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  1. Narona
    2008-11-25 20:53
    Wita. I don't know if you are aware of it, but a lot of people know that you are writing a text which is supposed to take down cluclu for good by the holy Logic of kalulu. So coming from you, what You ask feels a bit weird.

    So sorry, but I have to decline the offer. And if you want to post your kalulu texts, just post it if it can make the kalulu fans feel better. Not that people like me care anymore. But whatever you may post about cluclu, I don't think that a lot of people which are not kalulu fans will take you seriously.
  2. Narona
    2008-11-25 20:42

    I don't think that creating an uproar about cluclu would be a good thing. Most of the cluclu fans think they got a closure, and moved on. So, I don't think that there is any need to start to post stuffs and theories again. It will just end up in debates with people who will just say the same things over and over again.

    But if you really want to do it, just do it. I have not the right to stop you.
  3. bladeofdarkness
    2008-11-21 20:17
    dont have msn
    and its kinda late here (3am)
    so not right now
    but if you have something you could PM me and i'll let you know what i think (or just mail me)
  4. demon_god04
    2008-11-20 16:20
    sent you a PM
  5. Lolipopo
    2008-11-20 14:37
    Ohh wait >_< I only have R2 on this pc, I don't have the season 1 :333
  6. bladeofdarkness
    2008-11-19 11:49
    but could you still send it to my mail (just want to see your work for my self)
  7. bladeofdarkness
    2008-11-19 07:28
    i dont know if you finished the thing you are writting
    but i just wanted to add one more thing that you may want to take into account

    it may be subtle
    but in ep 11 lelouch pretty much confierms to C.C that he has feelings for kallen
    after he tells her he's going back to area 11 becouse of "the matter of kallen" she asks him about the CF situation (pretty much "shouldnt you be taking care of this yourself")
    he tells her he is leaving it in the hands of xing-ke and toudo in a very "down to mission" tone of voice
    and then he suddenly changes his tine to a much more emotional one and starts to talk about showing her the "power of the heart"
    the fact that they are talking about the reason why he's going back to area 11 added to his toneshift suggests that they are still on the subject of kallen (meaning that he was trying to impley something to C.C about his reasons)

    and C.C's reaction to it seems to impley that not only did she understand his words but that she's happy he'd finally grown up enough to see whats really importent in life
    she had already shown plenty of signs that she rather aproves of kalulu
    1)teaseing kallen in the same way that mily teases sherly (all the while showing her more sides of lelouch)
    2)asking lelouch if it bothers her that she and kallen were together (in one of the sound tracks) and commenting on how kallen is "that poor girl" when he didnt show much interest
    3)her shock at lelouch's strong reaction to kallens capture (and he rather worried look when diethard tells him he should retreat) coupled with her knowing smile when she sees that he ended up choosing to go after her despite what diethard calls "the well being of the army and the importence of the mission" (and making a lame excuse as a reason)
  8. Lolipopo
    2008-11-18 18:50
    ok :P No problem, i'm waiting
  9. Lolipopo
    2008-11-18 18:37
    No problem with that but there are plenty of pic in one episode :P so i need to know which moment you want
  10. Lolipopo
    2008-11-18 16:24
    Oh and I see everyone is taking msn of others xD We should make a giant kalulu fanship conversation there xD

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