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  1. yvj
    2008-09-21 04:42
    So what do you think about the EP?
  2. Lolipopo
    2008-09-20 10:13
    I don'tknow T_T CluClu is still, something which afraid me (it Taniguchi wants to give fans what they want,he could very well give them a kiss before the separation -_-') and tomorrow...:'(
    I'm not afraid by an ambiguous ending as long as Lelouch and CC aren't together (even iftheyr aren'tlovers xD I don't want to see them together, Kallen doesn't deserve to be betrayed by CC !) and as long as Gino is farfar farfar faaaar away from kallen -_-
    And I don'twant to see Kallen alone with her mother -_-'
    (To resume, I don't want an ending other that Kalulu xD or CC and Kallen, I'll befine with this)
  3. Orga777
    2008-09-19 10:32
    Yes, Schneizel is awesome. Just the fact he has Finger-Snap Activated Machine Guns is proof of that. XD

    But he will do something. The whole next episode is pretty much about his plan I would take it judging by the name. He will get the development that is important for his character. I can't wait till Sunday!
  4. Orga777
    2008-09-19 10:23
    I don't care if they do wrap up Schneizel right now. As long as I get what I want out of his motivation for all this and am proven right, it is fine with me. XD

    Though I think it could go into next episode as well. So no worries there either IMO.
  5. Lolipopo
    2008-09-19 06:59
    He...It could work <_< But I still think it's CC's line, I could very well see her ask him this before their separation, and then kissing him after he told her he doesn't hate her or something in the line of the warlock thingy; And then, CC's gum line. As some love promise u.u

    About Kallen's gum line...I don't know. As I told you, I really hope she isn't going to tell him this before to be interrupted, so, I really hope she will not tell him anything before the 25 >_< 24 is going to raise up or crash my hope. I fear it <_<
  6. Lolipopo
    2008-09-18 09:37
    Well there is now a problem with her gum line -_- She could tell "I won't forgive myself If I tell Lelouch I love you" -_-' If this is a thought...
    Well she could too tell him "If I say I love you, I won't forgive myself" but...

    I'm looking forward the 24, but I really hope she will not say anything in this one T_T
  7. Lolipopo
    2008-09-16 04:46
    To tell you the truth, my honly hope about Kallen is to not see her using her gum line next Turn.
    If she is yelling at him her gum line before trying to kill him and gets, it will be a loose, totally. Her gum line will be useless and Kallen will lost her last chance to be important to him at the end.

    I'm just hoping for this. CC and lelouch are going to get separated in the next Turn so she will most likely tell him her line. But if Kallen tell her's in this much of a bad moment...
    I'm scared and really stressed. Horrible -_-''
    Kallen's devellopment, Kallen's feelings, Kalulu...all is depending of her gum line. It musn't be wasted >_<
  8. Orga777
    2008-09-15 21:34
    It doesn't take long to explain why Schneizel became this way. Charles was said nicely. Everything else was just rushed in that episode which made everyone go "ehh..." Schneizel being explained needs to happen. We need to understand what drove him this far. hell, him opening the episode would be a nice way to do it right there. Or a flashback during the Opening instead. Either way would work.
  9. Orga777
    2008-09-15 21:28
    And I don't agree. We had C.C.'s past, Charles past, lelouch's past, Suzaku's past, Kallen's past, and even vague mentions of Ougi's past. Why would they leave someone important like Schneizel out who is the main antagonist now? That just makes little sense to me. If they DON'T do it, then yeah, I would be disappointed. But I think they will.
  10. Orga777
    2008-09-15 21:22
    Dude... Schneizel just made everything epic and you are going to complain about pacing? XD

    Pacing has been an issue all season, I am used to it now and it wasn't even that BAD these last two episodes. And really, the philosophies of both Schneizel and Lelouch aren't a flaw. They are one and the same. And there is more to it in both cases. Watch, it isn't over yet. We may have gotten Schneizel's goal, but now we need his motivation (with hopefully a flashback or two.) So hold your horses. This ride isn't over yet! It has only just begun really. Two more epic episodes left to go!

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