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  1. Dr. Casey
    2013-12-01 16:19
    Dr. Casey
    Having a better day at work today? Or is Sunday your day off?
  2. Dr. Casey
    2013-11-29 03:19
    Dr. Casey
    Ah, I saw you viewing the Golden Time thread earlier; nice to see that you're a fan of the series as well. There's definitely not many good relationships out there... at my mother's work place, doctors and nurses cheat on their husbands and wives with each other all the time. :/
  3. Dr. Casey
    2013-11-27 04:43
    Dr. Casey
    Hate that things go poorly at work so often. Why were you having a bad day?

    Hm, Green Ribbon Miku is cute, but she is indeed a fairly average anime girl. Date A Live Miku has a much more interesting character design, and one that harkens back to '90s anime for me (I like anime from all eras, but the nostalgic touch is still nice; she would look very much in place in an anime from 1997 or so).
  4. sky black swordman
    2013-11-26 05:10
    sky black swordman
    Yeah, unfortunately they have not done anything special since they went to the Super Bowl in 2003. A lot of Raiders fans think that the fall of the Raiders start after that "Tuck rule" game. The Raiders got screwed in that game.

    There is not many pictures of Miku because Date A Live season 2 has yet to air.When it does air, you can expect see many pitures of her. And the girl you are talking about is Natsumi.

    Thanks. And that's because many think she is a MILF.
  5. Dr. Casey
    2013-11-25 05:53
    Dr. Casey
    I'll reply to the other PM soon. It's hard to keep the PM box lowered too much below 250 since there's a lot of PMs I want to keep, so I just clear out a few here and there to keep me below the limit. I'll go do that again.

    All the doujins featured in the collection look cute Upper left and bottom, second from left interest me the most.
  6. sky black swordman
    2013-11-25 04:49
    sky black swordman
    I'm a second generation Oakland Raiders fan. I inherited my love for the Raiders from my dad. My dad, older brother, younger brother, and I are all Raiders fans.

    I see. And yeah, the Giants have been terrible this year to the point that I think they may fire their head coach this year.
  7. sky black swordman
    2013-10-28 01:45
    sky black swordman
    "Does Kyoko ever find out that Harutora was the boy who she made a promise with and not Natsume? Apparently. no. But this may change now that Harutora has awakened as Yakou. And Natsume is starting to wear girls clothes.

    And also you didn't send me that image before.

    P.S. Thank you! That image of Tohka is SO CUTE!!!
  8. TheEroKing
    2013-10-26 13:32
    silver haired fetus?

    @sky black swordman: stop posting Tokyo Ravens spoilers here, forum rules apply on VMs too. Use PMs for it.
  9. sky black swordman
    2013-10-23 21:26
    sky black swordman
    No, Kyoko is not a yuri girl.

    Here is how it goes: A long time ago when she was a child she meet Harutora. I guess you could they are childhood friends. Harutora and kyoko meet in Natsume's garden, since it was Natsume's garden Kyoko thought and assumed that Harutora WAS Natsume. Apparently Kyoko lost a ribbon her grandmother gave her and ask Harutora to help her find it. Unfortunately, they were not able to find it but Harutora promised to find it for her. Harutora never got a chance to explain that he was not Natsume but Harutora.

    Years, later they meet again and Kyoko reveals that she is in love with or has feelings for Natsume. Most likely because of the promise. So Kyoko is pursuing a relationship with Natsume (remember that Natsume is cross dressing as a boy and so everyone (including Kyoko) thinks that Natsume is a boy) because she thinks "he" is the boy she made a promise with when they were children. Oh, and Kyoko is also a relative of Harutora and Natsume.
  10. TheEroKing
    2013-10-23 03:15
    That anime is more like hentai, the lead character makes lewd noises when she gets put into submission moves. You should at least try watching the few eps out

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