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Kazu-kun Kazu-kun is online now

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  1. Archon_Wing
    2012-10-01 02:57
    Yea I'm not exactly a fan of characters who just stay static and are just there to display their quirky trait every episode and leave. It's also why I was skeptical of Tari Tari at the start because similar shows to it have easily turned me off.

    Lol, Nanoha franchise hasn't been the same after A's. StrikerS was mediocre at best and the less said about the mangas the better. But I place a much higher priority into remembering characters such as Fate over the shows they hail from, often. And I've always been somewhat indiffrent to anime, but some friends are helping me in that regard. Previously it used to be because I thought anime plain sucked, though I no longer feel that way though RL has given me less time to watch and pretty much everything that's not really interesting gets ignored.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2012-09-28 18:32
    Sup, I liked your Tari Tari posts, and you seem to appeciate Wakana quite a bit.

    Also, looking at your groups... Fate fan as well?
  3. RDF2050
  4. Kirarakim
    2012-09-16 19:04
    I thought so (but I wanted to make sure). Although since it was obviously an anime fan I would probably have accepted the request anyways.

    I hope you enjoy your stay there.
  5. Kirarakim
    2012-09-16 18:03
    Is this you on Twitter?
  6. vansonbee
    2012-06-08 18:34
    Hello there!

    Just wondering where that gal in your avatar from?
  7. Triple_R
    2012-05-09 17:25
    Sorry about the recent disagreement between us on the Madoka PSP game thread.

    I've been a bit overly irritable lately due to how comp issues have stopped me from following my favorite anime shows recently. :-/

    Sayaka is also admittedly a character I can be a bit defensive over, as you know, lol.
  8. satomianzaki
    2012-05-06 10:16
    yup, would also like to know from which anime is your avatar? thanks...
  9. Sheba
    2012-04-29 03:19
    Where did that avatar come from?
  10. vansonbee
    2012-04-15 20:44
    can u tell me where u saw the raws for sket dance 228?

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