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  1. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-16 14:18
    Yeah, I'm already sending out three fleets on expeditions again.
    With me intending to do LSC (Taiho, followed by Yamato is my wish list, and I would love to get Yahagi, I got Noshiro on E3, although she is very cute and I like her, I would have prefered Yahagi) I don't have much leeway.

    Vernyi did okay. Nothing earth shattering, but a normal performance. The one who had it rough was my poor Yudachi. The first five times I got to the Water Demon's final form she was always picked on and critical'd before getting to shoot in the night battle.

    By the way, I think you've told me once already, but who are your favourite girls of each ship class?
  2. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-16 12:11
    I have neither Yamato, Musashi or Taiho (I thought often during E4 how great Taiho and her ability to launch planes while in medium damage would be). Intend to do LSC after the event. Actually I swapped out Maya for Hiei because the support fleet wasn't getting it done before either. My routes to the boss node are kind of random. Sometimes B - D - G - J, sometimes C - D - G - J and sometimes C - E - G - J. Not that it made any difference. Got hung up a couplel of times at D, a couple of times at E and of course most times I didn't get to the boss I was stopped at G.

    But it's over now. The 13th attempt (who says unlucky 13 ) succeeded. Truth to be told, I didn't really count on it. I got the T crossed during daylight and aside from the Water Demon three other ships survived into night battle. Kitakami, Yuudachi and Jintsu took care of their assignments, but I didn't think Vernyi, Shigure and Ooi could erase 340 HPs by themselves. Vernyi first took her down to 310, then Shigure launched a cut-in for 150 and I was going like "yeah, nice, yawn". Then Ooi fired off the first shot for a critical hit for 160 and I was suddenly "what the hell?!?" and she proceeded to easily clear out the remaining 7 HPs. I love you Ooi.
    Although I do have to commend Shigure. She recovered nicely from her two failures in the early going.

    Additionally, Asagumo dropped for me. But I think I would have prefered I-401, because I was prepared to grind E2/E3 for Asagumo anyway. Now I don't know whether I should grind E3 (won't grind E4, that's too resource consuming), but I think I'll do it. The wiki says the E3 boss node drops I-8, Maru Yu, Nagato and Kiyoshimo among others. That's four I don't have.

    But man, that was really taxing today. Both in mind and resources. Started the day three kills away with 498 buckets, about 50k fuel, 79k ammo, 60k steel and 60k bauxite. I'm now at 34/64/48/55 with 395 buckets (won't use buckets to repair the damage from the last sortie).
  3. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-16 11:31
    I add the support fleet every time. Chitose, Chiyoda, Kirishima, Hiei, Hatsuharu and Shimakaze. Sometimes they do something, but most times they miss five out of six shots. It's eating at my resources, for sure, but I'm still in the green. Although fuel is a concern at 35k. Well, returned from trip 12. Water Demon survived with 33 HP. Entered night battle at 302 and me having all six ships at my disposal. But this time Ooi screwed up by hitting only lightly.
  4. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-16 11:11
    At 11 attempts now. I'm majorly angered by my ships not firing the way I like. I positioned Shigure and Ooi at the last two spots so they would fire at the water demon. But no, Yudachi, Jintsu and Vernyi thought it was a good idea to shell the water demon themselves and leave Shigure's cut-in for the remaining escort. Any one of those three hit the escort and I go out there with the S.

    It's Hiryu (Reppu, 52C 601, 99 Egusa, Ryuusei), Haruna (41cm, recon, radar), Kongo (41cm, 41cm prototype, observation seaplane, radar), Myoko (20cm Type 3, radar, recon), Haguro (20cm Type 2, radar, recon), Kitakami (15.5cm, midget sub), Ooi (15.5cm, midget sub), Yudachi (10cm, radar), Vernyi (10cm, radar), Shigure (quint oxygen), Jintsu (20cm, recon).
  5. risingstar3110
    2014-11-16 10:43
    Yeah the miss rate in this event is fairly weird, from both side to be honest as there was a time where Abyssal fleet missed like 20 on a row against me (in E-1). Maybe they twisted the dodge and hit rate in combined fleet or something
  6. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-16 09:33
    E4's final form is severely testing my patience. Just completed the 6th sortie now. Again frustrated like hell. Had four shots at the water demon only, first two successfully brought her to 100 something. The next few failed to damage her more than by a token. Shigure had the final shot but couldn't trigger a cut-in so the water demon survived with 66 HPs. A few sorties earlier Shigure also had the chance to finish it with the water demon wat 45, but completely missed. Meanwhile the Abyssals seem to relish targeting and damaging Yudachi. She's getting critical'd during the day battle practically every time.
  7. risingstar3110
    2014-11-16 09:26
    E2 was generally kind to me. But would have finished it much earlier have the final torpedo did not burst 3 of my full hp DD to red during that one time....

    Still fairly forward through. E1 was the best with 4 kills out of 4. E2... i think took me a bit longer. Now wondering whether i should send Yamato and Musashi on E3-4...

    But have to find a good time to do it first. Want to clear it at least in a sitting so i won't have to switch back and forward with expedition fleet
  8. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-15 13:12
    I can relate with ships missing all over the place. E1 was tedious for this reason. I think I used up close to 30 buckets for E1 alone because my first fleet couldn't hit a thing. Good thing was, the Abyssals were for the most part even worse. My fleet initially consisted of Shokaku (31), Hyuga (56), Yamashiro (50), Kinugasa (55), Atago (50), Mogami (48), with Oyodo (35) replacing Shokaku later on. The second fleet was made up of Sendai (62), Samidare (58), Urakaze (44), Yukikaze (40), Tokitsukaze (33) and Shirayuki (44). Had a scary moment when I went away for a minute and failed to realise that my Tokitsukaze had gotten critical and started the next battle. Saved her via a reload.

    The E3 fleet was Kongo (83), Fuso (80, not remodelled because I don't have blueprint - duh), Myoko (70), Haguro (65), Jintsu (65) and Soryu (80), with the second fleet made up of Ooi (53), Isuzu (63), Yudachi (70), Vernyi (70), Hatsuharu (65) and Shigure (65).
  9. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-15 12:06
    Have you already cleared the event, with the ships at your disposal?
    Finished E3 just now, compared to the Summer Event this is easy as pie. Think I got the most problems with E1 because my second-tier ships engaged into a competition with the abyssals over who manages to miss more shots. But E2 was fairly straightforward, even with the team two destroyers and E3 was a complete demolition job by my first team. Let's see what E4 brings, but I'll take a rest for now, doesn't need to be done today.

    But I'm fairly happy with the drops I got. Just got Noshiro (would have prefered Yahagi, provided she is droppable), also got Akitsu Maru, Hamakaze and Hatsukaze. Now, for the other confirmed drops the ones I really want are Zuikaku and of course Asagumo. Also happy to have Akizuki and Prinz Eugen now. Both look really great and are nice kanmusus. Akizuki's anti-air stats are crazy. Her Kai level has a base max of 116. The next highest DD is Ushio Kai Ni at 74. Even her unmodernised Kai Ni stat with 80 is already higher. In fact Akizuki has the highest AA stat of all ships.
  10. risingstar3110
    2014-11-14 08:14
    Probably won't do so much today on today. Mostly because my CA is fully sparked, so don't want to waste them on test run...

    I am trying to reconfirm the fleet composition and required LOS first

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