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  1. Flower
    2014-11-04 22:52
    I see you have also fallen under the insidious influence of the red-headed shepherd candidate!
  2. Flower
    2014-11-04 22:44
    You know, I really am not sure why, but Daitoshokan is really growing on me as a series....
  3. kusabireika
    2014-10-30 01:23
    you change your ava ^^?
  4. Frontier
    2014-10-27 23:22
    Also, I guess I'll be sticking to the spoiler episode threads for Fate/Stay Night now .

    And cool about VC getting ported to the PC, though all that reminds me of is how disappointing it is that 3 still hasn't been properly localized .

    Though to move away from that to something more positive, several weeks ago I bought a VC 3 Complete Artworks book at Long Beach comic-con. I haven't actually gone through it yet, but I was pretty happy with the purchase .
  5. Frontier
    2014-10-25 21:49
    It also doesn't help that One-cour adaptions are so prevalent now so adaptions either have to rush through material or don't get to the best or most rewarding bits. "One-cour syndrome" if you will. Not that it necessarily makes something bad, or incapable of being enjoyed, but it can be pretty disappointing for source material fans .

    Not that the openings focus on BanrixKouko ever stopped plenty of people from believing or guessing Linda would be the winner for their own reasons. Though not often you get an opening focusing on just two characters .

    Glad to hear your washing Flash and likewise .

    It's kinda ironic that the darkest and most realistic superhero movies (The Dark Knight Trilogy) were relatively better about it compared to most of its predecessors. Well, relatively .

    Hope you can fit in along with any of my other recommendations. When you have the time of course .

    Well, it's impulsive stuff like that which makes Kouko, Kouko and it did lead to a pretty great series of events all around. Underlying issues aside (and Banri pretty much forced her hand), and how it can sometimes get her into trouble, you have to appreciate a woman who knows what she wants and will go after it full-charge .

    Though from a certain perspective, letting Kouko out back onto the world might be as much of a hassle as dealing with her in jail might .
  6. Frontier
    2014-10-25 14:41
    Yeah, which while understandable as a fan, can lead to discussions getting derailed or anime-only viewers feeling uncomfortable with spoilers vague or otherwise and fans getting angry about the adaption as they're watching the anime on its own merits. It can sometimes be just as bad as ship-to-ship combat .

    Makes me glad that things never got out of hand for the Golden Time love triangle .

    Fair enough, and for the most part likewsie .

    The concept of the no-kill-rule and the Rogues Gallery has long been a staple of Superheroes, so it is disconcerting that the movies and live-action iterations (even today) seem so averse to it or traditional Superhero staples. I just love how in the latest Flash (not sure if you've watched it yet) they finally bring up how all the Supervillains they've fought have died, but that doesn't mean they can just keep killing them off .

    Hmm... well, maybe I'll check it out sometime. From what I've heard and seen, it's never really struck me as my cup of tea but I could at least give it a chance .

    I would definitely recommend giving Ano Natsu a second go-around Flare. I feel it's definitely a really stellar romantic comedy overall, with quite a heartfelt ending .

    Kouko having a plan for the perfect mugshot, in the off-chance she somehow gets arrested, wouldn't surprise me. Or at the very least, she always plans to look great in any picture she ends up taking Though I could see that whatever plan she might have had didn't take into account getting arrested after crashing a stolen bike and a spur-of-the moment confession .

    With Kouko as high-maintenance and crazy as she is, it would probably be in the police's best interest to just let Kouko go lest they have to deal with her all night. Well, I guess it would also depend on Kouko's mood .
  7. Frontier
    2014-10-22 00:58
    Makes me appreciate often being a first-time viewer most of the time. Watching Persona 4 The Animation, The Golden, Mysterious Girlfriend X, and the new Fate/Stay Night Anime have certainly been different because of my prior knowledge .

    If it's any consolation, I've heard Jojo'll be much, much better once it gets back .

    Polnareff is pretty likable though, though he also gets the worst treatment in terms of Team Jojo .

