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Bubbly and super fun

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  1. monir
    2011-02-24 19:32
    You son of a gun... You are mad just because I haven't been touching you lately. I promise we will go out later and buy you a lots of nice things. Stop pouting already.
  2. monir
    2011-02-20 08:34
    Hello.... anybody home? echo echo echo echo..
  3. monir
    2011-02-09 23:33
    You still alive geezer? I haven't heard even a toot from you considering how difficult it is to shut you up!
  4. Rurik
    2010-11-29 15:51
    Hey old man, remeber about the Manga Leviathan? Well I finally reached the end, all I can say is that towards the end I didnt understand almost anything that very confussing!
  5. monir
    2010-09-21 04:45
    Can't blame them considering very few selective people are privy to those naughty Sasuke related yaoi that you enjoy on a regular basis. Just share some of those with the disgruntled ones, like the ones where Oro-sama is on top.
  6. monir
    2010-09-14 10:52
    So now that we are all wrapped up with this very interesting arc about Pain and Sasuke-kun's list of accomplishment glorified in gorgeously animated episodes, does the story stay at it with its intensity? Some of the manga readers are hinting at the excitement wanes quite a bit after the end of the Pain arc. I am worried. Hold me, geezer!
  7. Jeffry2009
    2010-09-04 10:57
    Hello, what animes are you watching right now?
  8. Rurik
    2010-08-27 13:32
    I actuallly posted this in my wall.....

    Well, I have been less fortunate than you guys with work...this days has been very boring for me, but I still can have some fun poking around here...

    Either way, I see that James finally got the nod for MOD, let see if he can take the presure of thousands of NaruXSaku fans breathing down his neck....
  9. Rurik
    2010-08-24 13:24
    Hey Old Man, long time no see, so, how are things doing in Limbo?
  10. monir
    2010-06-21 03:41
    Interestingly enough, someone revived the old observation about how fights with Naruto in it seem to get the short end of the stick by the animators. In the same breath, Sasuke's fight tend to be breath takingly animated. Some of the highlight of this entire series in terms of gorgeously animated fights revolved around Sasuke. Killerbee vs. Sasuke is the latest highlight.

    The practical reason this time around why Naruto centric story got the short end of the stick, again... would be: the movie which comes out next month, and the return of Bleach that is covering the manga story once again. I'm sure Nara animation studio diverted a significant portion of their manpower responsible for those high budgeted animated motion to the movie and Bleach. As a result, Naruto centric fight was put on hold once again. That said, however, episode 167 should be a gorgeous one.

    I agree with your take on the rest.

    As for the ship talk, enjoy it sire for I'll be in the beach enjoying my sun and the view nearby. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

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