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  1. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-09 01:51
    Hard to believe, but I cleared E5 on that hard difficulty. After getting turned back time after time by the water demon (who I call the bouncer) she was more lenient during the last 11 runs where she let me through seven times. But that last victory sure was surprising since I didn't use the boss support fleet (my fourth fleet was still away for an expedition). The day battle successfully eliminated the Wo and both Nes and during night most of my girls simply hit the boss. Yahagi and Ōi brought her down from 430 to about 250 (Poi was taiha'd by one BB hime before she could shoot, also got lucky that the boss and the other BB hime decided to shoot at Yahagi and Myōko after they had fired and not on the girls below who hadn't). Then Kitakami stepped up yet again and unleashed a 283 critical.

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    Needed 24 sorties for that one, spending 34k fuel, 25k ammo, 29k steel, 2k bauxite and 131 buckets. Now I'm going to rest for a day or two and recoup resources before looking for Asashimo and spamming E1 for another Taigei and Akashi.
  2. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-02-08 17:24
    My participation for it has been not much lol. Need to work on that seeing as I'm on e-3 and haven't done anything about it for a few days now...
  3. risingstar3110
    2015-02-08 10:50
    will need to know how to use that command center one ...

    but God damn it this RNG. 3 times in a row already, Hiei (and only Hiei) was hit to red. I think i will just try it again tomorrow
  4. risingstar3110
    2015-02-08 10:39
    The event has been terrible with RNG screwing me so hard.

    i means didn't have my full focus on it, but haven't made to the E-3 boss in 5 runs already, with the BB Hime has always sent one of my girl to red
  5. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-08 09:59
    It was two flagship Nus and a flagship Ta. If you (unlike me) had no problems sinking the boss, you won't have significant problems with the final time.

    Meanwhile I've completed 10 E5 sorties and it feels pointless, despite two boss trips (one sinking, one 292/500 damage). Getting stopped cold eight times at the pre-boss node with the water demon, who can simply one-shot taiha anybody, not even Yamato enjoys some sort of protection. Already spent 14k fuel, 10k ammo and 13k steel. If I don't get a miracle within the next 2-5 sorties I'm breaking it off.
  6. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-08 09:49
    I used Akizuki, Yamato, Nagato, Kitakami, Yukikaze and Taiho.
  7. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-08 07:56
    I had enormous problems sinking the E4 boss. 17 sorties, 13 boss trips (including a six-in-a-row) and only three sinkings with two S-ranked victories. It was only until Kitakami-sama had enough and plowed the boss for over 400 damage that I finally got through - unexpectedly.
  8. usspaul
    2015-02-08 06:09
    lol well I just finally finished e-3. it was such a pain in the ass and hurt me resource wise. my first 2 attempts at e-4 I havnt made a clean shot at the boss. I wonder should I put in the ap shell ? to hurt her ????
  9. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-08 05:45
    First E5 sortie of the day and the RNG goddess decides to bait me. Through some stroke of luck I got all six escorts into night battle and four of the first five shot at the boss with another three ships available and sunk her. But the consumption outstrips my 2000 prediction. It was 2500 fuel and 3000 steel. I will continue to try, but I've set a borderline. If I drop below 60k and am not in the redzone I'll go lower.
  10. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-07 20:04
    Just ran a test turn on the highest difficulty of E5. Suspect that my estimation of 1500 fuel and ammo may have been slightly optimistic. Only added the map support fleet, not the boss node one. Got stopped one node short of the boss node with Nagato getting reduced from full health to 1 HP in a single shot. Used up slightly over 1000 fuel and ammo. With boss node support plus additional repairs that the boss node will certainly bring I can see total consumption per sortie push 2000.

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