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  1. Flower
    2014-12-25 06:58
    And a very Merry Christmas to you too.

    Yeah...keeping up with PreCure series can be tough...they are all at 4 cour or so, and if not kept up on a weekly basis after a while steamrolling is the more realistic option, it seems. In the past I would steamroll PreCure series when I had a lengthier time, either expectedly (like now, in a Christmas vacation kind of thing) or unexpectedly (like when I threw my back out so bad I was unable to walk for almost two months - miserable, but I was able to catch up on some books, correspondence and anime series.

    Regarding series like Durarara it is a pity, because I know they are good series but they just don't click. Kinda the same as poets or opera or fiction or essayists. You are exposed to certain artists, you can objectively see they are talented and that the story is well done, but for whatever reason it just does not work for you. Ballet is an example of an entire art form that does that for me...and I know I am missing something wonderful, but....

    Well, who knows. Maybe season two will click. I am willing to give it a try at least.
  2. Flower
    2014-12-22 22:17
    There ya go...Nyanta. ^^
  3. Flower
    2014-12-21 04:14
    Friend request accepted.

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  4. Flower
    2014-12-19 16:56
    Regarding prefetences...tbh the current avy and sig is more in honor of one of the series I anticipated to enjoy the most before the season began. When I was at the end of preparing them the similarity between Noel and Flower occured to me, but only then, to be honest.

    The avy and sig will change next season back to Nyanta from Log Horizon, in honor of season two of that series. At the moment I do not anticipate being overwhelmed by any new offerings from the Winter 2014-15 season, and the series that have most caught my attention seem to be in the category of lighthearted fluff. That is okay as far as it goes, I guess. Still, fortunately we have Akatsuki no Yona, Log Horizon 2 and Shirobako carrying over. Oh, and Nanatzu no Taizai and Bonjour Pattisiere as well, though they are kinda more lighthearted for me, I guess.

    What have you thought of the past season? Any anticipated offerings next season?
  5. Flower
    2014-12-19 04:32
    Just wanted to say hello to you and that it is nice to see you lurking about these realms again.
  6. Ryonea
    2014-12-17 08:17
    Oh, hey. Hello there! *pulls Enternal in* nah don't worry about it, I know it's difficult to show up again after disappearing for a long time though it does feel rather lonely since you're the only chat buddy left for me, lol

    Glad to see you still energetic as ever, hahah. Still managed to eat all of the anime? that's what you call no compromises between work and fun. Yeah, time to enjoy the holiday season, yay! although it'll be the opposite for me since my sister is getting married next month so we're really busy preparing everything here.

    Whoa, you still have many games to buy? o_O talking about Japanese games, it's quite sad that so many are moving toward PS4. It's just too fast IMO. PS3 still has some life in it. Although I can understand that the gamers do switch to the next gen fast too.

    I see, no wonder why she always return in the next games then and that explains why her screentime is high alright Yeah, the plus version also piques my interest. Especially the special chapter between him and Escha. Aww, I believe they're gonna be cute!

    Yeah, still no info about the sequel, though. And it's for PS4. Talking about PS4, have you seen the latest Neptune VII news? the goddess form of the new character, Uzume Tennouboshi [img]has been revealed[/img]. And I really like it! it seems that she's going to have a drastic personality change too, like Neptune and Pururut. Although in this case, she's going from serious and mature (human form) into the childish and cutesy (the goddess form), the opposite of Neptune. The mature-Neptune looks "yummy" too. She's a real hottie indeed. Speaking of Dog Days 3, I posted the new image featuring a new character and the thread suddenly turned into waifu wars thanks to mangatron

    Oh? how come you forgot your own collection? Luckily I don't have any artbook that I'm after so far, so my money's quite safe.... for now.... since there was an announcement of Lantis Festival in Singapore and Chihara Minori is one of the lineup (I'm a big fan or her). Damn, I really have to come to the festival.

    Yes, I do have twitter, although I use it only to follow persons and companies, and not for communicating with others. From your posts, you are into some really interesting stuffs. Never knew that you'd play games such as Enslaved. I can add you for sure and I might drop a comment from time to time.
  7. XFire
    2014-10-12 16:58
    ..........Are you asking how I feel about Claire? Or Lisha?

