
    before. the only character I know is Miku, but I hardly ever follow up with the vocaloid
    stuffs. not sure we'll get the sequel. I see the "Sega" logo in the Miku game. Sega is not
    well known for their localizing. if anything, they're the WORST company to localize their games.

    I have really hated Sega for a long time now. they have treated their fans like crap over
    here in NA. but anyways, I don't like talking about Sega much. you can see I just hate that
    company that doesn't care about their NA fans at all.

    EDIT: so it's actually like a MIRACLE that this Miku game coming over here at all. Segac... >____>
  2. ReaperxKingx
    2013-07-14 14:26
    Haven't yet unfortunately, lot of things keep happening.
  3. Xefi
    2013-07-14 13:22
    normally if something up with my profile, that's just means that i'm either depress, bore,
    out of my mind. it's nothing new the longer you know me. that's just the way I am.

    but I usually come back after awhile when it calms down. human are just a bunch of

    by the way, i'm doing ok now. and although I do like fighting games, I find myself
    not too interested in tournaments the latter.
  4. ReaperxKingx
    2013-07-06 12:09
    Sure, I am always interested in new things to read. Since you said Manwham I am interested to know what ever happen to Id.
  5. Soverence
    2013-07-06 12:03
    Yeah, well I remember a couple big games from last yeaars E3 like Watch Dogs looks really good to me, but besides that last year was a little slow. I like some JRPGs, I have never been a fan of final fantasy just because it seems to drag on but that is its style I guess. Hmmm if you say so, I only play one fighting game so I can't really say how fighting games in general are in each console. Microsoft might have actually thought what they were doing was a good idea, trying to move consoles in a different direction. Problem was, they were making it like a PC in which case I might as well build a actual Gaming PC that has a wider library, cheaper games, and can do other things on top of it.

    It is not a inconvenience at all, I usually just reply when I have the ability to. The delay for a reply was longer this time cause I have been busy with all the 4th of July festivities that have been going on over the last week or so. My family is putting on a firework show tonight so I have had to help get ready for that with planning and set-up so I have been a little more busy which is good in my eyes.

    Cool beans . I would like to invite other people that I know from this site, main problem is most of the other people I know well on this site live somewhere in Europe or Western Cost U.S. / Canada which makes it a somewhat expensive trip just to come over for a convention of this size. As do I, As do I .

    Yeah, I can never really get into those teenage stories that all basically come about because the teenager makes a series of insane/stupid choices. I can't really relate at all myself, I was the goody-too-shoe so I didn't make too many stupid choices myself.

    Well if you want to be spoiled, I will be happy to spoil you . Who do you think he is going to choose? I won't tell you if you are right or wrong, I will just argue with you as if I don't know.

    I will have to take a look at his work sometime then, I don't see him that often, I usually see him on the NHL thread.

    Reading the light novels is usually a good idea, they usually give the best and most detailed story. Although I have noticed that Manga usually cut out very little from the light novels compared to anime, probably because Manga get a lot more time to run I am guessing. You should read HenNeko if you enjoyed the anime, it is slightly different from the anime, the overall story is mostly the same but a lot of the humor is different.

    The main reason I liked Chiwa x Eita is because the pairing between the two makes the most sense. Eita's whole motivation for trying hard in school is to try and help Chiwa, he has the longest history with her, and I think they just look cute together . A Saori fan ha? Not too many of those since she seems to be more of a secondary character in the anime but she is a cool character because of her attitude and such. My favorite character from Oreimo (as my avatar might tell you) is Kirino with Ayase as second I would have to say.

    I would assume the thought would scare you but I had to throw that idea out there I felt. Just sitting back and enjoying there good music while supporting them is the best thing a music fan can do . Wooo for early album releases! Let me know how the overall album is when you have a chance!
  6. Masuzu
    2013-06-25 06:48
    I'll look for it as soon as I can, thanks.
  7. kenjiharima
    2013-06-22 04:31
    Yeah true. They're business men than gamers, that's why it's all about TV and movies to them and they want control over the consumer. They thought consumers or loyal gamers are blinded that will buy anything, not all are like that. They share the mentality of crap and greed which doesn't make the gaming experience better.

    As for Xbox fanboys and girls, I guess they're loyal to their brand even though they're not getting the best out of it. Saddens me as well. They will play for a company that only wants good for themselves and not the consumers.
  8. kenjiharima
    2013-06-21 20:30
    Hey there long time no talk.
    Just watched the video, from the title along "Microsoft Listened.....But Lost My Trust". That's true, it's like Capcom after being a fan all these years, they backstab fans and start to alienate them and just try to feed them BS and crap made their game bomb lol, but enough of that this time around MS knows where this is going and they're gonna lose sales pretty much, like the vid said they already have a mindset and have planned it all out even going digital means your not owning anything. They need to win the trust back to fans and consumers. MS looks at gaming as a business, their mindset is to make money which lessens the quality of their product and games alike. All I can say they're just greedy bastards that need to learn what having fun with a game is about.
  9. Xefi
    2013-06-21 16:31
    i think you should just buy the game on amazon for the disc version instead of downloading
    again. if you get the disc version, you'll also get the "founder" title which gives you 8 character
    slots, 4 bank account slots (you can put lots of thing in your bank), a horse with 280 speed.

    the disc version is very good value. i bought two disc copy of the game just for those benefit.
    if you dont get the disc version and getting the free version (downloading), you get only 2 character
    slot, 1 bank account and a very slow ugly horse. also, i think you have to have a
    decent computer to run the game smoothly or else you'll have to put the graphic
    setting down to very low.

    about the Xbox One, i'm not sure about it. i definitely knows that i'm not going to get
    it day one for sure. maybe when it gone down in the $250 or something. xbox usually
    dont have any games that i like to play on it. the only reason why i bought xbox 360
    was because of Tales of Vesperia. if Vesperia didnt go to 360, i'd never have bought it.

    i'll stick with my ps4 still. i know that ps4 will have lots more jrpg and probably some fighting
    games than xbox one. cant believe X1 gets the Killer Instinct series...that suck more than
    anything! now i can only hope KI can go to the PC cause i'm NOT getting X1.
  10. Xefi
    2013-06-20 23:21
    ok, the server we're on is Tempest Reach when you get it installed and try out
    the game a bit. you can try soloing a bit to get use to the system of the game.

    you can ask me anything you like to know about the game. make sure you pick the class
    you like to play as because getting to level 60 (max level) can take awhile and some dedication.

    I like Killer Instinct series, but i'm not to fond of getting xbox one yet. you can make
    the thread if you like. we'll just be talking about the game and hopefully they
    have lots of modes to play and not barren like Street Fighter 4.
    they still haven't shown some of my fave Fulgore, Orchid and whatever
    the other indian looking Killer Instinct 1 and 2 were really cool. let's
    hope they don't screw this one up badly.

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