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  1. Miraluka
    2011-02-05 22:46
    It seems to be a character with similar design.
  2. Hooves
    2011-01-19 19:22
    where did Arbitres go?!
    He requested himself to be disabled and it was eventually approved hence the "Disabled By Request"
  3. Crimrui
    2011-01-01 12:44
    Well I didn't do anything special ether to tell you the truth, similar to you only without WoW. Don't worry, it can't rain forever =)
  4. Crimrui
    2011-01-01 12:35
    Happy New Year dude, hope you had a blast for the New Year's eve? Wish you good health, lots of money, love and inner peace for the upcoming days/months. Of course lots of fun time with games as well
  5. Kyero Fox
    2010-12-22 19:02
    Kyero Fox
    I pray 5 concentrates on Melee weapons as much as range I want Scythes and pole arm weapons XD
  6. Arbitres
    2010-12-22 17:36
    Remember the name, Trial! We'll fight someday. Don't you forget that.
  7. Arbitres
    2010-12-21 22:30
    Idiot, what do you think I have? All I need is actual internet, not this pseudo non-wireless shit I've been having all my life.

    Give the song to me anyways, I'll try to load it on my computer.
  8. Arbitres
    2010-12-21 08:58
    You must be talking about the gatling guns, then. Although I'm sure you were having a tirade about rockets/grenades, too. Maybe I was wrong.

    No they don't. Just aim and fire, like anything weapon. What does involve skilled timing and precisive movement is speed, as well as being able to battle while maintaining velocity.
  9. Arbitres
    2010-12-21 08:47
    Wow.... just wow, you really use grenade launchers? You bitched about them you know.

    Grenade launchers are too slow, not enough rapid fire. All they have is the bulk and the firepower, no finesse. Which means they can be avoided.

    Trial's movement statistics are nearly maxed out with a focus on firing precision. If I boost twice, I would have completely avoided your shots and be firing at you while closing in on you as you try to relocate and re-target me.

    .... Seriously, your bulky, firepower-oriented playstyle is obsolete. If you can't hit me it doesn't matter what you do, even if I run out of shots for my primary weapon i still have laser blades. One on the elft and one in the right storage for when the shots on my primary weapon is spent.

    It's called 'versatile', it's being prepared. I admit it's possible you will hit me, but unless you bring in the Wadou and Sakunami, I doubt you'd bring me down. Those two launchers have two very serious achilles heels:

    They lack quantity in ammunition, and they are abnormally bulky and hard to re-target.
  10. Arbitres
    2010-12-21 08:35
    You should specify what you mean.

    All rockets are effected by heat decoys, everything besides ammunition and kojima/laser weaponry is affected by ehat decoys in fact. Meaning even the biggest, baddest rocket isn't impervious to being misdirected. Also, rockets have a lag time - Use them and switch to your weapons, and that small interval is enough for me to land no more then 2 laser blade hits on you.

    You know why I'm at average/medium range? So I can boost my way up to you when your staggered or are switching weapons. Both have a short time period of happenstance, but both are equally fatal.

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