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  1. RapidPotential
    2015-02-20 11:26
    I'd say Easy E-5 is a little too much of a pushover to actually challenge me but I must confess E-3 and E-4 on Hard mode have caused me much grief in both resources and sanity. I started off with all resources but steel (32k or something) and bauxite (which has hovered around 11-13k throughout) on around 20-22k. Plus my resource farming in between I would say I have spent close to 50-55k in total for fuel, ammo and steel.

    Congratulations on your clear though; must have been real tough on the mind.
  2. risingstar3110
    2015-02-20 01:28
    Congrat man

    Yeah, the fun thing in Kancolle, is to overcome your set challenge. And you did it so that's all the matter. Can now proudly wear that badge!!
  3. Klashikari
    2015-02-19 20:47
    You are welcome.

    This kind of map is plainly a test of patience, but you have to make sure every odds are in your favor.
    For instance, I would have never used a submarine for the final kill, because not only you aren't safe from an unfortunate crit from a tsu class who magically dodged your support and first fleet shelling, but the sub will hardly do any damage against the boss or the BB.

    Suffice to say, everything ended well, but I recommend you to organize a bit your fleet each time a certain need arises. Fleet composition and kanmusu order within the same fleet are very different and can dramatically change an outcome. Levels and equipement aren't enough as you could see.
  4. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-19 08:25
    Nope, six E4 sorties yesterday, three S-ranks, drops were Hiyō, Shōho and Kaga. I could cry man. Ran another three E5 sorties, two sorties didn't drop anything. Oh well. Recovering fuel as well, to about 25-26k (at 22k right now) near my regeneration cap. Friday / Saturday I'm going to empty the can. Nearing 70k used in the search for Asashimo and it sucks.
  5. risingstar3110
    2015-02-18 15:25
    Do you stuck with the maelstrom often with this set up? If you do, why not just replace one of the DD with Goya? Rerouting aside, I find the initial torpedo fairly useful. And she most likely will survive for night battle. Not to mention she can block Light Cruiser Demon's attack (and other DD/CL attack) for your 2nd fleet so less risk of moderate damage before boss

    I guess you kinda hate Ooi now. But i still think she can out-damage any CA if she going into yandere lesbian mode
  6. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-18 11:02
    That sucks. Strange how your CLTs are not performing. My Kitakami ended it for me with a 270 critical hit. Before that Ōi launched a 70 HP hit. 15k fuel is definitely critical. That's no more than 7 sorties that make it to the boss node.
  7. risingstar3110
    2015-02-18 09:47
    Calm down, yous till have 4 days. Keep regenerating your resources or you won't last at this rate.

    What is your current set up and equipments?
  8. risingstar3110
    2015-02-17 06:53
    Then it all RNG against you now, can't do anything if your ship enter night battle against the 3 Hime and can't kill the boss D:
  9. Kakurin-san
    2015-02-17 03:43
    2 HP? Ouch, that hurts...

    After getting Shioi two days ago, nothing else. After that the drops from E4 were like Yamashiro, Fusō, Takao, Yamashiro and Junyo. Shook up the fleet composition in the meantime. Last seven sorties saw two S-ranks (Zuikaku and Mutsu, not catastrophic bad, but still not what I want - Asashimo or Hayashimo). Close on another couple of sorties (1 HP and 52 HP remaining after a Yukikaze cut-in). Combined with the lack of anything useful out of E1 (must've run close to 300 sorties there, and then I hear of people on easy or medium getting Akashi and Taigei in the span of a day... screw them all) my drop situation is really SNAFU. Used up at least 50k fuel by now in the search for Asashimo. That's ridiculous for a single DD. I hope in future events the devs will include the possibility to change the difficulty, even if it's only once, after map clearing. Or increase the chances of rare drops on hard. It can't be that I struggle mightily with S-ranking E4 (no better than 20-25% are S-ranked) and then I get a ship that can be get at like any regular (boss) node out there (Takao, Fusōs or Kongōs) in 95% of the cases.
  10. risingstar3110
    2015-02-16 19:52
    What is your main issue? Like did the 2 BB Hime kept blocking you? Or was it those CA +CV? Or your ships tended to be heavily damaged before night battle?

    Have you tried not using the 46cm guns to improve accuracy?

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