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  1. grylsyjaeger
    2010-08-19 05:44
    G'day Meo,

    I saw you talking about some doujin in the K-On! Image Thread regarding a pretty (fictional) depressing future for the girls.

    Mind sharing a link?
  2. Po99okie
    2010-08-17 14:18
    Hey. I see you got to medical school. Hows that going for you?
  3. Mystique
    2010-07-19 06:56
    I meant personally using God's name in vain which made me cringe, not your entire post, lol.
    Eitherway, appreciate your post, especially the part I quoted back at ya, some choccie chip cookies will be coming your way~
  4. Mystique
    2010-07-19 06:15
    But the thing that is really ironic for both single-minded Bible-thumpers and single-minded Bible-bashers is that these are the very same people who don't think to give the time of day to ask themselves "Why" and "Why not".
    *high fives*

    Amen to that
    The thread's locked and rightly so I guess, just glad that our points got out on the fact of the latest 'in' thing to do with the religion bashing, although your cursing did make me cringe.
    (irony there, lol)

    Just nice to know it's not only me who's seeing the 21st Century version of tossing Christians into the lion pit and being tired of it. *sighs*
  5. Daniel E.
    2010-07-17 04:03
    Daniel E.
    Hey, good luck with your blog!

    I just read your entry on High School of the Dead (eps. 2) and I'll try to follow future entries of that as well.
  6. xris
    2010-06-26 06:48
    Sigh... Well done, you make it worse by replying to the rude comment and even worse, you quote it. Shakes head. 10 minutes later you did the correct thing but shame you felt the need to reply in the first place.
  7. Crontica
    2010-06-19 09:32
    How rudez!
  8. Crontica
    2010-06-19 07:20
    . . . *Lurks* . . .
  9. physics223
    2010-04-03 11:06
    Cross Game's a great show. But I know you know that, right?

    Just saying hi after a while.
  10. kanon78
    2010-03-25 08:22
    Well I was speaking mostly for those who haven't read it because the ending might not be exactly definitive for some. I've been shipping them from Day 1 and the end can't be anything else but that for me. It's just that again most people will probably want some direct, in your face obvious disclosure, but then given the nature of the story all of us should have been expecting a not-so-obvious ending from a mile away

    Ah ok, my mistake.
    I still have high hopes that they saved all the goodies for the final episode and we won't be disappointed. Maybe we get to see a movie/OVA come out sometime kinda like an epilogue (just like Touch). They have enough (original) material to make a good one.

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