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  1. SigUp
    2014-07-10 16:23
    No problem, keep them coming. I may not reply every time, but that doesn't mean that I'm not paying attention.
  2. Kana Futayo
    2014-07-10 13:17
    Kana Futayo
    Just watched the vids (finally) and I gotta say I'm amazed how fluid the animations are. Were they made by MMD alone?

    That Taigei though
  3. Triple_R
    2014-07-09 19:15
    From what I gathered, the Vers Empire is the name of the Martian colonists (the people that settled Mars back in the 70s/80s in this show's universe). To be honest, I'm mostly just going by the series thread like you yourself are.
  4. risingstar3110
    2014-07-09 18:55
    Of course more Kongou is welcomed. But i guess I still prefer the previous one you sent. (the one you said had beautiful background)

    I guess cause the animation was not as smooth. And the equipments kinda distracting and feel unreal. Will be interesting to see how the anime portray battleship moving with their equipments.

    How do I explain it. I think if you watch the Transformer movie, and Pacific Rim. Both about mecha. But the former felt not as "robotic" as they felt like just oversized human, and can do acrobatic and crap liek that. While in pacific Rim, every step by the mech in there felt like billions tons of steel, with their movement a lot heavier, and felt real
  5. Kana Futayo
    2014-07-09 00:23
    Kana Futayo
    sorry for not replying about the vids. too little time to check them out. will have the time later
  6. Dr. Casey
    2014-07-06 14:16
    Dr. Casey
    - Nice background indeed, very pretty song.
    - She is indeed, and I like the setting with the apples and such.
    - Taigai is pretty damn cute, would walk through the seaside town with her.
    - Pretty badass song, like it a lot.
    - Dancing on a school rooftop against hardcore music ftw
    - They're all nice, but I think I'll go for Pink-haired Girl.
    - Haha, I like their banter, whenever they speak to each other through their lyrics.
  7. SigUp
    2014-07-06 08:12
    1 and 4 are really great. They would be even better if it was Touyama Nao singing.

    Well, I'm slowly working my way forward. Got to the second world now, highest level ship is Kako at 21, Samidare is already remodeled at 20. Then I got another ship at 18 and Shigure at 16.
  8. risingstar3110
    2014-07-06 05:48
    I really do like the first Kongou and the Kongou x Haruna one. Didn't know MMD can get the animation to be that smooth (before watching this and previous Kongou, i thought MMD will always give that blocky feeling) The dancing Shigure is OK also...

    The rest, not quite so sure, as i'm kinda allergic to Miku's song. I used to really like a couple of her song, but later on her voice (understandably) became repetitive and too techno~ish for my taste
  9. Kana Futayo
    2014-07-05 05:17
    Kana Futayo
    If I were to add some list of my faves and not in particular order

  10. risingstar3110
    2014-07-05 05:06
    Got Taigei earlier as well. Was farming hard for her. But i don't want to remodel her into CL in case they give another quest required sub-render =/

    Maybe i can keep two Taigei copy in the future, a CL and a sub-render ^^

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