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  1. kenjiharima
    2014-08-18 17:31
    that's a good thing, we get stuff like this from creative and talented people
  2. Kakurin-san
    2014-08-18 15:35
    Haha, stalking Kongou was funny.
  3. kenjiharima
    2014-08-18 10:59
    those people that make this has alot of time on their hands.
  4. risingstar3110
    2014-08-18 08:40
    Yeah it's that bad....

    Toward the end i have to , as mentioned cover the Kancolle game screen when battle going on, and only checked the results later. Otherwise It will just rage me seeing sparkled lvl 99 or full hp ship being blasted to red by random DD. The main culprit still the Ta flag ship in A, and E4 boss clone through

    They really simply screw up the design. E-4 boss (it appeared in H I think) or night battle node or the Ta flagship for example. They will hit my lvl 99 Yamato to red or orange easily, and you knew it costed like 1.2k steel and 600 fuel to fix her from red...

    It's so ridiculous that i pretty much gave up on using BB or CV. If they made a good hit, and it's 80% of the time. No matter if it's BB, CV or Clt and CVl, Yamato class and what not they will drop to red in one hit. Or if you lucky, orange, but you likely won't have enough damage to kill the 2 BB Hime that way.

    So my only choice toward the end was going with the cheapest option and attempted as many times as possible

    But on the other side, it's all luck through. Like Lantern's kill. Literally a miracle as i don't think he will kill boss again if it was redone 50 times (both his Clt was hit to orange pre-boss). So you may cruise pass it in first try and wondering why i'm so miserable over it
  5. risingstar3110
    2014-08-18 06:03
    E-6 eh...? I have a feeling that i will recommend not to try it... but here we go....

    To be honest, i can't remember what i used to drain down the boss hp anymore. Ran too many sortie after it.... So maybe you have to ask someone for it =/

    But for final kill I will recommend you to keep with 2 Clt, 2 CA, 2 CVl settings. Need 110+ effective LOS. So 4 Type 0 Observation Plane + 3 Saiun will do it. If Chitose and Chiyoda, you willneed 4 green plane slot. Re-adjust it however you see fit. Always use the boss support with sparkled flagship only (2 DD, 2 BB, 2 CV).

    I thinks sparkling the whole main fleet is useless as it's time consumed and it a lot more frustrated when it yielded no results. The Flag Ta and the E-4 boss accuracy is too high and they will hit your sparkled ship to red easily. Remembers 3 things that you will have to take care over the event: your buckets, your fuels, and your sanity. Sparked ships and kept failing will drive down the last one. Switch between your Ooi and KTKM for flagship spot through (especially if you have KancolleViewer). Switching as flag ship will eventually sparked both of them and help if you can manage to reach boss
  6. mangatron
    2014-08-18 00:03
    Hey thanks for the vids, heh definitely weren't safe for VM's
  7. risingstar3110
    2014-08-17 22:29
    For E-5, I don't know about the health bit. But going Akitsumaru + 3 CV sent me to South 50% of the time. I kinda cruised through that match through. Register a kill every time i hit boss, and only failed to make to boss 3 times.
  8. Kakurin-san
    2014-08-17 11:16
    How I'm doing? I guess okay. Have reached my self-proclaimed target of clearing AL. Everything above that (and I think I still have more than 10 days) is a bonus. Ressource consumption has been okay and my girls have been performing to my satisfaction. Now I'm curious how I'll do at MI, especially considering the fact that I only have two fleet carriers. I hope Kongou will shine for me, she surely is already itching to get into action.

    And, how are you doing?
  9. Kakurin-san
    2014-08-17 10:53

    The only drops I got which I didn't have (and I don't have a lot of girls) aside from Urakaze is Kinugasa. And I got her three straight times which annoyed me somewhat.

    I hope MI will give me some CVs, as well as Nagato and Mutsu. And I'm still running around without Shimakaze. Might need to go back to E1 at some point.
  10. Kakurin-san
    2014-08-17 02:57
    E2 cleared.

    7-for-7 after satisfying the LOS conditions. Actually, prior to the final run I miscalculated. I though I was at 5 victories, when I really was already at 6. I was looking dumbfounded when I discovered the escorts beefed up and the Hime with 500 HP. And then Maya got knocked to red, while the escorts took most of the hits for the hime. She still had 320 or so left going into night. Luckily I managed to take out the last escort with the torpedo attack.

    During night the two DDs brought the Hime down to 250 and it was all on Atago. Got a double attack with the first damage being 120, leaving the Hime at 132. Then she hit her again for 150.

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