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  1. Princess Angels
    2014-12-29 19:32
    Princess Angels
    yes it help
    my fever is gone n_n
  2. Princess Angels
    2014-12-29 19:25
    Princess Angels
    Thank you for Helping me Heal ^-^
  3. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-29 19:02
    Haha, okay, then I don't know. Haven't really used Ashigara. She sits at level 25. Will hold off leveling her and Nachi for now. The next CAs to be leveled are the CAVs to get them to an acceptable level. Already started with slotting Kumano into PVP so she sits at level 55. Mogami is at level 50, Suzuya at 41 and Mikuma at level 30. The only high leveled CAV I have is Tone at close to 80. Plan to get Kumano to about 70 and then start on heaving Chikuma up.
  4. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-29 18:42
    Haha, that piece was cute and funny. It's from Kaichō wa Maid-sama, with Hime-chan as Misaki and that random dude as Usui.

    Hmm, why do they call Ashigara the wolf? Don't know, perhaps because of her Kai Ni face. With some imagination you could imagine that to be a humanised wolf face.

    Have finished leveling Ayanami to Kai Ni. Need a break from DD leveling. Since last Wednesday I've brought Akizuki from 52 to 65, Yukikaze from 56 to 70 and Ayanami from 30 to 70. I can't go out there immediately and start getting Amatsukaze from 27 to 60. At least for tomorrow I'm thinking of slotting a few 3-2 sessions for Taihō and perhaps do some of the one-time sortie quests (like that couple futon one). Also in order to recover some resources. After finishing those LSCs the 4-3 grindings have reduced my fuel and ammo by a net amount of around 3000-4000.
  5. Princess Angels
    2014-12-28 21:22
    Princess Angels
    oh.. okay i'm watching tv anyway so its fine
  6. risingstar3110
    2014-12-28 20:47
    Yeah, the only stage where the cruisers got any saying was 2-5 for heavy cruiser. Would be interesting to have a light cruiser focused event.
  7. Klashikari
    2014-12-28 20:44
    I can't tell if a ship got a notable backstory or not since I'm not really proficient in Pacific War history.
    That said, as far as I can remember, Fubuki trackrecords aren't shabby at all and contributed in many battles during the pacific war.

    I assume that people really dislike the fact their favorite kanmusu don't get a kai ni, and it is worsened when it is for a character they don't have much affinity with.
    I also suspect that a lot of people badmouth Fubuki because of a "bandwagon" effect but also because they found her boring without actually using her that much.

    Suffice to say, if you add that she already has a manga focused on her and the anime, I assume they have their rage even more apparent despite I don't exactly see why.
    It isn't any worse than other DD, and some ships like Bismarck got a kai ni despite it isn't exactly that well earned.
  8. Princess Angels
    2014-12-28 20:32
    Princess Angels
    okay thanks ^-^
    i'll check it out
  9. kenjiharima
    2014-12-28 20:26
    Oh Neptunia. Oh yes there where some cuts like red eye, yandere more and some dialogue. Rebirth doesn't have those cut.

    Playing still on the PS3. Let's see who of us gets to cqc each first will take a selfie in game. lol
  10. kenjiharima
    2014-12-28 20:20
    I lost the conversation. What are we talking about in rebirth again? lol.

    Nice images. Another Kantai Colle present awesome! saved!

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