    Because I don't like Claire that much, but I do like Lisha.


    Claire gets a lot of her dislike because she beats up Kamito a lot. Which she is still doing in the current volume. She has improved immensely since the start, but the simple fact is she is still a physically violent tsundere.

    Now, thanks to her backstory (which I love) I can forgive her for that. Her being like she is makes sense. However, the fact that Claire, a talented but mostly normal spiritualist, beats up on Kamito, the strongest Blade Dancer in the world, that annoys the hell out of me. I just don't like one-sided comedic violence much. Two-sided is fine, but otherwise it looks like an abusive relationship, which is retarded when the abused one could shred the other like three-day old bologna.

    She's not a tsundere. Her initial appearance makes her seem like one, but that wasn't tsundere, it was genuine anger and dislike. And afterwards she became completely dere.
  8. Ryonea
    2014-09-22 07:05
    Awh, now it's my turn of being late. Speaking of boredom, now I'm getting busy as well, hahaha so it's more of exhaustment rather than boredom for me. Really? don't you live in a 4-season country? (I assume so since most member here are western people). Mine is a tropical country so it only has 2 seasons: rain and dry. Thank you oh is that so? I'd like to think that it's because of my design style so the banner reminds you of me, but well I'm just dreaming, lol. at least I'm glad that Chimame-tai could decorate our banner for some time.

    So how are you? anything interesting lately?

    So it was like the game was suddenly popping without warning then? I personally never liked Tecmo Koei games, though so I'm not really familiar with the company. You know, when the news about them merging with GUST, the first thing popped into my head is "whoa, there'll be Atelier Musou!" since KOEI seems to be running out of ideas with their games and they Musou-fy everything. and a bit true enough, IIRC some of the males from Atelier Rorona do serve as playable guest character in the recent Musou game. ^^;
    Speaking of why companies are merging... I also don't really know. I can only think of financial problems, so that's why the smaller one agrees with the merge. And of course the bigger one always want to trample with the smaller companies' project. -.- Personally I'm not really against merged companies, unless one of them is a bad one in my view. And in this case, Tecmo Koei is one of them for me ^^;

    Wilbell is like a compulsory character indeed. While I like her designs, I don't really like her in the Escha & Logy anime, though. She got too many spotlight IMO. Is she also like that in the game? Yep, I've seen Katla too. On overall, the new appearances are satisfying indeed. I wish Logy would show up too, though since I find him to be cool and likeable.

    Haha yeah, I like how the design of the next forms are using full-body suit instead of becoming more revealing. Too bad there's not much info regarding VII at TGS. We got re;birth3 instead. I see, that's a correct logic considering you're always aiming for the limited edition. I don't think I can do that unless I'm pretty sure I can afford the console. The sequel of Fairy Fencer F will be out on PS4 too, damn~

    And why do this reply is at the season's end again? In the end, I only watch Prisma Illya this summer... it's only 10 episodes again, but at least it'll be continued next year. Seems like Silverlink studio got too much budget since the animation, especially the action ones are soooo amazing!
    Argevollen was quite disappointing since the story kept going without a moment of pause and explaining what the hell is going on and I don't really have time to watch the others....
    Oh, I finally managed to finish Black Bullet! and boy I cried for real watching that series it has its ups and downs but it's really good at making us feel sad IMO.

    2015 seems like it'll be a great year. Lots of my favorite games and animes will be released. I'm particularly excited for Dog Days 3 and Digimon for the anime. For the games... well, looks like I have to get a PS4 for real that day.
  9. Ryonea
    2014-07-16 18:04
    Nah, don't worry about it. Busy times again, I assume? I'm a bit on the bored side over here. it's fasting month for me and uh... you can say it's the equivalent of summer break in most countries... although it's hardly summer at all since it rains everyday and the air is very cold Speaking of summer, I'm glad that both of my banners made it into the winner category, yay. XD (the Chimame-tai one is mine, while the other one made it into honourable mentions and will be used in the future).

