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Lolli for loli :D

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  1. Traece
    2013-01-15 01:29
    Cutesy? I don't mind cutesy!

    You're watching a lot of things! I have so much to finish from even 2011... Good to see you're watching Eden of the East though! That's another good one that I enjoyed watching thoroughly. Unfortunately I have yet to watch past the first OVA.

    So many anime to finish. Some with only one or two episodes... I need to do it!
  2. Traece
    2013-01-15 00:59
    I may have to consider taking a look at it then. My Asuki friends are giving me a large load of things to watch.

    You haven't seen TWGOK yet? You should see it! You would probably like it! Well, hopefully you'd like it.
  3. Traece
    2013-01-14 23:54
    Hah. I've only had drinks on my birthday with some of my friends. Good times. I don't take you for someone much older than 21 though! But that's none of my business.

    Never seen. The World God Only Knows. Much love for that series.
  4. Traece
    2013-01-14 23:47
    Well to each their own. Lack of interest would be a better phrase to use I suppose, if I wanted to not be dramatic.

    Which I don't.

    Hm... A club sounds nice but I have no idea what club that is. I'm in the 21 club. What they neglect to tell you about turning 21 is that booze isn't for helping you get over rough times. It's for helping you get over how old you feel compared to younger generations.

    Oh. Favorite anime, GO!
  5. Traece
    2013-01-14 23:14
    Haha. That title is almost appropriate for how I feel about it. "We still don't know the name or how to say it."

    Boys don't watch silly things like Babysitters' Club and Sailor Moon! We watch things like Power Rangers, Arnold Schwarzenegger beating up robots, and Dragonball Z!

    Meh. I feel old now.

    Ah. I still haven't watched Sword Art Online. I am going to start and finish the second season of Rozen Maiden soon though! Then I'll probably start Psycho Pass. Making progress!
  6. Traece
    2013-01-14 22:11
    Ano M-Mita... Boku... What?

    You should definitely watch Natsume. It makes even myself tear up slightly. And I'm a man.

    Haha. I was never big on Sailor Moon. I suspect that many people would have been concerned if their teenager was obsessed with magical highschool girls looking for love and fighting villains.

    What is your avatar from, by the way?
  7. Traece
    2013-01-14 18:25
    Ah. Sports... I don't go outside enough to care about sports

    You're a bit like me then. I can watch most anything as long as it's actually entertaining. Although you're the first person I've met that specifically likes magical girl shows. Were you big on Sailor Moon and such when you were younger?

    Also, you like crying so I suspect you watch Natsume Yuujinchou?
  8. Traece
    2013-01-14 01:44
    So. Chiibi.

    What kind of anime/manga do you like? I've found that I enjoy scifi, action, romance, comedy, and lots of vagueness and mystery. Let us discuss!
  9. Akuma Kinomoto
    2013-01-12 01:13
    Akuma Kinomoto
    Asuna called. She wants her man back. >:O
  10. Traece
    2013-01-07 23:25
    Ah, I see. That about sums up my involvement in Asuki over the past year or two. I spent a lot of time on here in highschool and then just before graduation I stopped coming on much. I only started to be active again in the last month or so. Now I just troll around like a crotchety old man suggesting classic anime and saying phrases synonymous with: "Well back in my day..."

    Ah. So not as well versed as I suspected. The only voice actors I really know are KugiRie because I despise her typecast and Norio Wakamoto. Of course I know of several English voice actors because they're reused so frequently, but then so does everyone else for that reason.

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    drawing/reading manga, watching anime, studying Japanese
    Shipping! XD
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    Lovely Complex
    Guess. XD It starts with a F and ends in a "sagashite".
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