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Lolli for loli :D

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  1. Liddo-kun
    2013-07-19 07:57
    Sorry for very late reply. I was busy with anime cons.

    Already replied to your post at Oreimo thread.
  2. Chiibi
    2013-07-09 22:49
    Yes, I'm watching that as well. XD
    This summer's anime have all been winners. (At least the ones I chose) I am following:
    Kamisama Inai No Nichiyoubi (really love)
    Blood Lad
    Inu to Hasami
    Rozen Maiden

    Haha don't fight the doggie boy...he will get you in the end.
  3. Traece
    2013-07-05 20:47
    I recently rewatched Scryed, and for some reason even started watching a little bit of Zatch Bell to get closer to the ending. I'm seriously fighting the urge to try and finish Inuyasha though, and I blame you for this.

    Girls and their dogs eh? There's always Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo!

    The new season is finally started and I'm quite excited! The next two days have the rest of the new stuff that I want to see!
  4. Traece
    2013-06-28 20:01
    Seems somewhat interesting. Let me know if it's any good and I might have to give it a shot as well!

    Also, I see we've simultaneously subscribed to a new ship. Interesting how these things work out.
  5. Traece
    2013-06-28 00:51
    Well, I'm not saying that the actual relationship is weird. It makes perfect sense and they are a good fit for each other. It was just a bit odd because he knew her parents and played in a band with them, and then became a dead person who doesn't age and now the daughter is in love with him. That's the only thing that kind of bothered me about it.

    I've seen Fruits Basket, and it was comparable to this for me. Have you exhausted your shoujo supply? D:
  6. Traece
    2013-06-27 22:15
    For Mitsuki I kind of wanted her to be introduced to someone new for a romance, or even go without one in the end so that she could have a fresh start after she got her life back. Takuto and her being together is a little weird in my eyes because it's like they've done this full-circle thing where she's now in love with a guy that played with her parents and Wakaouji.

    The thing I liked about Meroko in the end, especially at the very end, was that they matured her character a bit when she lost to Mitsuki and she became dependable instead of just being this annoying character who almost always gets everything wrong.

    Hah, I can see how the ending would make people cry from happiness. Especially if you wanted Takuto and Mitsuki to get together. Making a happy ending a tearjerker is certainly a hard thing to do!

    I don't really read manga at all. I've only even read two series. If I ever get the chance though I'll try and take it.

    Are there any other shows like this that you'd like me to try?
  7. Traece
    2013-06-26 21:02
    Oh really? Good! I wish they had spent more time on Ooshige and Wakaouji instead of just implying that they have a relationship. In fact, I welcome a Wakaouji spinoff series! They were my favorite characters in the end.

    Honestly, I didn't find the ending particularly sad. Mostly because by the time it had come around I knew that whatever happened would end well. If there had been some sort of big sacrifice or loss I would have been affected, but everything ended in the best way possible really. Happy endings don't usually make me cry.

    Actually, the one part that I did get a bit sad during was the Eichi reveal. Even though I sort of saw it coming the grandparents made me sad.

    Surprisingly enough at the end I kind of hoped that Takuto and Meroko would get together even though I knew they wouldn't do that. I guess that goes to show how much better her character was at the end.
  8. Traece
    2013-06-25 16:51
    I did indeed!

    Crazily I pushed myself through the 32 remaining episodes of that series so that I could finally stop delaying its finish. It was worth it in the end!

    I think the thing that stuck with me the most was that up until it was implied I never actually considered Ooshige and Wakaouji as a potential couple. They really do make a great couple though don't they? Admittedly Meroko was a bit more bearable in the latter half, and I also liked that dress she wore when Takuto told Wakaouji who he really was.
  9. Traece
    2013-06-25 04:50

    Guess what I finished tonight?
  10. RRW
    2013-05-29 18:09
    Random Pic of the Day
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    ~「program RRW」~
    ~「system shutdown」~

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