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  1. demon_god04
    2008-10-21 12:25
    what story? well the mods do not ban people just for that, unless your story is flaming someone or insulting.
  2. demon_god04
    2008-10-21 09:05
    Jade is like the best character XD He also has some of the best lines in the game.

    Thing is that in Unknown, he just can't keep up with the damage with Tear and while Anise can caste more frequently and faster.

    I did a long analysis of C.C, Kallen and Shirley awhile back in terms of romantic development towards Lelouch. Ofcourse I did not get an intelligible response from anyone other then Lie.
  3. demon_god04
    2008-10-20 12:45
    When have they ever had steam -.- While alot of her scenes can be viewed in a romantic light, they were also portrayed with a maternal supportive nature. Where as Kallen's entire development since the first season has had many common literary romance elements as well as it being directed at Zero/Lelouch for two seasons. There is no doubt that Kallen was meant and written as Lelouch's love interest and a more concrete ending with her was shelved because of C.C's apparent popularity as static flat characters seem to appeal to the demographics, see Lacus.... -.-

    My party is usually Luke, Natalia, Tear and Jade or Anise as the fourth. I swap Luke and Guy as well. I usually only like having one tank type character on the harder difficulties and plus Guy is like cheapness personified in Tales of the Abyss. Natalia is my main healer while Tear is my main caster. Tear is the caster over Jade simply because of Tear's Pendent which is the best accessory for her. I include Jade because he is a great character but in terms of spell casting Anise is actually a better caster then him. Someone on Gamefaqs crunched the numbers awhile back, while Jade does do more raw damage per spell, Anise's spells generally do not lag in damage by a huge factor, but more importantly her spells cost half or sometimes even less then what Jade's does and she has a faster caste time. And when you get her Antlion man accessory it heals her hp and tp at the same time at regular intervels.
  4. demon_god04
    2008-10-19 20:21
    You haven't gotten very far have you? Jade practically oozes awesomeness. Plus Indignation and Mystic Cage are just great Mystic Artes.

    Yeah I read that about Nunally, and it seems there was also official confirmation that Lelouch is dead? I did not believe he got the Code either, it is just mainly the C.C fans wanting their pairing to work that gave rise to that whole thing anyways.
  5. demon_god04
    2008-10-19 16:53
    it is a great game, you are going to love it XD Let me know if you need help

    do you have Natalia yet? I love using her in my party XD

    And everyone knows that the undisputed god of Tales of the Abyss is Jade Curtis
  6. Lolipopo
    2008-10-18 14:41
    I'm back Wita !!! I had some problem but it's fine now ! lelouch is dead and Kalulu won everything is perfect xD
    oh and all hail G00 xD and your avy <3333
  7. demon_god04
    2008-10-16 20:24
    I am not really sure about Garei Zero, I liked the manga though.

    I might be picking up Chaos Head though.

    I think Gundam 00 will be better then Code Geass XD

    Okay, I just gotta say, about Kurogane no Linebarrel, the manga is actually pretty good. I am not that big on the anime though, it diverges from the manga and I do not think in a good way. Check out the manga because it is so much better.

    You should check out Tales of the Abyss too and Index, I am loving those two series right now.

    About Toradora and the Shana/Louise type character... To be fair, when Louise hits Saito in the novels Saito actually deserved it alot of the times. He tried to molest Louise in her sleep, amongst other things. And they really played up those moments in the anime so really the novels were much better. To some extent that is the same with Shana. Blame the staff that was responsible for the anime adaptations.
  8. demon_god04
    2008-10-16 12:47
    I decided to buy the first season, since I already bought the limited edition of the first volume. But really I do not feel like buying R2. -.- Heres to hoping that 00 turns out better. Which boards would you been browsing now anyways?

    Any anime you are following this season?
  9. demon_god04
    2008-10-14 19:58
    sounds interesting I am planning on watching the first ep I'll let you know when I do, I got an exam coming up so not much time at the moment
  10. Narona
    2008-10-14 17:35
    School PLus work = crazy

    Give your best then ^^

    Chaos head is very mysterious seems to be a tragedy in the making.
    I am very intrigued though i feel it turn out to be a terrible end but i am too intrigue by the first episode.
    that i want to watch the next episode.
    As for the Story you really got to watch it it be hard to explain it though you can go to random curiosity for an overview.

    I will.

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