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  1. Akarin
    2012-04-04 19:55
    Whats with the low opacity avatar and siggy, though? - Aphrah
    Maybe this image can explain better than myself
  2. Scarletknive
    2012-03-27 09:37
    Of course, after episode 12.
  3. sa547
    2012-03-12 20:44

    For ep. 10 we have one more dead. The glasses dude with black hair, I think, the one supposedly paired with Yukari.
  4. Crimrui
    2012-03-05 11:29
    Yeah, I'm weak on pointy-ears characters. I'll tell you what I think when I finish it, but honestly people are already saying that it's so and so. Apparently they say that loli has the best route. ^^

    It would seem so. I just don't have the time to collect it all. I figured the quest could be done with the New Game+ but now that you gave me this tip, I'll try it like that. Especially since Suina gets a nasty weapon. Thanks.

    There are some cheats floating around but I don't know how to use them. And yeah, I'm on hongfire but mostly as a lurker. I only post when I want to ask a question or just say thanks.
  5. Crimrui
    2012-03-04 17:26
    Yeula is indeed great, and she was my number one choice at first, but I just went for the Sewari. Next playthrough then. ^^

    Yeah, I'm stuck on that myself quest. Have to find that fast before going forward. Although if you're a type of player who don't want to search patiently, there are cheats.

    Thanks for the rep man. I've been getting few negative rep for not putting info about the game in the thread in which I didn't create. Can't rep you back as I have to spread some love first, but I'll get back on you for this. I'm really grateful.
  6. Crimrui
    2012-03-04 08:47
    Just started Chapter 3. I'm thoroughly enjoying the game, although shame that there aren't many character routes to go for. But I'm pretty much satisfied that I have a striking elf available. She is such a nice and gentle person. ^^

    Haha, I was thinking for a few minutes about that Reaper thing. I was pretty sure that you don't have to beat her but yeah, then I saw your edited add-on post. ^^
  7. Crimrui
    2012-03-04 06:41
    I see you are enjoying Kamidori as much as I am. What chapter are you on? ^^
  8. Haladflire65
    2012-02-23 23:11
    Hiya! Finally I can reply to you... I'm sorry it's been such a long time. I didn't expect to not have Internet during my long weekend (which I sadly spent entirely playing Skyrim instead of watching interesting things).

    I think I'm way too much of a grammar Nazi already... every common misspellings and punctuation errors piss me off so much >.> So I don't think you sound pretentious at all. And I know, right? That's a word I've known how to spell since, I dunno, elementary school years... my vocab is kind of limited right now cause I haven't been able to read very much recently. Oh gosh. That sounds so brutal, and I thought our English courses were hard... It's probably thanks to that you're so much nicer to converse with in intelligible English online

    Yep I'm sad to have to part with them for university though, I don't know how I'd live without them D:

    Yes! I love anime, and I even run the school anime club (which is really low-key and very casual), but I haven't gotten around to watching anything for a long time except for the things I showed in the club. Yo should watch FMA: Brotherhood if you like that kind of genre, it's so epic and I'm still a big fan. And yes, Chinese Electric Batman Hei! OMG! We have such similar tastes. Okita's from Gintama, Stein from Soul Eater, Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Shizuo from Durarara! We should exchange more recommendations, I think we have similar tastes, really!

    Yeah, I really like how we can just relax and do our own thing while still being in each others' company. Haha, really? I had to save this reply in word because I started it but our Internet cut off >.> I can't believe these replies are that long - it's way longer than some school assignments I've had to hand in and definitely longer than those university essays that take ages to do...

    I really don't think our guidance department is that efficient, but maybe it's a cultural thing, I've heard it can get worse in public schools and other places. I think having more counsellors would definitely help but I can't even imagine what that would do to our tuition Wow, are you now? This is really convenient, lol. I've read a marketing textbook and found it pretty in line with what I'm interested in. Did I already say I'm considering anthropology and/or psychology as well? I'd love to hear about your decision. Although it's a little late to completely change my path, at least application wise, it'll probably be really helpful for me.

    I think I'd probably need to change it a little at least, and also I need to get over my timidness and laziness (really bad combo). I sometimes wish I was like those student leaders in our school - outgoing, smart, enthusiastic, optimistic...

    Wow, I envy people like that. I wish I can play hard and study hard, I'm not really good at either of them which kind of sucks. You know that terribly unproductive state... not studying but not really playing either? Ugh. That's me all the time. And yeah, the tensions seem to be running high in our boarding school right now, a bunch of kids decided they want a revolution and created a secret group with meetings and all that -_- Kind of pointless and a bit dumb, if you look at their problems about the school. They just need to suck it up, jeez.

    I hated it when exams are at my birthday D: That's pointless then... now that I think about it, they have the exact same thing in Korea. I'm glad I'm somewhere where they don't stress standardized exams like that, and not back at home where kids study their butts off from as early as kindergarten and commit suicide all the time... the system really needs a reform Is it that intense where you are?

    Yep! I love watching stuff by myself, but then again I've never really watched with anyone so I really wouldn't know... lol. I do have a friend that also likes anime but we can't really get together just to watch... but she's with me in anime club so I think that's good enough ^^

    Nope, the avatar's really nice! I started making GIFs for Tumblr and sort of patched together a couple tutorials for my method, I'm wondering how different it is from the way people on AS do it. Would you mind sharing a quick overview of how you make yours? I'm curious and wondering if my way's really screwed up or anything

    Which reminds me, I'll go update my thread... even if I really didn't do much, just a sig and a couple non-anime gifs, lol. I hope I can respond more quickly to your messages from now!
  9. Rennir
    2012-02-19 19:53
    Are you in university? It stands for International Baccalaureate (always have trouble spelling that ). It's basically an international high school program for those who excel at academics and other things alike. You can go to their website to find out more. Yeah you're right; unfortunately, it means that I'm going to have to study my butt off these next 2.5 months

    Oh that's pretty cool I've been in GFX for almost 2 years now. I started in May 2010 cause I saw all the cool stuff gfx designers could make on this site and felt the desire to be able to create tags like they could (and also because I felt bad for requesting sigs every other week xD). Then, last summer, I decided to get more serious with it and started visiting gfx-dedicated sites and improved a lot IMO. The funny thing is that I absolutely suck at traditional art I can't draw anything besides stick figures to save my life. However, I'm not too shabby at digital arts because mostly it involves premade materials and just requires manipulation (i.e. c4ds, fractals, renders, stocks, smudging, etc.)

    I still have a lot more I want to progress though. In my opinion (though I may be overestimating myself), I'm at that stage where I know I can make good tags. However, depending on a person's sense of aesthetics and skill, they may or may not appreciate everything in my works. For example, most of my tags use between 40-60 layers, but most of the time, only people on gfx sites can truly appreciate the details and subtle adjustments on each layer. The next logical level, of course, is the one where no matter what a person's sense of what is beautiful is, or how familiar they are with gfx, they can still fully appreciate my work; tags that everyone loves. I think a good example of this is how renowned Patchy's work is Sorry for that long essay, not sure if you actually wanted to know that much
  10. Crimrui
    2012-02-19 14:34
    I asked rikkikai about the signature as well, I hope you don't mind. If you're still rusty, you don't have to try hard. And even if you make one I'll still be switching it or use it for other forum I'm currently at.

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