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  1. Frontier
    2014-01-01 02:34
    Happy New Year !
  2. Frontier
    2013-12-25 22:23
    Merry Christmas .
  3. tsunade666
    2013-12-20 07:05
    Ougun cleared the ending for Asura crying. the ending that I know is not clear or rather its for vol 13 only. there is one more volume but its more like a conclusion that clear the plot holes of the story.

    Basically. vol 13 they end the battle and win against Deus Ex Machina. Deus is the system of the world that correct errors or something. It erases the burial dolls and the demons. they beat it in vol 13 and Takatsuki manage to return home but Tomo and Misao was left behind.

    That ends the vol 13.

    Vol 14. Shows that Tomo and Misao manage to survive and save Tomo's sister (not related by blood) from the world where there is no future and return home.

    So the author manage to tie up the loose ends in the end. though I think vol 14 goes wtf on me because there is suddenly a sister for tomo but I don't remember him having one. Plus its more on slice of life events. its really just a volume to tie up loose ends of the story and bring a rather simple ending.

    though the love triangle was not solve in the end. tomo didn't choose between Takatsuki and Misao.
  4. tsunade666
    2013-10-25 09:23
    The ending in the novel is the WTF most ending you can get. ITS NOT EVEN AN ENDING!!!!

    the author leave the fans hanging which I hope he won't do in strike the blood.

    It didn't even said ending but it just ended

    Okay the difference in novel ending and anime is in novel.

    Takatsuki?(sorry can't remember the correct names. its been years) daughter is not a fire owl but a fire salamander. With Misao and Takatsuki together with the MC. They venture forth to end the battle with the president. In the anime the battle ended with the president. The whole fucking god Deus Ex hasn't shown up. So basically the party venture forth to end the battle that hasn't any chance of winning. The novel ended there.

    In stories where the author pull a stupid or unpredictable move just to save the ass of the MC was often called deus ex of the author. But this trope was turn literal in this case where the author created an enemy. Deus Ex. Which the author can't find a way to kill.... or pull a deus ex move. Sorry bad pun intended.

    We don't know if they win or they lose. No closure.

    The anime take the approach of ending it with the president and having a closure on the romance story with both girls agreeing to share. It solve the whole love triangle thing but what about the loli blond girl? Nina? sorry again. Already forgot the names of the characters.

    But the end point is the novel FUCKS. I want to punch the author for leaving it like that.


    It didn't end... the final battle wasn't shown from what I remember and the future is bleak... yeh its a bad ending if that is ending and its kinda sad too.

    The anime make a decent ending and leave it that but the novel painted the situation badder >_>

    this is from what I remember and its been years since then.

    There is a conclusion I heard but I didn't get to confirm is they manage to save the future BUT there is no news for Tomoharu and Takatsuki. Its like they vanish. And Misao too... This is the last news I heard from Asura Cryin. SO yeah. I don't like that ending if that can be called an ending.
  5. Triple_R
    2013-10-12 11:50
    Ok, after watching Infinite Stratos Season 2 Episode 2, I can see why you don't want Golden Time to be considered harem.

    Yeah, Golden Time is a much better-written show than IS, lol.
  6. monir
    2013-08-06 13:45
    For what it's worth, I do not disagree with your sentiment in terms of wishing death on others. That said, however, I've come to learn sometime ago that people don't always think through the gravity of their words before spouting. Don't take it to heart is all I can say.
  7. Demi.
    2013-07-22 01:43
    Nanoha 's movie review-- I'd rep you if I still could.

    Can't comment in the thread you posted it in because, well, banned from that subforum.
  8. usspaul
    2013-06-07 21:23
    god i really love that image of yui you posted. i dunno but for some reason i really started to like yui. what drew me to total ecplise was the scarlet sisters. but as the series went on i serously fell hard on the yui route lol.... i dunno if thats really a good thing or a bad thing lol
  9. Kanon
    2013-06-01 10:06
    You finally changed your Exia avatar after all this time! Can't resist Kurumi, huh? I can't blame you.
  10. ninryu
    2013-05-12 11:11
    I'm am suddenly interested in that anime.

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