    Yeah, it's been many months since that volcano incident so everything is cleared up

    Ah, I see. I've just completed the game quite recently and been grinding for completion sake before starting the new game plus. Yeah I noticed that starting from Ayesha, Atelier series is going to be published by Tecmo Koei. I also heard that there's no dual audio for Ayesha? that's a big letdown for sure. I wonder if the upcoming Escha & Logy localization will also suffer the same fate... oh speaking of Atelier series. I noticed that Escha will return in Shallie, but frankly her design become worse IMO

    Yup, although previously I find the game to be diffcult, now I feel the battle system to be very solid actually. Thing become quite easy once we understand the system. Although there are still many strong enemies out there even if we maxed our levels. Really? IIRC Victory's system became the base system for the games after it. Such as Re;birth1 and Re;birth2, and even Fairy Fencer F. Their systems derive from Victory's, especially for the battle.

    That's 7 games you're preordering. I assume you'll go for the limited edition for all of them? I'm currently really saving my money to get a PS4. Have you seen the latest news about Neptune Victory II? especially these magazine scans.
    I was kinda pissed when it was first revealed to be on PS4. But after those scans came out... okay, I surrender! It's funny that it's a niche game like this that solidify my decision to get a PS4.

    Ah, I see.. way to go to drain our wallet (although we're also happily doing that, lol)

    This season, I'm not really sure. So far it's only Prisma Illya that I'll watch for sure. Still on the fence about others, such as Argevollen, Hanayamata (for some reason I like the atmosphere of the city), and Tokyo ESP (I just found out that it's from the same author of Ga-rei). How about you? I assume you'll watch almost all like always but what are your personal favorites out of them?
  10. Ryonea
    2014-06-09 19:36
    Oh, hahah. Quite lucky that you read it 2 days prior the hack. Now that I see it again, you seemed to miss some details but it doesn't matter since I don't really remember what I posted either

    I see... that's quite new to me. The powder must be handled with extreme care then, seeing it is used intentionally. The volcanic ashes here only scratches things... well, maybe except for our skin since I can feel my palm kinda became smoother after touching it, lol XD

    Nah, I can see why people could confuse the authors since their story premises, character designs, and even the artstyle are very similar to each other. Yep, I noticed those RPGs you mentioned but aren't they the Japanese version? we can save up for 1 or 2 years later for the localized version, or do you usually import the Japanese versions too? I'm interested in the Neptunia U since it's action game. But I don't have Vita, so I can only hope the re;birth series and the rest of the Vita games could get into the PS3 someday.

    Yeah, I know mine is nothing compared to yours, but managing them already gives me quite an ordeal but at least I can manage to watch all of them because usually there are some series that'd go unwatched if I have more than 3 titles in my watchlist. You got that right, Fujimiya Kaori is soooo moe but in quite different way to most characters nowadays. That's why I really like that series and use it for my entry in this Summer banner contest Hahah, Daimidaler is so stupid yet so entertaining for sure XD I watched it to get a great laugh, although often times I really feel sorry for the main heroine ^^; You think so? well, probably it's because you tend to watch almost every shows each season so you can tell why this season is so special

    Oh, I thought you've played Neptune Victory already? or was it the Japanese version? I only knew about the sale because I see someone posted about it in the thread. The timing is so convenient because I was just finished with mk2 that time. Yep, I've played it for some time already and it amazes me. Now the game fees like a proper PS3 title (I think the previous ones could be done in PS2 or PSP). Quite a big leap in terms of visuals. The combat feels difficult, though I just reached the end of chapter 2 and stuck at 39/40 score at the chapter review because I haven't cleared the D-rank quests (the tough foes). Should've seen the walkthroughs first because I didn't know that Noire would leave at the end of the chapter and it's very tough to manage the combat with just Neptune and Pururut (she's really adorable <3). Gotta say goodbye to my grind efforts T_T

    Hahah, that sounds like compile heart's DLC alright. I assume you didn't have the DLCs in the PSN version, then? I too probably need to consider some of the DLC stuffs for Victory since I find the combat to be difficult


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