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  1. kitten320
    2010-07-05 13:21
    More like they would rape each other
  2. Last Sinner
    2010-07-02 11:06
    Last Sinner
    Depends on whether they change the character cap per server. I've got ten 80s - one of each class - all on Blackrock and I'm still in the equal-best Alliance guild and getting stuff I wouldn't in almost any other. If I'm forced to make the Worgen on another server, that could be a way to go. But I doubt I'd start over. I'm definitely best as a Mage and Worgens can't be that class, from memory. I'm achieved way too much on it - especially in the last week - to wipe the slate clean. Also got IRL friends there. I'll see how it goes.
  3. kitten320
    2010-06-30 16:13
    True that, both have their minuses.

    I was reffering not only to you, I just have stumbled on a lot of Byakuya lovers but Soi Fon haters and the reasons they gave me can be easily applied to Byakuya, I just hate when things like this happen.

    Yeh, I was like "WTF" but in kinda pleasant way.
  4. Arbitres
    2010-06-26 17:55
    xD Computer is too slow. I can't load it all the way. Don't worry though, I'll see it when I get on a faster computer - which will be around next week depending on my schedule.

    Thanks. I appreciate you looking to contribute.
  5. Crimrui
    2010-06-23 13:14
    Damn man, Transformers War for Cybertron is tight! Just got the game today. The campaign is full of win. I don't have to explain, go get it now! =)
  6. King Lycan
    2010-06-21 17:38
    King Lycan
    Your In PC Beta For Final Fantasy 14 Or PS3
  7. FriedRice84
    2010-06-20 21:41
    Hattori Junko - Ichiban Ushiro Dai Maou
  8. Yamiro
    2010-06-03 09:28
    Well that explains alot. Code Geass is my first mecha
  9. Yamiro
    2010-06-03 03:37
    Never heard about that one, sorry
  10. Yamiro
    2010-06-02 13:06
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Never played the first or the second one, have you? You should try it it's the best damn game in the world

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    I love anime and games
    Snake Way
    Games,Anime,Computers,Cat/Fox girls,Alkaid,Mizore,Kallen
    PC Configuration
    I can play Crysis and Crysis 2 at once.
    Currently Watching
    Rosario to vampire, Code Geass, Bleach, Naruto, Blassreiter, Dragon Ball z
    Umisho,Trigun,Haruhi,DBZ,Yu Yu Hakusho, Hyper Police
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