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  1. totoum
    2011-04-26 11:26
    Just in case you don't know,this was posted in the cross game thread:Adachi is starting a new manga this week (1st chapter comes out tomorow) and the story sounds like Moshidora!

    Story-wise, it will follow the life of a highschool's baseball team manager, Minori Sewazawa.
  2. Arabesque
    2010-04-01 12:39
    You sure are confident with your betting lol. even when the story isn't over
  3. vivify93
    2009-10-28 10:46
    Sweet! Kain Highwind from FFIV! Dude, you are awesome.
  4. zebra
    2009-06-07 10:31
    since my curiosity got a hold of me again ... that's a dragoon in your ava isn't it? From which game is he? XD It seems so familiar but I can't put it into place.
  5. Guardian Enzo
    2009-04-30 10:18
    Guardian Enzo
    My sig pic is from "Kamichu". Lots of posts about it if you dig, it aired in '05 I believe. I actually wrote a short postscript for it recently (I was dissatisfied with the ending) called "Kamichu: Shoukichi/Miko After-story". It's posted over in fan creations. Really good series on the whole - incredible art and animation, a bit inconsistent dramatically but superb at it's very best. My two favorite characters are Shou-chan and Miko - they're the ones in the sig pic - who are supporting characters on the show but big fan favorites.
  6. felix
    2008-10-07 08:41
    In the manga the childhood friend (Risako) is drawn as the short hair version of gonzo's mech girl. The guy is also head over heals in love with her, and his attitude is attributed to the hole died and got got revived thing (increased strenght, agility and anger). Of course gonzo completly dumped that side of the plot. In the anime he's pretty much Mr. Asshole from the start. The start is also late and cliche. In the manga he's revived in his childhood and things start moving again now that he's in highschool (and the bully not the bulied), but in the anime they just crammed everything in.

    I don't know if the manga version would be more acceptable in your view. The deal is while he loves Risako in the manga, he pretty much completly dumps her the second he sees the equivalent of mech girl. I won't argue with people on how mech girl starts to like him like in the anime in later chapters but in the begging she's most certainly cold to him. Of course he acts like a complete loser so what does he care. I personally hope they don't bring the Risako relationship back since I can see death flags raising if that were to happen.
  7. incorrupts
    2008-08-11 12:31
    Is your nickname from FFIV inspired?
  8. darthfury78
    2008-08-02 11:58
    With Milly doing some serious news reporting, it looks like she is moving up in the ranks rather quickly. I wonder if she'll follow in the footsteps of Diethard? That would be interesting if she follows Zero and his rebellion to overtrow Britainnia. It might become a story that would be very hard for her to resist, if it ever happens.

    This might be the only way to keep Milly Ashford in the storyline. But if her previous role as the former Student Council President is any indication, she is going to become one hell of a news reporter. If Diethard decides to leave Lelouch, Milly would quickly replace him. I know. I know. Crazy speculation. But it might happen. She might even suspect that Lelouch is Zero, as far back as season one. Milly knows Lelouch more than she lets on. She prefers to keep it to herself.

    It would be interesting to how well Milly would do as Lelouch's Chief Media Strategest.
  9. KholdStare
    2008-06-07 17:42
    Yay, I'm the first! Way to support KyoAni.

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