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  1. Kyero Fox
    2013-04-01 07:13
    Kyero Fox
    Wonna bet that Mizore and Kurumu beat psyco vampire #2 even tho they should likely be destroyed (Again) in a heart beat? XD
  2. usspaul
    2013-03-14 06:46
    something for you my friend
    Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
    i dunno who did the drawings for these but gawd are they hawt.
  3. usspaul
    2013-02-18 01:51
    its battlefield 3 i couldnt play it before on my computer because i was running xp so i just shelved it tell i decided to update my os well since my computer died recently i update my os to windows 7 enterprise so i go to install it then it says the key is already in used to anotehr account! but i only have 1 account
  4. usspaul
    2013-02-18 00:43
    KENJI IM SO DAMN PISSED WITH EA GAMES! i cant play a game i physicaly own because the damn code is in use by an account i dont own. and those tards say they cant do anything about it and that i would have to buy the game again. IM LIKE I OWN THE FUCKING PHYSICAL COPY OF THE DAMN GAME HERE IS A PICTURE WITH TODAYS DAY AND TIME WITH ME HOLDING THE FUCKING GAME WITH CD KEY I CANT FUCKING USE!!!!!!!
  5. usspaul
    2013-02-12 23:18
    yeah tell me about it. i tried seeing if it would be better if i plug in my keyboard and mouse. but it still blows big balls. im like gawd this sucks. well on the bright side i found my dads old labtop and damn it is being pissing me off. like it been lagging like crazy and stalling! their some kind of virus on here and i just cant get rid of it
  6. usspaul
    2013-02-12 05:28
    what really gets me mad is everything was working fine until freaken saterday morning then i keeped tring things tell i ran out of options and called the evga guys and they where like try this try that and i did then they are like well then its either the motherboard or the cpu and both are to expensive for what their are worth lol so here i am getting new hardware. i might also buy a new case too. btw i really hate the ps3 internet browaser its pissing me off
  7. usspaul
    2013-02-12 05:20
    kenji im so mad ! my computer died on me this weekend and now i routed it down to either my motherboard or cpu being bad since i stripped everything but the cpu and it still wont go past the inital post. cries. replacement parts for either of those parts are just too damn expensive to just try get the same things so now i have to just gut the motherboard and cpu for newer ones. 470 dollors for new motherboard and cpu. vs trying to replace one cpu of the same current cpu of 700 dollors or 400 for the same type of motherboard cries !
  8. Kirito
    2013-02-01 20:33
    Me too, 5-6 puzzles and atmosphere was lacking because of the action concept overshadowing those elements. 4 was balanced and I enjoyed the most of the the other due to who drifted way from its craft.

    i hated DmC from the beginning. I'm sure you knew that because of our mutual understanding of how bad the move was and the unprofessional tactics that went into the game. Plus, companies paying for high ratings is just a cheap way to get sales, and it's totally sickening to me too. The game sucked, they made a bad move, they should learn to deal with it!

    I loved fighting games and RPGs the most. I'm so looking forward to Tales of Xillia and waiting for the Europe to gets Persona 4 Arena in hopes that online play will start picking up against. Plus, I really want to test and see how I'll fare about European players. Knowing them, I'm sure Clementine will still be younger just to keep the short length of the story to keeps it consistency going. That's just me though, but I'm still torn between waiting for the full game or buying it 1 episode at a time. Have to wait to see where this goes.

    Me too, after FF13 and the way the company is mismanaged in terms of direction and creativity, it's been dead to me, as well. I still cling to the hope that Versus XIII will come, but why do I even bother since FF13 just continues to live and have to make bad awful games sell to get a FF7 remake. I hate that DLC endings too, it seems to be the new fad for DLC these days. That's why I youtube a playthrough before buying a game just to see if somethings off, so to speak.

    It's just BS dude. I'm sure it's just an excuse for fans to buy past titles, get more money, and screw over more buyers just to make more demands since the remake has been requested for years. Where's aspirin when you need one, seriously! -_-
  9. Kirito
    2013-02-01 08:27
    After RE 5-6 I pretty much lost faith in Cashcom. There RE: Revelations coming out but I'm sort of skeptical since the action aspect will overlook the horror in retrospect. DmC, i knew it was a bad move from the beginning. The unprofessionalism that went into the game like ignoring and treating the fanbase like trash, not paying attention or adding elements that made Devil May Cry special only made things worse and sealed the games fate harshly.

    I don't like FPS either since I'm more of RPG, Hack n Slash, and action etc. I'll wait for season 2 of WD when it gets released this year. I hope Clementine is the protagonist.

    I should've just rented it FF13 instead of buying it. Since I was a gamer who bought games without looking at them properly back then, I wasted my money and my time on inferior products that don't live up to games that have said series labeled on them. I'm truly worried on how Kingdom Heart 3 will be treated-- probably like FF13-2 and take out stuff we'll have to pay for. Now FF13-3... where's aspirin when you need, seriously!

    Great article and FF Online got the same negative backlash, as well. Speaking of which, the President of S.E Wada is said to be limiting all staff creativity. What sort of nonsense is this?!
  10. Kirito
    2013-01-31 23:25
    I thought RE 5-6 were good but not RE good. 4 I'd say is better than 5 and 6 because even 4 had of the horror factor than the other two games had. Some monsters in 4 were creepy and spooky you have to admit. The beta would've been an instant buy, but they needed to branch off before the series was still at its highest. Shooting zombies are cool, but limited in ammunition, cryptic puzzles, and creepy atmospheric elements make the games shine in its entirety 1-Code Veronica X proves that point.

    I still don't know whatever I'd like that version or the recently season 1 finished version better. Looks pretty neat though, not enough spook factor in the trailer though.

    Me too. Final Fantasy XIII how that will forever continue to piss me off! They canceled Versus XIII and let that piece of garbage of a FF live and making a third game with one character playable only. I paid $60 for both FF13 games and I still continue to kick myself for buying the game, and when I found out they took the ending out. I was pissed! Like Crapcom, Sqaure Enix are a sinking ship sinking faster than they could possibly imagine, seriously!

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