    I think the plan was always for a more proper Superhero approach as the series went on, though I wish that had extended to the Supervillains. Especially in season 1, where it was particularly bad... especially since all of them kept dying off .

    Firefly was particularly bad .

    But Flash has been a lot better about villains, which I'm happy for .

    Oh, Higuarshi... yeah, I kinda avoided that series because I know it's reputation and what generally happens .

    Ever watch Ano Natsu de Matteru, Flare?

    They shouldn't have put her in front of a camera if they didn't want her to pose, especially when she's in a happy mood .

    I imagine there would be a lot of thought put into what she wore for a mugshot. She'd have to wear it for likely the rest of the night and in a cell, and the mugshot would probably not feature much of her legs, so wearing something that showed them off (great as they are) would probably be unwise for plenty of reasons. So I guess that rules out sexy dresses, of which she has plenty. I could see that by the time she finds the right outfit, her parents have already bailed her out .
  8. Frontier
    2014-10-21 13:22
    That reminds me, this time you've actually read the manga so you actually do have a much better idea of what's going to happen then I do .

    Speaking of, do you miss Stardust Crusaders at all? Well, not the potty humor at least but the crazy Stand action ?

    Not to mention you had a pretty great romance between Okabe and Kurisu. That confession and kiss .

    One of the many instances where a show I wasn't interested in ended up having a good romance element that made me come back and watch it .

    Can't say I blame you when it comes to season one, though I'd say it did start coming into it's own near the latter half of it. Especially the Dark Archer/Merlyn stuff. But yeah, it deftinitely came into its own as a Superhero series in season 2. Season 3 is apparently the season he'll finally start calling himself Green Arrow, and heck it's setting up to be the season with the most actual Green Arrow villains in it .

    Fair point on the outfits, though I think the volume 3 cover/episode 7 outfit might work well. Kouko looks fabulous in it, fits the situation (she's now Banri's girlfriend and wants the world to know),and it has pants so that might make it better to wear in jail. I could totally see her doing the whole opening the jacket to expose the heart on the chest routine for the mugshot .

  9. Frontier
    2014-10-21 00:48
    Heck, their trying to kill each other was what set off the entire series pretty much .

    Yeah, not even being the MC can stop a harem protagonist from working his magic. It's already been two (well, three) episodes of Fate/Stay Night and he's already got Sakura, now has a good rapport with Saber, and is making Rin blush like crazy .

    Pretty sure we'll be seeing an OVA on how he made Rin and Luvia fall for him in the Prism Illya universe, so looking forward to that .

    Just put the movies down among my other recommendations .

    Though among shows I'm wondering if you've ever watched ... Flare, did you watch Steins;Gate?

    Also, glad you're catching up on Arrow. Thea aside, I'd say season 2 is pretty strong especially once Deathstroke finally appears in-suit, and season 3 is shaping up to be pretty great .

    That's actually a good point about how Kouko's family would probably be better suited to taking care of him than Linda or his own family. They're probably all as crazy as she is, but likely as competent in medicine as she is in fashion .

    I remember bringing up Kouko wanting to change outfits just for the mugshot (with the one she had on already dirtied from the fall), so bringing it back up...recall any Kouko outfits you think would look great for a mugshot, or that she might go for in that situation? You can definitely say the first ending outfit, though that would probably be pretty uncomfortable to wear in jail .
  10. Frontier
    2014-10-21 00:29
    Now that I think about it, Rin and Luvia's relationship could have been seen as belligerent sexual tension until Shirou came along. Though really, I think vitriol of that level would kill off most Yuri vibes .

    Heck in the midst of all that Yuri, you have Shirou managing to direct most of the girls' affections towards him. For all the times Miyu being a maid has set her off, more of Illya's accidents with Miyu have been from mistaking her for her brother. Not to mention Kuro's pretty much effectively her rival in love .

    Oh, yeah that ending... for the record, the triangle actually gets resolved in the movies .

    Kinda funny to think, though the series never addressed it, that Banri's effectively marrying into money with Kouko. Not often that's the case in terms of relationships, as far as I can recall .

    Hey Flare, remember that fun Kouko mugshot discussion we had ?

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