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  1. Yuno
    2010-12-01 15:56
    I can't log into my account at all. I am going to call blizzard support after my appointments.
  2. Kaijo
    2010-11-28 19:32
    Not yet. Did you contact Nightfall? Or another mod?
  3. Yuno
    2010-11-28 18:43
    I'm on as Ellinor, but taking my medicine so I may not reply right away.
  4. Kaijo
    2010-11-24 20:02
    Apology accepted. I know how frustrating it can be to receive a neg rep; I've received plenty from people, and yeah, I wish they'd leave their name. But they rarely do. But responding to it would just make things worse. You have a decent rep level, so just continue to keep making decent posts and ultimately it won't matter.

    One thing to note is that neg reps give you approximately half the box value, so with four boxes, you'd neg rep someone for 2 points. Sometimes it rounds up, or is a bit higher (so you might do 3 points). That gives you a guess as to who de-reps you.

    And yeah, ask a mod to remove it, saying you de-repped in error. I think someone like Nightfall is one of the few that can remove it, so ask them. I'll wait a few days to see.
  5. Kaijo
    2010-11-24 19:26
    I didn't de-rep you at all; doing so on such an insignificant topic is kinda lame. Though apparently you did hit me, thinking it was me. Next time you might want confirm who de-repped you before you strike out.

    As an apology, you might want to ask a mod to remove that neg rep you gave me. it's either that, or I neg rep you for sure (and thus prove I wasn't the one who hit you). Your choice.
  6. Arbitres
    2010-11-24 16:33
    ... I see, you're probably right. Because it's in my policy to never hold back.

    That is how I play AC. With a radical preference on speed and stable aerial combat. I'd almost choose SEBORRO class if it wasn't so unstable and flimsy.

    Takafumi quoted what I felt very well, "As long as you can hit the enemy you cannot lose."
  7. Arbitres
    2010-11-24 00:01
    I've played AC4, AC4FA, MoA, Silent Line, and AC3. Wicked good fun.

    And I'm not cranky! lol
  8. Arbitres
    2010-11-24 00:00
    You should always take a video game seriously, to show who is strong and who is weak is the basis of all videogames. If you lose you are either greenhorn or you are incompetent.

    Yes, Serene haze appears only on hard. I love it when she says "Stand still so I can cut you down".... Heh, she needs to die for such insult to me. I won't hold still on request, and if you want to 'cut' me you have to reach me.

    Also, it's too bad I don't have a PS3 and good internet. Otherwise I'd fight you right now. Not as an act of force or aggression, but I do think you could be better then me if you put that little bit of special effort in.
  9. Arbitres
    2010-11-23 23:50
    My basis of all NEXTs is I never get hit, ever. If I get hit by anything that isn't a AoE or NEXT, I am pretty ashamed of myself.

    White Glint? Yes he was hard at first but everyone gets better. Just like me and the spirit of mother will.

    You mean the Arteria Carpals? Oh my god.... You all find that hard? Two of them are slowpokes, Stasis is the only real challenge, and Reiterpallasch only damages you if you let it.

    Serene Haze? Well I suppose she almost got me, although she would have done better if she chose a bit stronger weaponry.

    Otsdarva wasn't that hard to beat because as I mentioned before Lahires are fragile and pretty easily taken down if they stand still long enough.

    Roadie is too easy, just dodge and go ballistic. He basically stands still.

    Wynne... Well, depends. If you have kojima weaponry. Use some kojima weaponry and attack her when her PA is down, pretty much impairing her outright. If not you could always weaken her PA and get in close to use your PA.

    It's simple long as you even the odds.
  10. Arbitres
    2010-11-23 23:34
    Nothing. I just can't believe someone found Aretha hard. It is definitely hard to beat if you forego strategical and tactical battle and just rush in with laser blades hoping to beat it.

    I also did that tidbit on White Glint because I'm sitill so surprised something like that could be considered a force of God.

    I just don't want people to glorify Joshua O'Brien's legacy with The Raven's legacy. For Answer White Glint isn't the White Glint, it was redesigned in memory of The Raven's comrade.

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