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  1. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-28 04:37
    Haha, that Hatsuharu is indeed a bit creepy. Looks like she's about to turn into an Abyssal. Hime-chan on the other hand is cute als always.

    Oh right, there was the Koboli one, that's well-drawn.

    Hmm, if we include returning girls I would need to find a spot for Tohka too and Ayase Eli from Love Live, haha. And yeah, Tail Red gets to share the spot with Thuarle. If only Solar remained on a permanent basis. Nobody needs Mitsuka Sōji.

    Fubuki getting hate? Haha, poor Fubuki. I'm not a big fan of hers in the game, mine is at level 7. One of the very few DDs that I've gotten early who are not at Kai level. I just dislike her art in the game, it looks somewhat ugly. Fubuki in the anime on the other hand is much nicer. With her getting a Kai Ni I'll be leveling her of course (while hoping for a major art improvement). Can never have enough high leveled DDs.

    I'm in a severe need to up my DDs, only have five above 70 and eight above 60. So they are the focus of my grinding right now. The last few days I've raised Yukikaze from 56 to 70, after getting Akizuki from 52 to 65. The candidate right now is Ayanami, started yesterday afternoon at level 30, right now she's at 44, hope to have her at Kai Ni somewhen on Monday. After that the next one will probably be Amatsukaze, who's at 26 right now with the target being 60 or 65. While I'm at it I've also included my beautiful Yahagi into the 4-3 leveling fleet. Even though in the 10s she was very good in avoiding hits at the non-SS southern node, haha. Much better than the level 60 something Junyo. She seems so brittle that it annoys me. If she didn't have a Kai Ni I wouldn't bother with her at all.

    But man, all Myōkos now have a Kai Ni. With that Kai Ni flood setting in I hope the devs will give Shō-chan a Kai Ni. She and Kaga are my favourite CVs and I do think the devs need to give her some love, since she was (at least before the launching of Taihō) the best Japanese CV out there. Speaking of Taihō, after getting a sufficient number of DDs she'll be the next candidate. Curious how she'll turn out, but certainly surprising that she as an armoured fleet carrier is a loli.
    I will love her ability to launch planes while being medium damaged, that's for sure.

    Not sure when I'll find the time to level Yamato though. Her consumption is crazy. Used her once in a PVP. Married Kongō Kai Ni went out of that with a consumption of 17/21. Yamato needed 50/60. That's nearly three times the amount.
  2. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-27 19:21
    Nice images and videos again.

    Yep, Isuzu-chan is really great. Looks great no matter what she wears. Tough question regarding top girls, also since I have to cram out a list of the anime I've watched this year, haha. Hmm, if we just take shows and characters that were launched this year (so no returning characters of sequels or two-cour shows of Autumn 2013) the list probably contains in no particular order, even though one or two of them are thethering on the edge:

    - Sento Isuzu
    - Lieselotte Sherlock
    - Asami Lilith
    - Sakura Chiyo
    - Kirisaki Chitoge
    - Saegusa Mayumi
    - Nanami Knight Bladefield
    - Ikkyū Tensai
    - Ryūgajō Nanana
    - Thuarle

    How about you?
  3. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 18:56
    Princess Angels
    okay ^-^ Night
  4. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 18:29
    Princess Angels
    i see what do you like to on other days?
  5. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 18:19
    Princess Angels
    ohh.. i'm sorry
  6. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 18:08
    Princess Angels
    why not? lol
  7. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 18:02
    Princess Angels
    um.. i don't know
  8. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 17:53
    Princess Angels
    its fine!
    i don't care anymore
  9. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 17:41
    Princess Angels
    um.. not its fine i think its deep but its fine
  10. Princess Angels
    2014-12-27 17:34
    Princess Angels
    *takes the napkin* thanks ^-^

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