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  1. SigUp
    Today 17:40
    Nah, too tired for E6. Besides, lack the carriers.

    Still free are: Yamashiro (43), Junyo (42), Kirishima (41), Hiei (40), Ise (40), Shirayuki (31), Suzukaze (27). The next carrier would be Ryujo at 21.
  2. SigUp
    Today 16:02
    Cleared E5 right now. Was so pumped that I roared like I had just scored a goal.

    Was a tough day before. Until today I went the night nodes twice, once successfully, once in failure. Today I had to traverse that road three consecutive times and four out of five counting this morning. Getting denied right at the doorsteps with a single ship getting red was quite frustrating.

    Then the final battle... I cruised the southern route to the boss, I think I only got on or two ships scratch damaged or so. There my initial airstrike caused like 7 damage. Then the support fleet missed. Then the second fleet missed all their shots prior to the torpedo strike. There they took down the two DDs. My main fleet decided they had enough of this sh** and using one firing round blasted away the remaining three escorts and inflict first damage on the hime. Entering the night they had driven the boss down to 147. Shigure's cut-in halved the HP, Isuzu and Hatsuharu delivered only single digit damage. Then Samidare - like possessed - lashed out a double-attack, inflicting 120 damage on the second shot and finished the boss. So fitting, that my starting girl ended the event for me.
  3. SigUp
    Yesterday 23:42
    The same lineup, only with a CA replacing a CAV, as my other one isn't ready. Well, so I've got an evening for two (perhaps three) victories. And 35 buckets. It's going to be awfully close...

    At least I got Mutsu out of my latest successful run.
  4. kenjiharima
    Yesterday 17:47
    Kaga, Shimakaze, Kongo...etc. The ones that are always mentioned and most marketed in KC are very popular.

    That's Ranko from IdolMaster Cinderella girls.
  5. SigUp
    Yesterday 14:25
    Indeed, the moustaches were funny.

    Meanwhile I'm still fuming at the latest sortie. First sub node, survive the initial salvo without significant damage. Take out 2 of the three subs, the last remaining puts Hatsuharu into orange. First night battle, perfect victory, in fact the enemies only launch one shot - on Hatsuharu. Second night battle, Hatsuharu survives the shot by the BB, then, only one shot by a CA left. And of course once again Hatsuharu is shot at and gets just enough to put her into the red and end my sortie on the doorstep of the boss node.
  6. risingstar3110
    Yesterday 11:39
    Haha grats man
  7. panzerfan
    Yesterday 09:11
    My meat shield through my E6 run was Zuihou. Kind of the same way you've done it actually.
  8. panzerfan
    Yesterday 08:42
    Congrats on clearing this shit. E6 blows so hard imo. All of that for a DD and a gun.
  9. panzerfan
    Yesterday 07:54
    I don't find it having an impact... but I haven't run hundreds of support to know for sure. Support expedition has never been totally reliable to me.
  10. risingstar3110
    2014-08-26 22:49
    For me, I used:

    BB: 3 red guns + radar
    DD: 2 10cm gun +radar
    CV: 3 red plane + radar

    I think Lantern did mention the boss support do suffer from accuracy through

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