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  1. kayos
    2010-12-14 19:38
    started in march but I play with friends on all 3 servers (NA, EU, and AS)... it's so good lol.
  2. Yuno
    2010-12-12 02:10
    Haha, good night XD I like that it's going to be a BG that sounds exciting!
  3. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 02:01
    I was thinking more of Suzaku, actually....

    Hair style = okay, sort've
    Clothing = sort of
    Weapon = well, they both wield swords. It just seems Leo prefers long, double-edge swords and Asbel prefers katanas.
    Personality = I guess?
  4. Yuno
    2010-12-12 01:56
    Not really, I felt a very biased opinion. I saw both quite evenly despite liking Forsaken. I was able to find enjoyment from both stories and again as I said it's war. Each feel they have a claim.
  5. Yuno
    2010-12-12 01:50
    It is what I hopped on my roomies account to try. It was underwhelming I thought. I was expecting a little more and that is probably what the problem was. The final fight for the city was really neat though.

    You've been leaving both quiet diligently hehe.
  6. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:45
    Use whatever information you can get. Or rather, use any reliable information you can get. Since it's relatively early I'd only believe a direct word from the creators, and nothing else but. Proof is the Shieldmaiden for Truth.

    Loved Oblivion, good it's getting it's own sequel~ ...Hopefully.

    No call for that. You have to wait awhile for any gameplay to be actively shown.
  7. Yuno
    2010-12-12 01:45
    So so, I have been piddling on a friends account here and there.

    I have been~ Thank you so much for the concern. I was nagged to be more on time by my doctor so I have set an alarm for my pills hehe.
  8. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:34
    I'm pretty sure Shadow broker was the DLC that'd have some impact on ME3.

    No, Skyrim is the Nord part of Tamriel. Dragonborn may be referencing to the Septim bloodline, or another Dragonborn of sorts. I wouldn't know, unfortunately. Just have to wait it out.
  9. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:27
    There has already been dLC preparing for ME3. Think, what do you think Lair of the Shadow Broker did? It make subtext, a formula that has the possibility of being followed up on. Either storyline or entirely optional.

    I always destroy it, I saved it one time and I didn't care much for it. Because either way, you'll lose quite abit of life.

    Really? They announced Elder scrolls V? w00t!
  10. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:16
    Don't go throwing around accusations, that isn't "Joking around", that's a good way to make yourself enemies right quick.

    The Reapers are going to attack the galaxy. Depending on the final choice, you may or may not be able to save it. Even if you reinforce the standing forces with Legion's Geth, as well as the Qunari and various other races, the Collector base would be invaluable to destroying the Reapers.... and if you get rid of the Collector's base, you really can't say there won't be millions of casualties. The Collector base is probably the most important prior-choice for ME3.

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