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Logician and Romantic

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  1. Badkarma 1
    2013-03-31 13:03
    Badkarma 1
    I understand where your coming from, and see your point.
    However most weapons have serial #s that have a paper trail. Once said weapon is taken from a crime scene the investigator can enter said # into a data base which will show were it came from, where it was sent and to what dealer sold it. Then the Form 4473s are gone through to find the original owner, who upon bein questioned should provide a bill of sale and the whereabouts if the person(s) who bought it from him or her. If not then said person(s) can be held accountable for the weapons usage!
    If the serial# is removed the ATFE will investigate fully! Plus all other evidence will be investigated fully.
    Speakin for me self, the only way said robber would get said weapon from me would be if I'm dead at his/her hands, a fairly tall order considering my background.
    And I highly doubt much will be done to curtail private transactions outside if gun shows and firearms dealers. Here in Il. even if you come to a gun show and attempt to swell a piece to another individual ONE MUST OBEY THE WAITING PERIOD AND FILL OUT A FORM 4473!!
    Now see, we can be civil about this can't we?
  2. Badkarma 1
    2013-03-31 12:18
    Badkarma 1
    And what would constitute them coming to take said weapon?
    If all it does is set in me safe and occasionally go out and shoot some cans or paper, how am I breakin the law?
    You never did answer this question^. Wanna give it a shot now?
  3. RRW
    2013-02-15 10:36
    I always wondering where you avatar and sign come from
  4. Hiroi Sekai
    2012-12-25 19:03
    Hiroi Sekai
    Well, a doubly exciting Christmas and birthday to you, good sir.
  5. ganbaru
    2012-12-25 17:47
    Happy Birthday!
  6. sarnagon
    2012-12-25 15:51
    Happy Birthday Vallen Chaos Valiant.
  7. Lost Cause
    2012-12-25 12:49
    Lost Cause
    To late! Your invited to mine anytime! Linda
  8. Soverence
    2012-12-25 11:04
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!
  9. monir
    2012-12-25 07:20
    I know the feeling as a New Year baby myself! Enjoy yourself.
  10. monir
    2012-12-25 00:20
    Happy birthday!

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    Lover of Japanese culture. Likes messy dissections of the human body.
    Within my mind
    Brain-frying anime. Anything that offends 'some' people. (politically correct Anime are boring)
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