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  1. Klashikari
    2015-02-10 09:56
    You need to deploy a surface fleet, which has at least 3BB and 2 CVL in the first fleet, while you have 2 CLT, 2 DD and 1 CL in the second fleet (you cannot bring a third CLT however).

    Equipments isn't anything special, expect you must stuff as many reppuu as possible on the CVL, while BB need at least 150 firepower with as much accuracy bonus as possible.
  2. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 08:40
    I hate you man. Kept getting crap at E4 and the few S-ranked at the E5 nodes. And getting nothing at E1 today.
  3. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 08:30
    Well, then you just seem to encounter RNG issues. For me I had no problems getting criticals from them, and I doubt others who used it had similar problems. Anyway, didn't count on the first fleet to do damage against the boss anyway. They are just there to thin out the ranks of the escort ships.
  4. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 08:12
    Hm, it did work for me. And the added anti-armour punch is pretty important. But if regular double attack works for you, why not?
  5. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 06:55
    Should be three. I have one, which was an event reward from the Summer Event, and your Yamashiro and Fusō Kai Ni should also give one each.
  6. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 03:45
    That's right. So as you have more of the 41cm prototype of Fusō and Yamashiro, off to the ships with them.
  7. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 03:24
    Short info regarding the gun loadout, I followed Klashikari's suggestion of prioritising accuracy over firepower, so while I didn't have many 46cm anyway (actually only the two that come with Yamato), there's no need to load up every BB with all 46cm guns. Accuracy is pretty vital. Regarding that, some of the Ro destroyers along the way have a nasty way of evading hits. I remember an instance where I got three cut-ins by BBs against the same Ro. And dished out only 8 damage...
  8. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-10 03:14
    This was my composition:

    Should be no problem substituting Kaga for Taihō, since she only has to act as anti-air ship. Since you have Musashi you can substitute her for Kongō or Kirishima. If you want to go really big you can also add in Mutsu for one of the FBBs. As you have Bismarck another idea would be including Bismarck in the escort fleet, replacing my CA Myōko with her. Although the resource consumption with Yamato, Musashi, Mutsu and Bismarck in the fleet would undoubtly be impressive.
  9. risingstar3110
    2015-02-09 13:47
    I think i will cease all operations right now until the bug is fixed through. Better safe than sorry
  10. risingstar3110
    2015-02-09 12:09
    Any tip on E-4? Should i just go for Normal?

    Man E-5 sounds like a pain. Still under PTSD since Mi-Al

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