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  1. felix
    2013-01-03 11:57
    Uhm... what?
  2. TheEroKing
    2013-01-03 08:21
    why so tsundere? about 30 ppl I guess. want to subscribe too?
  3. felix
    2012-12-30 18:11
    Yes and No. I brought it up only because I had a go though it recently.

    If you recall that um problematic (?) picture that spurred a discussion a while back, the scene is from it. More precisely Muv Luv: Total Eclipse. I'll skip over the details on what the series is about, since it's essentially just a military mecha/gundam show (realistic drama whatnot) with monster elements, but basically with regard to that picture the show itself actually makes it mild. You see in this show, every country on the face of the earth (whats left of them) is a complete utter racist ass towards every other country. In fact the main protagonist is an half-japanese "american," who's a complete and utter racist towards japanese people (go figure).

    The context of the picture is a bit of a spoiler,

    Just thought maybe you might find it interesting to know.
  4. felix
    2012-12-30 14:35
    Have you seen Muv Luv?
  5. Eragon
    2012-12-26 10:33
    9 - for yours. Extra points for the matching sig. GodLike sure has skill with animated sigs
  6. Eragon
    2012-12-26 08:30
    Yes, I had.
  7. Eragon
    2012-12-26 02:06
    When did Kenny become ecchi material?
  8. Eragon
    2012-12-26 01:54
    Oops, sorry Btw three posters ignored mine
  9. Ist
    2012-12-23 03:36
    not just yuri. i like guy on girl and girl on girl loves!
    hey, if it looks good, then it's all GOOD.
  10. DingoEnderZOE2
    2012-12-21 17:21
    Samus has no childhood traumatic event linking back to a dark clone of herself....Why should she show any fear or hesitation at all to it when she has no previous connection with it other than the fact that it was accidentally created by her in Prime 1? I can tell you I'd personally have a bigger connection and fear/hatred towards a giant monster that I witnessed kill and eat my family and then kill everyone I knew at the tender age of 3 than a clone of myself....

    No Samus was popular BECAUSE of the simple fact that she was a WOMAN capable of being a successful bounty hunter. Her silent persona in the previous games just made it easier for fans to come up with their own personality for her and that's what lead to the problem with most folks about Other M.

    I thought it was about time for Samus to finally get her own personality and I personally liked it, it's just alot of people wanted her to be something else and the Ridley scene just ruined it for a lot of people because they expected her to go all "GRRR RIDLEY!!! SAMUS SMASH!!!" as soon as she saw him, but instead she RIGHTFULLY so had flashbacks and showed hesitation because she thought she finally killed him the last time they met which was in Super Metroid an event that only took place a few months prior to the events of other M. Plus remember at that point in the games continuity it would only be the third she encountered him at that point in other M, with the first time being in Metroid 1 which he managed to survive and second time being the Super Metroid incident when she THOUGHT his body was blasted to bits on Zebes after she defeated him on Zebes.

    She had every right to believe she could close the book on her hatred of the monster and be utterly shocked and frozen up when she was proven horribly wrong. Naturally a lot of people and especially these "hardcore fans" don't think about all that....Seriously can't a woman in video games have a vulnerable side or issues and STILL be a bad ass bounty hunter?

    As for Adam, gameplay wise it was just an excuse to give you the same feeling of being stripped of your powers until you can use more that's all. But story wise Samus had mad respect for the guy why shouldn't she show some respect to him while she was technically under his command at the time by following his rules and limiting her weapons until he had his say so? I mean she obviously cared so much that after the mission was done she went back to get a memento of him. She was still able to get things done wasn't she so what's the problem? Was she supposed to go "Boy please I'm Samus Aran I've done more in the galaxy than all your squad combined you FOLLOW ME!!"?

    As for voice acting, eh I've heard a lot worse so it didn't bug me at all.

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