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Bubbly and super fun

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  1. Rurik
    2010-08-24 13:24
    Hey Old Man, long time no see, so, how are things doing in Limbo?
  2. monir
    2010-06-21 03:41
    Interestingly enough, someone revived the old observation about how fights with Naruto in it seem to get the short end of the stick by the animators. In the same breath, Sasuke's fight tend to be breath takingly animated. Some of the highlight of this entire series in terms of gorgeously animated fights revolved around Sasuke. Killerbee vs. Sasuke is the latest highlight.

    The practical reason this time around why Naruto centric story got the short end of the stick, again... would be: the movie which comes out next month, and the return of Bleach that is covering the manga story once again. I'm sure Nara animation studio diverted a significant portion of their manpower responsible for those high budgeted animated motion to the movie and Bleach. As a result, Naruto centric fight was put on hold once again. That said, however, episode 167 should be a gorgeous one.

    I agree with your take on the rest.

    As for the ship talk, enjoy it sire for I'll be in the beach enjoying my sun and the view nearby. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. monir
    2010-06-16 23:01
    That's a shame. If the anime team played up to the expectation of the manga readers, then I can only imagine how much more those scenes would have entertained me as a first time viewer. I already liked it for the story alone, but still used caution at pouring out in the face of so many disgruntled manga readers who watched the anime and then, raged on.

    Does that mean we need to log in early and stay logged in?
  4. monir
    2010-06-16 11:52
    Are you still taking a look see at the Naruto anime? What did you think the recent storm of criticism toward how the anime is mishandling the manga representation. Lay it on me geezer without sugarcoating anything, for old time sakes.
    2010-05-15 20:00
    Hi,Can we be friends?
  6. james0246
    2010-04-24 17:24
    Hey Hunter, I have a quick question concerning your/a moderators stance on this post in the Request Thread.
  7. Rurik
    2010-04-19 10:35
    Wao, someone is actually thaking GOD you are a mod
  8. Jeffry2009
    2010-04-18 00:37
    Hi, are you a moderator? Thank god, I'd like to add you because I like to post some news about animes & other news & sort like that.
  9. Rurik
    2010-01-19 16:04
    Yo old Geizer, long time no see, How everything doing in the front?
  10. Uchiha Soul
    2009-12-04 14:37
    Uchiha Soul
    Hey Hunter .. about Naruto Ep 138 discussion thread .. i'm sorry if I wrote something will happened in the future .. I know u will not believe me but Believe it or Not, I really don’t read the Manga .. I wrote what I felt and what I analyzed from the episode .. I always depend on my self in analyzing the incidents.
    But from ur reaction toward my comments, I can say that u r the one who gave me a hint that what I said is true
    i hope u r not mad at me

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