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  1. Konakaga
    2013-08-31 08:22
    There is fairly major one against wounds recover mainly, but it's justified by something and that something hasn't yet fully had it's consequences revealed.
  2. Konakaga
    2013-08-31 07:55
    The yuri element returned some recently, though not sure where it is headed with recent eps and appeared in the antagonist side some between 2 of the girls.
  3. Konakaga
    2013-08-31 03:02
    Well S2 broke a few more of your requirements than S1 did, so was unsure of it . I could say how but it is spoiler.

    It's not bad though or anything.
  4. Auxilism
    2013-08-11 21:29
    To anyone reading, I've finally decided to make my own gif thread where I mainly fulfil requests.
    Visit for more information.
  5. rikikai
    2013-08-05 02:00
    Hello, for my signatures of Dangan Ronpa, I took a picture of the character and I rendered it myself, after I took screenshot and I edited them to fill the background
  6. NarutoAnimeLoverRyan
    2013-08-03 02:30
    Hello darkhalo191. The reason why I sented you a friend request is because I liked your page,you got a cool avatar,and because darkhalo191 is a cool name!I don't sent random requests...that's not how I do things. Rest assured! There's no harm!Nobody's hurt! darkhalo191....thank you for your concerns...remember I'm here to listen.Have a good day.
  7. MeisterBabylon
    2013-08-01 21:23
  8. MeisterBabylon
    2013-07-31 10:56
    Oh uh I thot it was a freebie...

    Should I remove it?
  9. novalysis
    2013-07-27 20:23
    Unfortunately, I viewed Hyperdimensional Neptunia through Youtube let's plays too (=.

    I presume you've got to look in between the lines for the answer, because it's not explicity stated. Personally, I am inclined to put it down to an issue of trust - consider the conditions for triggering this route includes capturing over 55% of global shares, and if I understand it correctly, owning a significant proportion of local shares in each nation. You literally have to be rather hyper-expansionist to do that, and I imagine that the other goddesses were already feeling threatened, and therefore not inclined to trust Planeptune.
  10. Triple_R
    2013-06-29 20:36
    That gift was magnificent! Thanks a lot for that! ^_^ I really appreciate it.

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