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Beautiful fighter.

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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-03-25 06:24
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Ooh, don't tempt me while I'm setting my mood to dark and gloomy to fit the currently reading list <3 KnT shall be read with a heart full of labu and such after all :3

    Speaking about manga, Saint Young Man was awesome if you don't mind the bits of controversial religionism <3 I laughed out loud reading it~

    Sorry, my bad English was acting up again after all Was willing to play Muramasa, but oh noes, Harvest Moon keep distracting me with Chase being such a adowable beech that I just have to woo him :0 +1 for my maso point I know.

    Inb4, if being a girl in internet (a.k.a Nekama <3) is not a single indication of troll, I don't know what it is <3 And oh wow, Durarara!! DVD 2 seems to have awesome Izaya Drama CD cover and awesome bloody (!) White Day short story! <3 Aaah, the wait of shipping always pained me ;A;

    FFFFFF Tokyo International Anime Fair PVs. WANT TO SEE THEM ;; More like the pain of waiting the official announcement of the staffs of TnC tho...
  2. Westlo
    2010-03-25 02:33
    For reading I'm quite behind.. think i'm on chapter 100... or around there.. but I've been reading Kurogane's blog posts on Negima for quite some time now.
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-03-25 02:17
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I can see your smile and hearts thrown up and down on the thread indeed 8) Remind me to catch on Yozakura Quartet after I finish reading Kimi ni Todoke (<3) and pulling up all-nighters on Togainu replaying (FFFFFFFFF ILU YOU MAI PLOT). Now that I realized it though, I think I'm on the same line of Japanese fangirls... Tsk, infection I think;;

    Like I said, I can't play wii Muramasa yet~~ ;; The Muramasa I meant was more of the VN/PC one, someting along Demon... Sth, Muramasa from Nitro+~~~ And ooh, nearly forgot to watch Precure after DLing it~ D': << Short memory fault for nth tiem.

    It's because I think Aki-chan is such a saint that I can't cross him with Izaya per se? ;; I mean, technically speaking, Izaya is a platinum card holder for Troll membership, if not the materialization of it... While Akira... Aki-chaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn *cough* *geho* *cough* WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO OH GOD YOU MUST BE A SAINT IN HUMAN EMOTION.
  4. Sassarai
    2010-03-25 00:46
    Finally found a PS3 and playing FF13 on my 50 inch plasma. It's incredible.
  5. White Manju Bun
    2010-03-24 11:38
    White Manju Bun
    Love the quote change!
  6. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-03-24 05:02
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Now I understand why I like Izaya ('s jacket) so much...


    TT_TT;; SUBCONSCIOUSNESS DOES WONDER INDEED. orz) Errr, yeah, since apparently one of my favourite kuudere stockholm syndrome-slash-maso is wearing the same jacket style.... From 2005.

    ... I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner. ;; Probably 90% chance both of my favourite doujinkas were hopping to DRRR!! was because the same subconsciousness lmao
  7. Natsuki Hyuga
    2010-03-24 00:15
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I CAN SEE YOUR EXCITEMENT WITH THE CAPSSS!!! Unfortunately I have yet to see more than volume 1 and half ;; See, Kimi ni Todoke, VNs waitings, but with essays flowing everyday.... ;;

    This is probably too early to say, but 2010 is definitely one of the best year in my life for anime~~~ <3 Mirai Nikki OVA is FFFFFFF HELL YES. TnC anime is one of my long awaited adaptation from my most nostalgic BL gemu <3 DRRR!! is too much entertaining since years, not to mention the amount of the doujins that is flowing in HaruComic LOLOLOLOL. I'm satisfied with early prospect of 2010 thank you~

    Still dling Precure... Wow @ lol!internet :E Oh well, probably a good time to either search for Zaregoto RAW novel or play Muramasa back~ (... Unfortunately not the Wii one, Nitro+ one :P)
  8. Sassarai
    2010-03-23 18:08
    Gimmme mah moggle charm!

    Crazy seems like every retailer in the U.S are out of Ps3s and it will supposedly continue for months. It's probably effecting God of War 3 and FF13 sales by a lot.
  9. Shiroth
    2010-03-23 14:39
    My god that scene is amazing. 1000000000000000000x amazing.

    The manga is so much more creepier. I like it.
  10. Kanon
    2010-03-23 14:30
    Done !

    Yeah, the anime is way past the manga now. The events are different but I don't think there are any spoilers for an anime watcher now.

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