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  1. aeriolewinters
  2. Orga777
    2008-09-21 23:05
    Not really. I am just taking all the events and his appearances into account and adding things together. That is how I see his character. He was genuinely bothered by what happened at the SAZ. He was never bothered by ANYTHING after that. Why is that? It is more than just a mask. He had more reasons to be upset at other events but he wasn't. He just seemed to not care anymore (he even said he doesn't care.) He tossed away his emotions and became detached to life. That is FACT. That is one of the reasons that I see as WHY.

    It just all accumulates when Cornelia said he would make a great king in better times. Lelouch may have made the same conclusion and kept him ALIVE for a reason. I am not just pulling this stuff out of nowhere. This is a lot of dissecting that was done to come to this conclusion. It hasn't been proven wrong yet, and I don't think it will.

    Everything will be explained next episode by the looks of things, so that is when we will know for sure, but I am confident in my hypothesis.
  3. Orga777
    2008-09-21 22:15
    Not emo, he just doesn't CARE. He became detached to life itself. It isn't really his fault. Everything around him just fell apart before he could help it the way Lelouch wants to help it. Remember, he was the one that agreed with the SAZ for Euphie (and even seemed to hint he knew more about what Euphie planned to do than anyone else did, even Lelouch.)

    Her death and that massacre may have just made him lose sight of everything he wanted to accomplish to prove his father wrong. Again, the Schneizel in S1 comes off as TOTALLY different compared to his R2 self. That one event changed everything IMO. Look what it did to Nina and Suzaku after all (and even Lelouch). Schneizel may have been just as effected and judging by his reaction in that episode, he most definitely WAS.

    And logic doesn't fail at all. You are just being too negative. Schneizel is even more awesome now IMO. He jumped Suzaku to my favorite character. People just seem to fail to see the big picture... and that I was technically right all along.
  4. Orga777
    2008-09-21 22:06
    I did read the blog today. And I was like "Oh how negative... and wrong." XD

    What Schneizel wanted was him and Lelouch dieing together to bring peace. His back-up plan for that was to force peace on people with Damocles. He no longer believes in emotion and no longer has any faith in humanity to right itself because he sees them as a greedy race. (I think Euphies death and that SAZ massacre pushed him over the edge.)

    Lelouch obviously knew this and didn't want to kill him for the same reason. Because he, and Cornelia knew that he was a good person under all those masks and his heartlessness that he showed. After watching it three times, Schneizel's words to lelouch really can strike a cord if you pay close attention. He is just very broken and has no faith any more. A lot has happened that clouded his view. Go check S1 and compare him and his words there to R2. They are two different people. Masks or not.
  5. Orga777
    2008-09-21 21:22
    Ain't that cute... BUT IT'S WRONG!

    Yes, you are wrong. Last episode was fantastic. Only Schneizel being Geassed made me go "ehh..." but Schneizel's real personality, a broken human being? Awesome. Lelouch's plan was to keep Schneizel around? Cool. Hell, this episode is just... fan-fucking-tastic! XD

    What do you have a problem with though?
  6. yvj
    2008-09-21 15:30
    Yes I gotta say it looks pretty bad all around.

    I'm not going to say C.C and Lelouch were going to kiss but it was a pretty big moment there. And the way they've handled Kallen.

    Man it looks really bad.
  7. Lolipopo
    2008-09-21 09:27
    She didn't
    Her gum line is to the last episode, I'm happy(and Kallen was a goddess in this one. Beautiful and impressive *_*)
  8. yvj
    2008-09-21 05:23
    CluClu fans are feeling strong right now.

    Did they actually almost kiss?
  9. yvj
    2008-09-21 04:58
    Sounds reasonable
  10. yvj
    2008-09-21 04:55
    So all this talk about C.C giving up is fake right?

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