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  1. risingstar3110
    2014-12-10 05:05
    Aww.... Ryuujou as well? We won't have those no-strap Santa dress then...
  2. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-02 01:54
    Ah thanks, didn't know that the 24 times equipment scrap was a weekly. Thought it was a one-timer. Well, but I never got this far up until now, haha, as I didn't pay attention that the 海上護衛戦 quest meant sinking 15 subs. Guess I'll run some more 1-5 or 4-3 runs for that.

    By the way, on which server and which rank are you? I was kind of surprised that I jumped from Rear-Admiral to Admiral yesterday, may have something to do with the monthly reset, don't know. Saved a screen of that with rank 4200 something as I'll be dropping out of there fast.
    A bit funny going to PVP and suddenly see only level 100+ people there.
  3. TheEroKing
    2014-12-02 01:51
    yea, so dumb, only when her character was starting to grow.
  4. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-01 03:06
    You know which one it is? I've never seen that quest in the weekly list.
  5. Kakurin-san
    2014-12-01 02:25
    Haha, what, there is a free weekly drum? Never knew that. I wanted to get to 12 (have reached 12 with those three) so that I can run expedition 37 and 38 parallel when necessary.
  6. risingstar3110
    2014-11-30 22:42
    I means Asagumo D:
  7. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-30 20:05
    Heh, the next time I try to get drums I'll use Shimakaze as flagship I guess. Tried crafting more during dailies for the past 10 days and failed miserably. Had Shimakaze as flagship today and got 3 in 4 tries.
  8. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-30 19:30
    Welp, wasted like 40 buckets today and the best ship I got was Amatsukaze and Yuugumo who I already have. Aside from that mostly BBs. Well, that was it. On to leveling and acquiring resources.
  9. risingstar3110
    2014-11-30 09:14
    Was out a bit during the weekend meeting up with some friends. But yeah, no Thank Giving here

    Still ended up did not get Hocchan. Oh well, always can wait for her as bonus drop for next event =/
  10. Kakurin-san
    2014-11-29 18:53
    Favourite DD class, I guess it's Kagerou for now. Have to see what the Yuugumos do from now on, now that I've got a couple of them. Favourite single DD probably Akizuki.

    Finally got my Kiso to level 65 today. She looks pretty awesome in CLT form. I also can't really get into Ooi. She's just a little bit strange personality wise in addition to average looks (although her anime form looks very cute).

    I'm holding off leveling Yamashiro for now. Don't have that many blueprints anyway. Intend to use them for Tone first.

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