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Beautiful fighter.

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  1. BetoJR
    2010-10-16 13:07
    Trying, here. The text stays, stubbornly, at the bottom, and not at the top...
  2. BetoJR
    2010-10-16 12:20
    I'm still mulling about what to use. I will.

    Also, how do you keep the image and the text so well-aligned on your signature? I'd love to do something similar, sometime...
  3. Kanon
    2010-10-16 12:05
    "Iine, baby~"

    I should have known Takehito Koyasu was going to be in this. He was pretty much in every single show in the 90s.

    I'm a bit confused about the plot so far but I'm sure it's normal. I can already see the similarities with Star Driver with the (evil?) student council trying to get hold of a wondrous power and of course the overall fabulousness. Can't wait to see more.

    Oh and the insert songs are just incredible
  4. Kanon
    2010-10-16 10:47
    Mylene beat was pretty nice. Enjoyed it more than the Dynamite OVA.

    Alright, now it's Utena time!
  5. zebra
    2010-10-16 05:37
    Spoiler for Cat Street:
  6. DragoZERO
    2010-10-15 18:57
    Ah-hah! I have the full styles and the full signs (Bakemonogatari had sooo many).

    But, I am a freak with quality. I always want the best I can possibly get.

    Might me why my love life is dry as of late...
  7. DragoZERO
    2010-10-15 18:19
    That's not bad. Are the subs styled still?
  8. DragoZERO
    2010-10-15 18:15
    You don't convert the files with PS3 Media Server. It transcodes as you watch it. But Tversity does work if you don't mind converting the files before hand.
  9. DragoZERO
    2010-10-15 17:05
    Haha. If you hit a few bumps, don't give up. It may take a while until you find your optimal settings, but once you do - you're in the clear. Are you using WiFi or are you connected with a cable?
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-10-15 09:13
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Yeah, but I just hope the artbook really worth it. It's not anime related, but I found something tickling me in the graphic designer side of mine

    Ooh, intriguing~ I'll see what's the writing looks like, since I admit I biasedly being abashed by it by that time. The manga is licensed by Tokyopop, no? :3 I remembered reading it at Borders when I have to do research on something (*coughrelated to my bloody emo moodcough*)~ I can buy it, but not soon since I just placed so much order for December. Having a cousin in Japan HELPS /o/ I can order games via Amazon and get 20% discount with FREE SHIPPING~~~~ She won't like what I'm gonna send to her dorm though

    Yup, yup, you definitely will~ And you will definitely say "AWWWWW SO INNOCENT AND PURE~~" one time if you are not comboing enemies or Cycloning off enemies C: And I have to admit, having so much slaves resources back in your home country is so <3 I have more access for tryouts lol~

    I'm glad you're having fun with Zelda (and having a truce with your wiimote... Or at least in dere session for now )~ Have fun finishing it, and fangirl to me if you find something amazing ~ =D

    Oh you and your foot fetish And is this the OST from the movie? I have not much recollection of the movie (just a bit and pieces, and I need someone or similar scenes to jut out the memory too ), moreso with the OST, I'm sorry~ D: I need to just try to have a bit of motivation to rewatch Utena... Someday I swear. When I can adjust my eyes to '90 style back! ;A;

    Also finally reading Gintama up until Four Heavenly Kings arc end today, partly due to (err... Actually thanks to) Kanon's persuasion I did not regret going all NEET reading the stacked chappies. /points to Kanon's VM for fangirling about Gintama XD

    We need more Hijikata soon though-he has much less screentime nowadays

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