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  1. risingstar3110
    2015-01-10 09:57
    After checked, it seemed they only have 1-2 of the CG each, depend on rarity i suppose. And the game is not on DMM18.....

    Some ss during their modernisation screen thingy. They all wear strip for some reason, maybe they are criminal or something (to fit the game name):

  2. risingstar3110
    2015-01-10 09:03
    There was a new game on DMM called Criminal Girls. And how do i say it.. it's fairly... special.

    The game play actually was quite decent. Really slow through, took me ages to get my 3rd girls (the first two are from tutorial). But it was playable.

    The special part however is its "modernise" equivalent... How do i say this.... For some certain milestone, you will need to spank the girl to modernise them. O_O

    Yes you heard it right. Spank. Tickle them using feathers, spray water guns at them, and apply oil or something on their clothes to make it see through. And they were semi-animated (stay in their sexy pose, but the whole body move slightly as you tickle/ spank/etc them) while moaning (yes, they do moan to climax point). So don't turn the volume on when you not alone in the room. And did i tell you that their clothes will disintegrate in certain part down to their underwear as you do it? O_O

    And each of them so far have at least 2 unique sexy pose each , and there are like 50+ of them

    Pretty sexy game without the girl actually doing any sexual activities to be honest. And they do spend a fair bit of time and attention on that bit, so it was quite good by browser base standard ... I won't lie when admit that i do want to keep playing to open more of those screens...

    Edit: if the girl run out of hp, and you don't use one of those limited item thingy, you will lose her forever so watch out
  3. Iron Maw
    2015-01-09 18:59
    Iron Maw
    Nice vids, but you should REALLY send this stuff to my PM box... it's way too big here.
  4. Kakurin-san
    2015-01-09 18:01
    That first Hime-chan video was very cute. Nicely done.

    I've really grinded down my resources this week. Started it with something like 57/57/58/35, down to 51/49/50/23. Masses of 5-4 sorties sure is wrecking the resources. At least for me. Got Kumano up to 70 from 55 and now nearly there getting Chikuma to Kai Ni. At level 66, up from 32. That along with clearing 1-5, 2-5 and 3-5 has really catapulted my rank (and my HQ level, started the week at 99, at 101 now). Monday evening I was a Rear Admiral in the 6.000 range. Now a 元帥 with rank 545 or so.

    Obviously going to drop severely once I finish with Chikuma (don't plan on doing anything other than PVP and 2-3 cruise for the next two or even three days). But I hope the cushion will be enough to keep me at 元帥. All those level 100+ PVP opponents are pretty neat in terms of XP given (haven't encountered a crappy dude who puts level 1 ships in for a long time) and I need that since I intend to level Yamato to Kai with only PVP (she is at level 43 right now).
  5. FlavoryFantasy
    2015-01-08 15:17
    Really do like the Kongou & Christmas Shigure one (always liked that song used for MMDs) Also wow, that Prinz Eugen model is pretty good considering how long she's been around now @__@ That Akizuki one was pretty decent too.
  6. risingstar3110
    2015-01-08 13:05
    Yeah the girls looked glorious, especially when you think that the DD actually looked much better in their Kai-Ni. Yuudachi or Vernity for examples...
  7. Klashikari
    2015-01-08 10:21
    My comment was referring to the lvl1.
  8. Klashikari
    2015-01-08 09:39
    Just so there is no misunderstanding: sinking these 40 ships deliberately wasn't a nice experience at all. The sinking quotes were nearly soul crushing, and I took time to note every DD that has sunk as some sort of principle. At least, it wasn't in vain, and I believe I would have failed if I went to the normal way (since I was playing only a bit less than 1 month before the event started).

    Up to now, there isn't any ship I would sink out of spite. Although ships like Akebono and Michishio are simply left in the hangar doing nothing.

    Regarding performance, it is simply a matter of luck. Yukikaze rarely get toasted to red in my case, and DD are "usually" rotating in the usual "instant red crit" situation. There isn't really much to do about that.

    I wouldn't say Summer 2013 was particularly hard considering the data I've read, but I would never redo Autumn 2013 maps, even with the new mechanics and my current fleet. This event E4 map was nullifying any relevancy that levels would grant to your ships, hence why suicide strategy worked, and why the devs countered that and the RNG issues with reconnaissance requirements.
  9. Klashikari
    2015-01-08 09:14
    A lot of them for very different reasons:
    -Wakaba quite early after the the tutorial. I messed up the button location and clicked on "proceed" (since I thought leaving the map would be on the left, like skipping night battle).
    -40 ships lvl1 during Fall 2013 E4 map. This was a deliberate decision after being pushed to the edges for hours. Normal formation didn't do anything and the boss was already regenerating the only damage I've dealt after costly sorties.
    -Kiso lvl75 during 5-2 farming a year ago. This happened because I was tired and sick and mistakenly thought she was in orange because the ship right before her had roughly the same HP.

    I would say my "real" sinking experience was Kiso. From there, there was no accident whatsoever.
  10. Klashikari
    2015-01-08 08:58
    Well, "if" there were ships to be used, it would be something like that or arpeggio, that's for sure.

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