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  1. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 01:07
    Don't be hostile towards people that haven't done anything wrong, even then liking Tali is wholly subjective. Liking Tali doesn't make you right, or wrong. I personally like Tali. But not everyone does, and I can't force my opinion.
  2. Kyero Fox
    2010-12-12 01:01
    Kyero Fox
    and I'm actually starting to think you're an ass.

    I thought you ment the opposite.
  3. Arbitres
    2010-12-12 00:20
    I'm actually really, seriously starting to question your intelligence.

    Tali =/= canon. As in, Tali has to be, or should be, the canonical romantic interest of Shepherd. It wasn't a misspelling of cannon, nor was it meant in mock. In fact, I was being very serious.
  4. Yuno
    2010-12-06 20:09
    Oh I see, so that solves that~ Just use both XD
  5. Yuno
    2010-12-06 19:02
    Hmm, Valkenhayn or Vahan~ Valkenhayn has the root word "Choose" in early norse myth (typically attached to Valkyrie). Though I am not aware of the names full meaning. Hmm, and Vahan is the sandskrit word for "vehicle of conciousness" or "shield" in Armenian. These name are available? If so I think the simple Vahan would be best. It is simplistic, but has two different meanings to different cultures.
  6. Yuno
    2010-12-06 17:48
    No unfortunatelly. Cataclysm is tomorrow too, though I don't have enough for it anyway.
  7. iwatch2muchanime
    2010-12-05 00:35
    lol indeed it is dude. She's hot though so I loves it.
  8. Kyero Fox
    2010-12-02 02:00
    Kyero Fox
    everyone falls for stuff like that. I just got to 34 and Exalted with Undercity and Reveared with Goblins. and im about to drop dead from lack of sleep XD

    I hope you get your account back, GL
  9. Yuno
    2010-12-02 01:05
    I level fast because usually it's the appointments that keep me away for days on end. So I get the levelilng done quickly so I can make up for the lost time. I can guess where I got the keylogger. I also reported the person who gave me the link too. A guy posted he had drawings he wanted to show us. I being an artist myself wished to see his skill. How foolish. I guess this is what the doctor means when they say "still child like mind."
  10. Yuno
    2010-12-01 18:41
    Something had been fishy about my computer. It is for this reason why I don't like it when people use my computer. I had my careworker call them and it could be some time. =_=

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